Germany considers ban on Telegram due to fears over conspiracy theorists…

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.2.2022: Silly to the core… The only thing people have to fear is the genocidal vaxx-mafia.. Read all past Theosophists…No one will advise you toxic-Nwo-Vaxxes.
Omraam, Rudolf Steiner, Blavatsky, Gandhi and me warned you about the lethal danger of genocidal Quackzines… Someone needs to remove this Quack-Vaxx-Mafia from the Planet…and all will be fine…No one with true intelligence and spiritual integrity would ever support the idea of Vaccines.

“Germany considers ban on Telegram due to fears over conspiracy theorists”

“New avenues

At the height of a refugee crisis that erupted in 2015, online social networking tools Facebook and Twitter fell foul of the authorities as they were seized by the far-right to spread virulent anti-immigrant content.

In 2017, Germany passed a controversial law that requires the social network giants to remove illegal content and report it to the police.

Facebook said in September it had deleted accounts, pages and groups linked to the “Querdenker” (Lateral Thinkers), a movement that has emerged as the loudest voice against the German government’s coronavirus curbs.

But that pushed opposing voices to other platforms, with Telegram emerging as the app of choice.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.2.2022: This page (thelocal) refers to a known Stasi-Propaganda Stiftung…so any ideas from these pro-genocide Stasi people should be dismissed to begin with.

“With Telegram not budging, German federal police are even planning to start flooding the company with requests for content deletion to push it into action, reported Die Welt daily.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.2.2022: Look at their traitor tactics…

“One option for the government could be to require Google or Apple to remove Telegram from their app stores. However, this would not affect users who have already downloaded the app.”

“That would make Germany the first Western country to outlaw Telegram, created in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, two opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin who sought to avoid surveillance by their country’s secret services.

The company is currently headquartered in Dubai, with its parent group in British Virgin Islands.”

“Telegram is already banned or heavily regulated in China, India and Russia.

But a move against the app could also spark further dissent in Germany.

Such a drastic step would “send a very bad signal”, according to digital journalist Markus Reuter.

“On the one hand we are celebrating Telegram’s lack of censorship and its importance for democratic movements in Belarus and Iran, and on the other, we are then disabling the service here” in Germany, he said.



“Member comments

Elly – 27 January 2022 at 10:31 CET

All you need to know about freedom of speech and democracy. Applause!
Anon – 26 January 2022 at 20:21 CET

How ironic, an app created to avoid totalitarian censorship in Russia ends up censored in the so-called free western state of Germany.
Flynn – 26 January 2022 at 14:53 CET

Well if China does it. It must be ok then. Should we open up some “re education ” camps too?
Peoples Republik of Germany is really coming along at pace.
I can feel the boots off freedom stamping on my face.”

“MRS STEAH, [07.02.2022 19:48]:
Great all the world citizens are in a relationship with a Government Narc.”

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