Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045/Human Body 2.0 /Dna Nanobots have arrived…

Keine Zufälligkeit irgendwo im Universum, keine Gleichgültigkeit, keine Freiheit. Während wir handeln, wird gleichzeitig an uns gehandelt. (David Hume)

Now cybernetic experts are pointing to the trends in robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing to suggest that the “merger” could go beyond the establishment of an era of cyborgs and into a very literal one: sex with robots.
There has been an ongoing move to create humanoid robots that can more than simply mimic human ability and behavior. Attention is being paid to the social aspect as well. But what is now being proposed has even more serious ethical and existential implications, and very well could bring about the concept of a true “master race.”
The other day there was the announcement that researchers are developing a “Wikipedia for Robots” that enables robots to learn from a cloud-based Internet sharing system … designed only for them. When this concept fully takes shape, it will resemble a social structure that is decidedly human – our ability to learn from one another in order to become more efficient and intelligent.
This advance toward not only autonomous decision making for robots, but a type of autonomous evolution must make us question the next step: what happens if this experiment takes on a life of its own?

Source: Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045

In the coming decades, a radical upgrading of our body’s physical and mental systems, already underway, will use nanobots to augment and ultimately replace our organs. We already know how to prevent most degenerative disease through nutrition and supplementation; this will be a bridge to the emerging biotechnology revolution, which in turn will be a bridge to the nanotechnology revolution. By 2030, reverse-engineering of the human brain will have been completed and nonbiological intelligence will merge with our biological brains.
Our outdated metabolic programming underlies our contemporary epidemic of obesity and fuels pathological processes of degenerative disease such as coronary artery disease, and type II diabetes.
Evolution favored a short life span — life expectancy was 37 years only two centuries ago—so these restricted reserves could be devoted to the young, those caring for them, and those strong enough to perform intense physical work.
We now live in an era of great material abundance. Most work requires mental effort rather than physical exertion.

Source:Human Body Version.2.0
Source: The-Dna-Nanobots-have-arrived

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