Manly P. Hall: RARE LECTURE VIDEO: Is There a Guardian Angel?

“Manly P. Hall: RARE LECTURE VIDEO: Is There a Guardian Angel?”
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Never before released video lecture from December 11, 1983, entitled: “Is There A Guardian Angel?” Mr. Hall was 82 years old at the time and lived another 7 years, lecturing and writing at the Philosophical Research Society, which he founded in 1934.”
“So it was a strange world with everything happening and no explanation for what had happened. Gradually it became obvious that the human being had to have some type of internal existence which would carry with it faith and hope in his material life.
Gradually we find the rise of various beliefs. Probably some of the earliest were Shamanistic—the belief in spirits and ghosts, all this type of thing.
All these believings came not from a carefully studied planned exploration of nature, they came from a desperation of an individual or group of individuals, struggling desperately for hope to escape from loneliness, to no longer be an isolated creature in an unknown world.
The human being was very much like a castaway on a desert island.
He had no resources available to him except what he could contrive with his own ingenuity.
As time went on there was inevitably a demand for some type of organized faith, faith in realities that were not visible. But how was the primitive man going to analyze invisible realities? How is modern man going to analyze them? Actually, it all seems to have arisen within the person himself.
The desperate need resulted in a kind of solution— a solution that was sufficient for a moment, but for which it was always hoped would be improved and perfected in the course of time.
This temporary solution is still the answer that we have to use, but with all our progress, all our skills, all our intellectualism, the individual is still lonely.
He is still comparatively helpless, in a world infinitely too great for him.
Now he not only has to combat nature or adjust to its circumstances, but he must try to survive
the complex situations set up by human nature, in this little domain we call the Earth.
So altogether our beginnings of faith, hope, and love lie in the desperate need for something that was superior
to self, something stronger than we are, some ever-present help in time of trouble.
Trouble was common, help was scarce.
The individual went through countless miseries and misfortunes, but there had to be some hope, something to sustain the struggling creature in its long evolutionary path.
Then came up of course Shamanism…the medicine priest with the rattle…
Then in other parts of the world other type of help gradually evolved.
But these different forms of healing had their foundation in the human demand for hope, and the only way he could find hope, apparently, was through a strange contrivance with familiar
and apparently hopeless elements.
The American Indian in the Southwest, for instance, was very much concerned with creating charms, various good luck symbols, protective symbols, and yet he had no way of knowing really what would protect him or where he would find anything that was sufficient. (Manly P. Hall)”
“There was always a class of Medicine Priests..Spiritual Leaders. These became the foster parents of humanity.
The simple people depended upon these leaders for hope and it became obvious that for some mysterious reason these people produced remarkable results..these medicine priests apparently performed miraculous cures. And even today in some of the Indian Reservations, white people in trouble sneak over the border and try to get an Indian medicine man to help them, they have more faith in him than they have in their own physicians.
Now these problems are perhaps are well explained in the Bible, where we find a definite statement
that faith has helped to make us whole; something to believe in, something that has hope, is
a source of physical help. It helps us to recover from mental ailments, from emotional stress, and from physical disease. Faith is a tremendously healing power, the only answer we have to the destructive force of fear.
So from faith came a great development of beliefs and ideals. These were not always provable or demonstrable, but that was not important. It was not whether or not you could scientifically sustain them; the real answer was that people accepted them, believed in them, deposited in them hope for the future—faith in the power of something to protect. As time went on, religions and philosophies became more complicated, it was inevitable that efforts should be made to rationalize faith, to bring it under the control of reason. It was apparent that if the mind supported the faith it was stronger. And so we have all kinds of philosophies, mysticisms, esotericisms, and every type of
intellectual interpretations of natural phenomena. We have it today, but today we are in a little difficulty.
Knowing that faith basically is the very cornerstone of survival, we find that many forms of knowledge,
particularly scientific knowledge, exist largely to destroy faith.
They want to take away from us the belief in those very invisible principles upon which we have learned to depend for peace of soul and peace of mind and peace of heart.
So in this confusion a great many persons have lost their spiritual orientation.
They have lost their ability to accept the fact that there is a universal good, a universal reality, that life is purposed. That there are reasons for things. And as gradually as the sciences limit the perspective and force the individual in to a constant acceptance of material things as the only realities, as this goes on faith dims, hope fades away, and the individual is reduced to a state from which he escaped ages ago by rising above the level of materialistic primitive existence. (Manly P. Hall)”

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