A MUST HEAR Speech by David Icke, London Unite For Freedom Rally, Aug 29, 20

“A MUST HEAR Speech by David Icke, London Unite For Freedom Rally, Aug 29, 20
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David gave this fantastic speech on August the 29th, 2020 at The Unite For Freedom rally at London’s Trafalgar Square to a crowd of thousands of protesters.
The Unite For Freedom rally saw a vast mask-free crowd carrying signs and placards including “World Hoax Organisation” and “Masks are muzzles”.
Many demanded an end to government health measures and the right to catch coronavirus – should it even exist – without state interference.
Key speakers at the event included researcher and author David Icke and Piers Corbyn, the brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.”
“Thank you, what a joy it is to look out upon an island
of sanity in a world of madness. We gather here today because a dangerous disease a deadly disease is sweeping across this land and across this world and it’s not covid-19, it is fascism. [Applause – Yeaahhhhhhhh]
Fascism justified by the illusion pandemic of covid-19,
a virus, I must give it credit is so well equipped for every eventuality you must not go nearer than six feet to
another person to protect you from the virus, so now it’s got a bloody tape measure [Applause] you must not stay with anyone outside your bubble for more than 15 minutes, now it’s got a bloody watch. [Applause] … we have a virus so
intelligent that it only infects those taking part in protests, the government wants to stop, why is it nonsense
why can anyone with half a brain cell on activity to see, that it’s a nonsense, because they are making it up.”
“If we go on allowing the psychopaths to dictate our lives
this is not going to end well, but if we remember, remember where the power is then this can this can end in a dramatically short time, the power is with us.”
“200 years ago – the mask of anarchy – rise like lions after slumber in an unvanquishable number, shake your chains to earth like jew which in sleep have fallen on you. Yay how many they how few.”
“and those you were written in 1819 and so much of humanity still has not learned the lesson this, this whole subjugation
and imposition of fascism on the human race worldwide is being run not by health professionals even
but by psychologists just down the road there, yards from where we are is the british the british government’s
uh calendar office owned private company called the behavioral insights team and its job is simply to study
human psychology and then to play out what it’s learned to re-modify the behavior of the population and they are focusing on our kids more than anyone.”
“join us for goodness sake and stop serving the psychopaths
..there are billions of us, at the core of the core of this
psychopathic web you would get them in one room I think I can see a way out of this, come on people of the world let’s go!”

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