EUCACH Director: Dr. Rauni Kilde radiated for four days with DEW. Remotely assassinated by NSA?


Veröffentlicht am 22.02.2015
NOTE: You can access background and links while you watch this interview… EUCACH Director: Dr. Rauni Kilde radiated for four days with DEW. Remotely assassinated by NSA? EUCACH director Magnus Olsson indicated that Dr. Kilde was active in making public the secret weapons and networks of the Transhumanist Agenda to her powerful connections in the EU Parliament and the EU Commission, part of the effectiveness she enjoyed as a former Cabinet level Chief Medical officer of Finland. According to Mr. Olsson, Dr. Kilde had recently stated that she completed a series of particularly effective meetings with officials in the EU on measures to control remote neural and energy weapons for robotizing and mind controlling humans.”

YT-Comments: Jan G
This is a devastating loss for humanity. Thank You Dr Rauni Kilde for your incredible work and contribution to the world. You will be greatly missed. Perhaps from where she is now Dr Rauni can continue her efforts unimpaired by those who want to conceal the truth.
Barbara Looneytunes
I agree. It is a very sad day. I am shocked and saddened by this news. Dr. Kilde was a brilliant lady, whose videos and interviews revealed so much to me.
dharma 3
Truly a great human being who tried to help us.
Ed S.:The implanted microchip phenomenon is a very real technology yet also a red herring. Scientists at institutions such as M.I.T. have already demonstrated properties of so called “supermolecules” that can be sliced and diced in any number of ways then self-assemble to their original original molecular conformations. I think that many of these nontechnologies have the ability to install devices of monitoring and control without even touching an individual. Bastardization of protein synthesis translation from DNA through ribosomal modification using unnatural or synthetic amino acids, formation of organometallic/silico(organo)metallic and other polymers in vivo, along with DNA directed hydrogels, EMF energy sources, aerosolized metal ions, biologicals, etc, fluorosilication of municipal water supplies, in combination with mutagens can accomplish the creation of such devices in vivo without the need for a direct implant. Thus, we focus on implant technology while a technology far more occult and sinister is operational, achieving the same ends yet eluding detection…. Those whose bodies detect these changes develop “the Morgellons Effect,” i.e. become symptomatic and those whose bodies (the overwhelming majority of people) do not detect these phenomena are programmed to have a knee jerk denialist attitude toward Morgellons simply because it provides a brilliant yet diabolical scheme to deligitimize that these processes are occurring…
Gabriel Szohner: So sad Rauni was such an inspiration.
barbara mcintosh: This broke my heart, she was a great person and was a Lioness for all humanity. I never met her in this life but I hope I will in the next, she will be missed.
131kimber: These weapons are.. there for Sadistic Nazi murderers to toy with their victims.

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