Zionbook in Fascistic Mode – Censorship without reason and blatant lies.

Conspiracy Revelation: 13.1.2020: Zionbook in Fascistic Mode – Censorship without reason and blatant lies and Cyberterror, day-in-day-out…. NWO Alphabet Inc-CIA-Criminals-In-Action and NSA Nazi-Stasi-Academy / GCHQ & Consorts… aka CoIntelPro2 U.S. Nazio Inc. Arpa Corporate Pharma-Military-Deception-Crime Cartel…in desperate Censor mode..
The Monopolistic Social Network Monster strikes again…
Facebook – the most corrupt (hidden world-take-over) institution on the Planet.
I shared nothing today and they accuse people of sharing things that violate their terms… Blatant Zio-Nazi-Eugenics-Jewish-Hellywood Lies… Plutocratic-Oligarchic ShadowGov Destroyers.. he will come to you.. sooner or later.. you won´t escape your miserable karma…no matter how much you deny, degrade, damage, destroy and try to block decency, divinity, righteousness, nobleness, truth and those who were truly chosen by the Absolute to save this Planet and make even this world -in State of Chaos – a much better place.


312470cookie-checkZionbook in Fascistic Mode – Censorship without reason and blatant lies.
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