MK Ultra, Intuitive Tracking & Living on Mars w/ Tony Rodrigues (Pt.1, Ep.123)

“MK Ultra, Intuitive Tracking & Living on Mars w/ Tony Rodrigues (Pt.1, Ep.123)”
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Tony Rodrigues shares his 20 and Back story with us today on enLIGHTenUP. At the age of 10, he was abducted from his home and put into a torturous MK Ultra program. He explains how his intuitive gifts were exploited for drug running in Peru and the loneliness he felt as child held in captivity.
Later in the show, Tony explains his experience with human and sex trafficking that involved parties for the elite in Washington State, being sold to the Secret Space Program, being trained on Moon bases and a 6 month contract living on Mars.
This is Part 1 of a 2 part show. You will not want to miss what is coming up next week when Tony recounts with us leaving Mars to spend over a decade living as a slave on a dwarf planet called Ceres.
All of this and more in episode 123.”
“Ceres (SEER-eez; minor-planet designation: 1 Ceres) is the largest object in the main asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. With a diameter of 945 km (587 mi), Ceres is both the largest of the asteroids and the only unambiguous dwarf planet inside Neptune’s orbit. It is the 25th-largest body in the Solar System within the orbit of Neptune.Ceres is the only object in the asteroid belt known to be currently rounded by its own gravity, although detailed
analysis was required to exclude Vesta. From Earth, the apparent magnitude of Ceres ranges from 6.7 to 9.3, peaking
once at opposition every 15 to 16 months, which is its synodic period. Thus even at its brightest, it is too dim to
be seen by the naked eye, except under extremely dark skies.
Ceres was the first asteroid to be discovered (by Giuseppe Piazzi at Palermo Astronomical Observatory on 1 January
1801). It was originally considered a planet, but was reclassified as an asteroid in the 1850s after many other
objects in similar orbits were discovered.
Ceres appears to be partially differentiated into a muddy (ice-rock) mantle, with a crust that is 60 percent rock
and 40 percent ice or less than 30 percent ice. It probably no longer has an internal ocean of liquid water, but
there is brine that can flow through the outer mantle and reach the surface. The surface is a mixture of water ice
and various hydrated minerals such as carbonates and clay. Cryovolcanoes such as Ahuna Mons form at the rate of
about one every fifty million years. In January 2014, emissions of water vapor were detected from several regions
of Ceres. This was unexpected because large bodies in the asteroid belt typically do not emit vapor, a hallmark of
comets. Any atmosphere, however, would be the minimal kind known as an exosphere. The robotic NASA spacecraft Dawn entered orbit around Ceres on 6 March 2015.”

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