From Chemtrails to Chembombs…

From Chemtrails to Chembombs… (8.9.2012)
“Chemtrails are now old school. Chembombs are the latest evolution of geoengineering. These are Aerial Aerosol Explosions shot into the stratosphere from ships and from land creating massive artificial chem clouds. This video shows the evidence from infrared satellite images and Google Earth of chem bombs aerosol explosions worldwide. People are seeing fewer chemtrail lines in the sky, but more chem clouds. This is the reason why.
….Chembomb explosions are done away from population centers and then drift over cities. They are not as obvious as traditional chemtrails, but are easily detected on infrared satellite images and even on Google Earth’s weather layer. The nano size particles of aluminum, barium and strontium in the geoengineering aerosols are highly reflective and therefore dominate the infrared satellite images.”

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