Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Claim We Have Technology 1000 Years Ahead of Anything You See
“Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Claim We Have Technology 1000 Years Ahead of Anything You See”
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If you are interested in learning more about is really going on out in space then you need to watch this video. Special access programs can be massive in scope and can remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy for decades. In recent years, several credible whistleblowers have stepped forward to disclose the highly advanced technologies and the highly compartmentalized systems.
Faster-than-light interstellar travel allowing humankind to reach the stars is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Interviews with insiders including Emery Smith, Clifford Stone, William Tompkins, Niara Isley and Corey Goode confirm that specific factions of humans here on Earth do have autonomous possession of interstellar travel technology, and the existence of a superluminal space naval fleet comprising various sizes and classes of vessels employing tachyon drive has been concealed from the public for many years.
“The Navy went around and they have found portals all over the world, three months ago I was watching an
episode of ancient aliens and they were talking about portals and they showed a map of portals all around the
planet and I said to myself my god that’s the chart the bill was telling me about that the
Navy had created they’re showing the chart of the portals all around the country and the first Chart was one of
what they found in Northern Virginia. I’m going to digress a bit, Colonel W. told me he said he said Frank he said
there’s meetings that they have from the
Pentagon on the moon and he said they go to the moon in five minutes, he said they leave the Pentagon he said
they travel west and he said to go through a portal and he said then they were at the moon they go there for lunch
they have meetings on the moon and he said they come back again in five minutes and he said it goes along on a
regular basis I know it sounds like inutes and he said it goes along on a regular basis I know it sounds like
science fiction, but these people are not making this stuff up. What’s the tie-in with the world do we
know, okay, everybody may have heard of Ben rich, he was the director of Lockheed Martin skunk works, he made these
incredible announcements before he passed away okay: We already have the means to travel among the stars, but those
technologies are like locked up in black projects, and would take an act of God ever to get them to benefit
humanity. Anything you can imagine we already know how to do anything you can imagine we already know
how to do, that’s from Ben Rich, ok, the director of Lockheed Martin.
We now have technology to take E.T. home. No, it won´t take someone else’s lifetime to do it. There’s an error in
the equations, we know what it is we now have the capability to travel to the stars. There are two types of UFOs:
The ones we build and the ones they build. What are the equations he’s talking about is Bob
what about that he said: Frank, they have found an error in Maxwell’s equations, there was a book that was
published in 1995, it’s called modified Maxwell equations in quantum electrodynamics by HeartMath and Barrett,
ok. 1985 was found that Maxwell’s equations generally do not have solutions that satisfy the Casualty Law,
this book shows that the correction of Maxwell’s equations eliminates the infinite zero-point energy in quantum
electrodynamics in addition it presents many more new results. Maxwell’s original equations form the foundation of
classical electromagnetism, classical optics and electric circuits.
These are his four equations and these are the equations that they found there was a fault in and he corrected them
and when they corrected them it opened a doorway to the Stars and that’s what they’ve been using, okay.
William Tompkins continue to contribute information up until the time that he passed he told me
that he was a member of the Navy League, the Navy League has two aspects and outer league that works with Navy
families and an inner aspect that works with extraterrestrials he told me that when he was in Medford Oregon he was
working with the Union League there he said there was a facility that Navy personnel they had their children attend
this farm and this farm was maybe about 10 miles from Medford and he said the children were taken to this farm and
these are all children of Navy personnel there were going to be future members of solar warden he said they would
be taken to this farm and he said there would be space beings there male and female were in one-piece suits and
they would project holographic images of what these children would need to know to become part of solar warden and
he said he saw the farm where the children were taught this and he said it goes on up until this day he told me
that he was invited from the year 2000 the Navy has a program in San Diego it’s called San Diego 2000, since 2001,
2002, it’s only for Navy personnel high-ranking Navy personnel NATO members and scientists ok it’s held every year
for three days he was invited to every one of these events up until 2017 which was the year he passed he told me
that the purpose of these meetings is to discuss advanced technology advanced designs and nteracting with the
visitors and I said to him Bill when he went to the 1 2017 I said bill did you get any grief at all from any of the
commanders or Admirals who were there, he said, I didn’t hear one negative word he said one in two star Admirals
would come up to me and compliment me because he was on Jeff Rense he had done dozens of interviews..
he said one four-star Admiral came over to him and put his arm around him and wanted to have a picture with him he
said they said nothing negative to him not use the internet, so when I would correspond with him it would be by
telephone or by mail where I would send to one of his friends a jump drive with information and share with him…
that he had for his color code but he said it’s the second highest it’s available and he said all of space
exploration is navy oriented he said the Air Force has always been the straw man in this for UFOs, he said the Navy’s been behind this for forever.”
“I said John I said it’s here 50 levels above top secret, he says: I’m aware of 35 levels above top secret. He said he had been clear to some of the highest security clearances and he told me that he flew that he didn’t fly but he saw the sr-71 fly in 1957, as a prototype, in 1957 he saw the sr-71 flying, so we’ve had the capability of going to the stars for a long period of time, a long period of time, another thing William Tompkins told me is that when there was a mission yeah Cuban Missile Crisis and he said he barricaded Cuba he said the Navy submarines picked up ruins on the floor of the Atlantic and he said they found the ruins of Atlantis and he said they pulled up the technology from the ruins and he said then the Navy went all
around the planet looking for other ruined technology on the base of the the ocean floor but he said they found a treasure trove of Atlantean technology that the Navy’s been using.”
“I believe NASA is presenting a public side of space exploration, but what you’re seeing is the hidden side of space exploration,
okay, yes, that is true, it’s like a form of chemtrails, but a lot of that is being neutralized, if you go on YouTube you’ll see images of chemtrails and you’ll see blow ups of saucers going into the
chemtrails and using lasers to neutralize the chemtrails, so there’s
activity that’s going on to neutraliz.. a lot of the negative
aspects. Well, I’ll tell you this, there’s a lot of people who left this planet who are living off the planet, bill told me that when he worked for TRW they had developed a pill to reverse aging, it’s a nutrient for men if you’re above the age of 35 it reduces your age to between 32 to 34 years of age for women,it’s between 23 to 25 years of age, but it’s neutralized if you use alcohol, drugs or tobacco, okay.”
“Three members of Solar Warden that he knew throughout his life would come back to Earth every 20 years, they would visit him in California, he lived in San Diego, they would visit him every 20 years, they would come down here, like coming to … visit a resort and he’d roll always asked him: Do you want to come back here and stay and they said: no we prefer living amongst the stars, but he had three friends, they would visit him every 20 years, they never aged, they are parts of solar work, up until the time he passed, he was working on designs for the Navy and the Navy regarded him so highly, he never really retired, he continued to work on foot till the time he passed, it’s absolutely astounding.”
“He said that the Air Force had their own programs, but he said the most advanced technology and the most advanced breakthroughs were occurring within the Navy and the Navy were keeping it that way purposely, for whatever reason.
I think it’s getting closer to the point, to the tipping point and I’ve spoken to a couple physicists who are part of this inner circle, this nucleus and they said that they’re being pushed very hard for releasing this information and I said who’s behind releasing it? Who do you think? I said the visitors are behind pushing this, they want the information to come out.”
“As Jill was talking last night about Bell Labs that supposedly was one of the seating points for lasers, fiber optics, transistors, cell
phones, all kinds of incredible things, it’s a 2 main square foot facility where they had six thousand engineers and the employees there and I think Joe said there’s what is there’s six wet labs,
there is six underground wet labs seven under under wet labs where they could test products underwate,  I mean, it’s really remarkable, hopefully we’llget more information about that as well yes say that again are they what kind of children I don’t know if they are not I
don’t know all you know is that they’re very very intelligent and that they’re going into solar warden at a very young age there’s like late teens to be of service off planet yes yes , yes, he told me he had the ability to biolocate at the age of two he thought everybody had that ability to be able to biolocate be here in the physical body and
be somewhere else. I said: bill not all of us have that ability.”
“Frank Anton Martin and he would create these plaster-of-paris sculptures of figures, from the New Testament of the master Jesus and he would take him out he bought this piece of property in Yucca Valley and he caused a Christ desert park so he would make these figures and he would take him out to the property and mount them out there okay this is the entrance of Christ desert park and it’s against a hill of mountains that separates Yucca Valley from Landers and other parts of the high desert area, it’s really really quite extraordinary when he passed he
willed this to the state of California and when I probably would go out there with my brother Simon and others we’ll go out to the desert quite often and visit …. all the giant rock UFO conventions, he was a contemporary of George Williamson, a contemporary of George Van Tassel of Daniel Frye of George Adamski and we would go out and meet with Gabe and Gabe would introduces to some of these individuals we would go out and and spend time at the integratron my brother and I and we would always go to Christ Desert Park. There was always a special place to go these are some of the scenes from inside of Christ desert park and again Frant Frank Anton Martin created all these and made it available to the public it’s all free of charge.”
“She said he was about seven feet tall and she said he had the most dark purple skin and the most incredible purple eyes and she’s in the middle of this Craft and these beings are there and she’s saying to herself why am I here I’m a seamstress she says I still clothing she says I don’t have an educational background she said I’m not a scientist I don’t know anything about this and she said they came over to her and they gave her what we would call today a CD, okay, she said to give her a silver disc and she said she held it in her hands and she said it showed her life unraveling like a movie: It was like a holographic depiction of her life and she started to crying and the beings came around her and they put her hands on her shoulder and the reason she was crying it’s when she was a young girl shoes to look up in the night sky and said if there’s people live out there I’d like to meet them someday and she was seeing them she was experiencing the realization of that dream and that’s why she was crying and he said to her Barbara we want to propose a program to see if you would want to work with us there’s life on every one of the planets in the solar system we’d like you to work with us to set up an ambassador program where people from other planets could come here and visit with earth families and earth families could go and visit with these beings they live on other planets and we’d like you to bring this information to the public and she also had a series of paintings of each of the planets she was taken to she did portraits of each one of them the Sun doesn’t have those unfortunately I wish I had them they were incredible depictions so she showed each one of these to us and it was about 75 of us at the bank on the Sunday and I said to Barbara I said Barbara is the success of this program predicated upon our resetting over in a receptivity to this and she lowered her eyes she looked at the floor and then she looked at me and she said yes she said we’re all being monitored she said we’re all in the big screen right now and they’re evaluating whether or not were open and receptive to this by helping and receptive you folks aren’t to hearing this and we’re all overjoyed to hear this and she concluded her talk she had never spoken publicly and before in her life but she did a beautiful job, she really really did a beautiful job, so we were congratulating her we were saying Barbara this is really wonderful this is something that the planet really needs, so we parted company.”
“Frank, something’s going on and I said what’s happening? He said people are knocking heard I heard or all hours of
the night, people are calling her, they’re calling her the Antichrist, that she’s going to sell mankind down the river and they said she’s under such duress. Well, to make a long story short, she stopped sharing information she did not come forward with any more information, she was intimidated by these people banging at her door all hours of the night, by the phone calls of intimidation and calling her … working for… evil purposes, she wasn’t working for evil purposes whatsoever. She wanted to share this information with the world and this is a
world event what we’re going through, is a world event, and it’s going to be occurring, it didn’t occur Barbara’s time and I want to show you again, this is another rendition that she did to the craft, okay, this is a letter that Wendelle Stevens sent to Barbara Beaver after Bill Hamilton and his wife went to visit her. Bill Hamilton told Wendelle Stevens how important Barbara’s story was that it should be put in print and he’s offering Barbara with this letter an opportunity to present her story to advance funds to her to cut off 5,000 books as initial printing about her experiences, okay I had never seen this before, the Sun shared this with me, okay, so Wendelle Stevens was aware of this. This story never really went anywhere, okay, so her book was never published, the Sun told me that she wrote a manuscript, it was never completed. This is another star visitor that Barbara had done a portrait of that the son sent me this is another one it’s an Egyptian-Atlantean being that she had met. I’m really happy that Michael, her son, shared all this with me, this is a photograph of Barbara taken in 1982, he said Frank my mom wound up spending the rest of her life in that apartment, in Yucca Valley, she only came out at night time to do grocery shopping, she lived like a hermit the rest of her life, she was so turned, she was so beaten down by the powers of be to prevent her from talking.”
“I want to thank you for your attention today thank you for rermitting me share some experiences that I’ve had and all I came to ask you is to keep an open mind and perhaps with expansion you’ll be able to bridge from one concept to
another and find a more equitable place for some of this revolutionary information, but I’m telling you a lot of
things are going on behind the scenes and a lot of people are doing an incredible work very quietly.”

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    that video on youtube is not available anymore. I watched it yesterday and it was taken down… truth must hurt some people. Is there any spare link for it ?

  2. _ADMIN_ sagt:

    No….it is not available anymore….but you don´t need to look it…I have transcripted the most important content… I am faster than them..
    You could also use text 2 speech and speech 2 text…if this it too much to process, eventually, for some people, visually…


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