Galactic Slave Life, Wormholes & Timeline Predictors w/ Tony Rodrigues,

“Galactic Slave Life, Wormholes & Timeline Predictors w/ Tony Rodrigues, Part 2 (EP:124)”
“back and just manipulate take over the whole planet, take over the world, because another species would step in and stop them. I had one officer, I could like rode an elevator with an officer and we were talking about it, he said that he was taught and his school they were taught about it, in a class and he said that somebody got in trouble before by one of this species whatever it is. It´s a species of beings that live outside of our time space and they police it and he said that a guy tried to take advantage, he broke the rules and what they did to him was: they took him and he lived a thousand years of, I don´t want to say torture, but he lived a thousand years of very bad of a torturous life and they put him back to the same moment he was like a twenty and back, he did a thousand and back, but it was a punishment that was the punishment they said, there´s nobody that wants to break the rules, because that´s the kind of penalty that you would pay for that. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“who are these beings that are controlling the time travel or monitoring?”
“It´s a species that lives outside of our time space this does, it´s a higher species. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“In the very beginning of the first eight years or so that I was on Ceres I was a repair a repairmen on a on a converted submarine it was basically a submarine that was converted into a spaceship and the lower decks of it were empty where maintenance and it was myself and two other slaves like me and we would get up in the morning we wrote a train we showered and ate and brushed her teeth and then we’d get on a train we had a jumpsuit that we put off and we got off the train it was filthy – it was a slave area and we would go onto the ship through an umbilical like just like he’d go on an airplane and then when we went in there there was a screen that would tell you yeah I had a number you know a number whatever – and it would say you are gonna do this
it was like like a screen and McDonald’s that they have in the back of the kitchen and it has the orders it was a
big flat screen and it would tell me what I was gonna do go to. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“Whenever we use the natural wormhole, all work, everything was suspended for 10 minutes, so that people could get it together. I remember I would feel sick, nauseous, for about 3 or 4 minutes and I would sit there and just wait. I remember that I’m thinking like I just wanted to get to work ..I just wanted to start doing my job and I was sitting there and
it was like– seven minutes of just having nothing to do was super boring, but the natural wormhole did have that effect on people. a lot of people would puke from it, and you did you felt dizzy and nauseous for the first few minutes, after going through it… the other thing is that you get depleted of electrolytes that you got to require water, there was always water available and ..they would give you water. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“572 Abonnenten
In part 2, Tony continues his journey where we left off in last week´s episode – leaving Mars to live as a Slave on planet Ceres for over a decade. What is planet Ceres like? Which breakaway civilization from Earth has helped colonize Ceres?
Tony shares vivid details of the cities, the artwork, and other beings that live on Ceres as well. He shares with us the laws of time travel and what happens when you break them, what his physical experience was like travelling through wormholes, and as a first ever, here on enLIGHTenUP, he shares with us the details of his traumatic return to Earth as they returned him back to his 10 year old body and tried to erase his memories.”
“There was life everywhere.. in our own solar system there were hundreds of colonies and not only of humans but of other extraterrestrials there are lots and lots of ETS that look
exactly like us but they have come from different planets and they’re exactly human just like us but their planets are
advanced there are lots of ETS that look like us slightly and there are lots of other ETS, there’s a lot of reptilian,
reptile races, they’re very popular and in our solar system, so the Germans in our solar system, we were not allowed to
go to Saturn, we were not allowed to go to Venus, we were not allowed to go to Pluto, they had places that they could go in
our solar system in places they were not allowed because there are so many different groups of ETS and they’re all
at different levels of Technology, so that’s why it’s one of the what I do talks I try to cover this and explain it because Ufology is so fragmented. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“It doesn’t take you very long to fly across the galaxy, it
only takes you an instant and it doesn’t take you long to come from another galaxy, so not only do we did, the Germans
have access to billions of different worlds, billions of different worlds have access to us as well and so different ET programs are interacting with people on earth and they are each and they’re at different levels of advancement, so when
you take everybody’s ET account and you research it, they sound like gibberish compared to each other because
there there are billions of different sources of the context that’s happening. Advanced life is common. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“The list is so big of advanced species that are willing to trade the list is so big that in the next thousand years
we’ll never ever never run out to see them all out of all the thousands of ships that the Germans headed going every day to different places there’s just so many millions of races that are on that level of trading technology that
they can do whatever they want they could go in and commit war they could drop bombs and never come back, because
it’s just big of an area is that big of a situation and we
did feel, we did steal. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“When you think about trading, intergalactic trade…that it’s such a big thing, that it’s not a neighborhood, the space is basically endless and you’ll never get to the bottom… if you look at all of your media there’s a couple things that stand out to me number one: they
always have rocket engines, because they don’t want us to know about anti-gravity, think about it.. they always portray space is so big that even if you did go faster than light and
still would take you forever to get there, it’d be 80 years till you get to the other end of the galaxy right hey
3they always portray space like that and everything has a bad guy everything every story and every movie has a good
guy that’s always he’s always good he always does the right thing and it has a bad guy that’s always bad noises the bad
thing and that’s far from the truth and everybody has a mixture and…depending on what day a given…the ETS
are the same way and we are the same way like the United States as a whole is not a evil place and it’s also not a great, not a good righteous place it’s whatever is on that day and that’s just how life is, but our media has brainwashed us. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“It’s a level of consciousness. I found that all ETS
at a certain level of consciousness which is kind of like what we, are people, but they were people, but
there were advanced ones, the other thing that we don’t get portrayed in our media is advanced like it’s rare it’s very rare that there’s .. they call it way up superheroes in
with superpowers but that’s not what they are there think about somebody that’s smart like we have a couple
hundred thousand words that we use to speak there are beings they have a million words and they live for a thousand years and they have more advanced ESP abilities, they’re advanced,
there are more advanced consciousness, there are different, the law of one calls them densities and we’re a third density there is fourth density fifth density, law of one says that
six density beings can manipulate matter and basically turn an apple into a banana with just their mind,
so we heard stories about ets like they were like that but they didn’t really hang out with us. I did run into an advanced ET on a train one time and it was like seeing a
unicorn, it was a very it was it was like I was awestruck it was a ball blue female and she had very she had a very
it was like you know you can feel people you know when you’re when you’re when you’re with somebody you can kind of
feel you can feel people…and she is in the most this
most beautiful white dress … she was dark blue in skin color she looked kind of like a grey in her head but she had a few differences and she looked at me and smiled and I was just awestruck.. like by the feeling I had from
because I knew that she was a higher density like like she didn’t belong there she was there for some kind of
diplomatic thing, she was visiting the ceres colony and I looked at her and I was kind of awestruck and I just stood
there and there was a German officer on the right to the right of me and he say you come here and he said you you know
because he knew I was a slave it’s like don’t communicate with her and all did you say anything I said no he said you
stand here and mind your own business don’t even look at her and but just that moment was like it was like a powerful
moment for me to meet somebody like that. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“I was madly in love with a girl there and I did not want to leave and I did not want to forget her I knew that I was going to have my memories erased and I did not want that and I remember I there was a disk ship that took mice me and maybe five other people are back on the return from series to the moon there’s a round room at the top of the disk I still remember the layout of it and I remember pacing back and forth going I’m not gonna forget this I’m not gonna forget her I’m not gonna forget this I’m not gonna forget I’m not gonna forget…the entire time I kept telling myself I’m not gonna forget, I did not want to forget, because I was at that point in a relationship with a girl that was very … when you fall in love with somebody that’s those first that first couple years when everything’s still perfect you know like it was like in that lifetime for that person that had been through all that abuse that was just like the holy grail for me it was like winning the lottery to somebody and so I didn’t want to forget that and the entire process when I went back to the moon.
I don’t want to remember any of this, a lot of people felt that way, a lot of people were abused or saw things they didn’t want to remember …everybody was forced to live in a manner that they were not comfortable with, because you’re expendable… your 20 years.. you’re not gonna remember it anyway, so a lot of people were raped, a lot of people did things or were in combat, a lot of people did things that they would not do and regret it, so they embraced the memory blanket and that was common a lot of people said that, so for that process they would tell me to get up on the table. we’re gonna do this and I would say no… and they didn’t know how to act because they couldn’t punish me because there’s my law they had their laws by law they had to put me back, they had to put me through the process, because now the 20 years was used up and there are laws in place to say that I can’t get in trouble at that point so when I woke up and I had lost the memories I you know I woke up and I was back to my ten year old self I’m in a room full of et’s you know seven or eight of them I’m naked on a table to back into my ten year old body and had no idea what just happened. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
“I’m gonna remember in Jesus name, I’m gonna remember all of this. I remember sitting there and there was a tall white on a computer station across the room and what he was doing was looking on a chronovisor and he was looking at possible timelines in the future, so they have machines that they can look in that they can communicate like the same way that we talk by text, imagine being able to text the future or the past, righ,t that’s what a chronovisor is, but only he could look at it, the rest of the et’s work weren’t allowed to even look at that thing and he said guys knock it off because at that moment I had altered all the timelines and I remand he saw that I was going to remember and then they stopped and they took me into a different office and put me through a
different process I had to go through an entirely nother process of trauma-based mind control to see what was going on
and they and another and another group of ETS like I went in it was like being in a hospital and then being taken out
of the checkup and moved over to the radiology department they moved me into a different apartment and did an
entirely separate set of medical procedures on me at that point to try to do damage control because the
chronovisor said that it was probable most of the timelines I was gonna remember my abduction in my years with
that moment which I always did when I woke up I had always remembered the moment that I was taken and I remembered
that very moment when I said it Jesus name I’m not gonna forget and they took me and they plugged me into machine and it was like they showed me they showed me people being murdered like to put me in a state of shock like it was a machine and then I was seeing like images directly my mind of
people being butchered and the machine came and said I am I am your God and I’m an angry and I’m angry at you, you
need to cooperate I said you’re not my god and then it was like those images came and I remember just being thrown in his shock and then kind of like lost consciousness at that
point I remember waking up and they were like the reptile was there .. look man if you don’t cooperated and they can’t get you to a certain percentage of probable timelines that
you don’t remember they’re gonna give you a lobotomy and you’re gonna go back and be a cripple the rest they’re gonna
just lobotomize you and I was gonna wake up in my bed the next morning was not one client with mental problems but you
know this lobotomized and that’s what they decided to do they never got it to an acceptable range for my memories..
there was another gray, a white a tall, white gray there on a
chronovisor he’s like look he’s gonna remember you know is I can’t get into it except they were trying all kinds of different things they plugged me into the Machine again they plugged me into a different thing and they were like they
trying all these different procedures and he’s like no he’s still gonna remember send him over he’s getting you’re gonna
get a lobotomy and so he took me he’s like I like you I hate to see this happen to you you’re a good guy but you know this is the sorry this is the rules.. I’ve never said this in any
interview, I’ve never spoken of this he took me over to another office like it’s just like another part of a hospital you go out and then into another hallway and then it’s like a hospital and when I went there they said Grey there was one of the Greys like one of the robot ones he said did he have his papers and he said went to look me up in the computer and my information was not in the computer my information was not on the computer, my captain on my ship on one of my missions deleted my record and so when they looked me up I didn’t have
any record and said well we don’t have a record to put it in we can’t perform any any procedure so just put him back and that’s what happened then he says oh well no one’s gonna get in trouble for this, he doesn’t need to get the lobotomy, because no one’s gonna get in trouble, because he doesn’t have a record his permanent record isn’t here so just send
him back and I remember that right then and there it was like he snapped his fingers or he did say he had something
like a like a clicker or something and he hit it and I kind of went into it like a catatonic state that was the very
last thing I remember and I woke up in my bed… and I’m a rare person. (Tony Rodrigues)(2019)(31.10)”
Conspiracy Revelation: 16.11.2019: Interesting..Most people will still have no clue what a chronovisor is. I spread the word about chronovision too due to my own hyperspace experience…only very few people have live chronovision hyperspace experiences…We can be counted on 10 fingers I think. Very rare indeed.

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