Tony Pantalleresco: synthetic biology-autoimmune disorder connection

“Tony Pantalleresco: synthetic biology-autoimmune disorder connection”
“Published on Feb 1, 2018”
“You advocate their propaganda … we’re going along with the propaganda, calling something that it isn’’s nano particle poisoning, because we’re not calling it what it is, it’s not gonna be dealt with the way it should be.
See, when you’re calling something, this is what they did with Morgellons, they called Morgellons a Pathology, it’s
not a pathology, not in the true sense of the term, it’s a mutation of a biological agent with a nano agent combined
integrated, to create something completely known, something different, a synthetic life-form, but instead of
calling it a synthetic life-form , because one of these so-called researchers, that was so afraid of calling it what it was
when Gwen Scott was alive, the guy had absolutely no testicles, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a gutless wonder, but if
he had called it what it was when she said what it was we would be looking at the research from a completely
different standpoint today, instead everyone’s looking for some kind of boogeyman that doesn’t exist, because
they called it Morgellons, when in fact it’s nano poisoning or nano biology, that’s what it really is and we’re not
dealing with it accordingly, because the riff that went on, propagated a myth of something that didn’t exist and
everybody that has tried to deal with this as a just a biological agent has failed miserably, not one person I know that has
tried to take care of this has succeeded in treating it, if they treated it as just a simple pathology they got their
backside handed to them, this is why I tell everybody don’t use any kind of spooky, don’t use any rife zapper
or TENS machine, any direct assault on this synthetic will activate its defense parameter, it has a self-replicating, self-assembly, self-repair and it works on an AI concept, in other words, it can it can function like a program and when you’re talking nanoparticles that can hold one terabyte of data on a nanoparticle, the amount of the amount of things that
this can do is insurmountable.”
“We are in the year 2018.. the general population has been victims of mutation and exploitation experimentation by a elite
group of scientists, political, financial and global support that’s affecting everybody across the planet, it doesn’t
matter where you live, whether it be in China, Russia, Korea north or south, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Japan,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy
across the Mediterranean, northern Africa, southern Africa, Central Africa, South America, Central America, Caribbean, across
the United States, Canada. This exploitation is on a global level, ask me how I know?
Because I get calls from almost every country I’ve mentioned or I’ve been contacted from people in those parts of the world that have told me what’s going I just got called from India today from somebody say they are a targeted individual in India, so I can just imagine the exploitation that the Indian government is doing to their own people, you got a billion people, over 1.3
billion people there, look at the test subjects you have, you have got a wide variety, you could
target whole cities and communities and nobody would know the difference. Look at Africa. Africa, they vaccinated them, they
gave a free vaccine to protect the people, five years later whole cities that were
thriving and and growing are completely wiped out, because they used nanobiology to take them out, they attacked the very
programming of the genetic code and the DNA and they are completely wiped out and that is the name of the game..”
“Why is Aspartame or Splenda being put into the products in hell, why is silicon dioxide put into vitamins, why is
titanium dioxide put into Vitamins, that is to neutralize the male population, so when we’re looking at what we’re dealing
with today, we are dealing with a synthetic biology, a lot of the things today in the herbal stuff is not going
to touch a lot us, you’re going to have to really combine some high-end stuff.”
“We’re dealing with a lot of things and a lot of things from the past are nipping
us in the backside because we didn’t deal with it when we should have at that time because at that time nobody was
telling us anything we didn’t get freedom of information we didn’t get complete exposure we didn’t get anything
what we got was you know the placebo effect or the veneer effect of the end result of what we were seeing everything
was being domesticated everything was being you know made pretty, the aesthetics were eyecandy, but nobody realized that the eye candy that we were dealing with and the stuff that we’re doing was gonna have a long-term impact on our .. genetic code and
now the corporations and the elite have gotten out of the end result causing undue suffering…literally wiping out civilizations if you will, with that bad technology, bad science, this is not even a good science this is
some form of dark alchemy that is being promoted today on the on a planet wide scale and this is causing you know
terrible terrible effects on everybody, can you imagine having a child at this stage in life and seeing your child grow
up. breaking down right before your eyes for no reason whatsoever and in fact you doing everything you know to do right
and still seeing that effect you have to ask yourself that question: why is that happening, why is that. I mean
I’m doing everything.. that I should be doing and yet here this child is coming unglued did you ever think
possible that the child may have been embedded in their DNA..what are your kids eating, what is that doing to their DNA…in fact it is a technology that is programming your children…why supporting an industry that is trying to kill you?”

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