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“Please Stop the Holocaust (Stop 007)
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007 1.999 Aufrufe”
“Am 09.04.2018 veröffentlichtDr. Katherine Horton’s desperate message on 10th April 2018 just after midnight.”

“Global Brain Chip, Mesogens & Intel Assaults – Live War Update (Stop 007)
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007 1.642 Aufrufe
Live übertragen am 08.04.2018Dr. Katherine Horton gives a live update about the ongoing war against the global brain chipping program and the global holocaust being conducted by the Western “Intelligence” Agencies. Those are the Secret Services who are part of an ancient global organised crime cartel. This Live War Update was broadcast live on 8th April 2018 at 0:23am straight after Dr. Horton arrived home after a day of assaults by Swiss and German Secret Services and their roving death squads of minions.”

“”Live übertragen am 11.04.2018Dr. Katherine Horton puts out a call for translators to help with launching a worldwide campaign to get victim cases ready for court.”
The more they shoot at you the deeper they dig their own graves.
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Starte Christ
Amazon is a dark entity, but it has its moments.
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Starte Christ
Starships, crush those weapons pointed at Katherine. Thanks.
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“Kay Wa: They targeted my family since the 70s. And my relatives. I’m a witness. But I don’t know who is doing these rapes and molestation, v2k 24/7. I have neighbors that are doing this to me. You would not believe what they have done and are doing to me. FBI indicated they are involved and cops also… And military branch men, women. Universities near me indicated involved. Jewish hospital. And the NSA DOD also wrote weird things in Foia requests responses.
Yes this has been done to me at stores,resturaunt, church, The waitesses, radio, light, everything being done to my environment,with people,tactics, sound abuse, smells, symbols,colors, calls, their phone, waiting at entrances,exits,checkpoints, young people thinking it’s fun, cool to remote Ctrl a human and torture them. Others thinking they are cool doing something that secret service does,bring a part of something, organized crime. I’m lied about everywhere I go. Yes these things are done to me my breasts,vaginal,rectum pulse energy of pain vibrations, stabbing pain and sarcastic v2k. They vibrate my bed and stomach to try to trauma, injure, or kill my organs!
Karen Romero:
Have the Satanic Evil Ones not yet figured out this woman is not going to give up? To you Satanic Evil One -when you are in your prison cells you won’t get the benefit of any shielding. If you think you can escape being put in prison, I assure you the Devil himself has bamboozled you and made you believe otherwise. The future of the Satanic Evil Ones is very grim indeed. Quit abusing Katherine and others. To do so adds to your demises!
Lion and the Lamb
I was getting hit from a direction that was impossible last night. I think they have orbs in our homes and are hitting us with the orbs. People have pictures and video of them in their homes. People also have them outside their door waiting to get in. I pieced together that I used to use and electronic racket and scan my whole home for bugs. I noticed that I got hit less when I did that. The rackets would always fall apart when I arrived back home and picked them up. They have now stopped selling them in stores. I remember the racket making a big spark when there was nothing there….maybe it was an orb. I bought one online and will be scanning my home again. I have an infrared camera and have seen the orbs in my home also. Take what ever you don’t want to fall apart with you so it is not tampered with.
I. Sokolov
It is shameful what they do to Dr. Horton. I guess her activism is one of the reasons. We see also others who run YouTube channels get gang stalked and sabotaged.
There are so many technologies. Chipping is today out of fashion, but still they develop micro implants. If the brain is mapped, it has a unique identity number and the TI can be traced world-wide. Source: Dr. Duncan (Ex. DARPA) .Dr. Duncan was one of the DARPA scientist who developed the modern Mind Control.
With todays technology you can achieve the same connectivity by using neural-dust and neural-mush (Elon Musk’s Neurolink), chips are no longer required. The new Mind Control programs enables also transfer of images, synthetic dreams, programming and interactive movies! I know it sounds like Science fiction, but it is true, also Russia and China have it.
Scientist say the reason the US/NATO is using many not-consenting people is that they want to figure out how people think and react, regardless of gender, age, and race. These big budget programs have been approved by both President Bush and President Obama.
The programs have huge military value. Dr. Horton symptoms is very similar to the NSA who uses the Remote Neuro Monitoring : The handlers access the neuro system and can create pain and discomfort in the TI body. The RNM also allow synthetic dreams, holograms, and interactive movies. This sounds like science fiction, but it is true.
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John Ross
There may be the possibility to protect the scabbard by wearing a rock crystal every day. Or maybe a chastity belt what works as a Faraday cage against the shooting on your vagina and anus by the pervert old men from the nazi secret service. Prays are out on you.
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Kevin Callahan
Capital crimes deserve capital punishment
Sam Roth Productions
This is a good video.
There is a difference I think with street theater female and male victims.
I come from the Strauss Howe take on generational theory. There must be a correlation with this period of time right now and the generation of the “old fucker stalker” and the “spy kids”.
It can’t be just the level of tech right now.
I think it is Navy Intel and FBI and local responders of DHS (local and state Police, fire, emergency, etc.).
Travis Monroe
This may be the last time I participate on Dr Horton’s YouTube channel. She seems overly obsessed with trying to associate masturbation and intelligence. In all honesty, I care for Dr Horton and her endeavors; though, I can’t stand to listen to any more of that drivel.
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unilluminated antimason
Katherine I hear you sister. They have been torturing me for 12 years now. On Friday they literally cooked me in my own bed and they have been overactivating my frontal lobe to put me in a constant panic state. My family wants to lock me away and I’m not convinced they aren’t perps themselves. I have been in isolation for years now. It is unnatural that is why they have solitary confinement in prison. They keep overdrawing my bank account to try and make me homeless. But we have to stay strong and realize that we were chosen to wake the public up to what is really going on. We were chosen for a battle and I’ve decided I’m not going to sit and let them torture me and others without fighting back some how. But I want to comment on your skin legions. I don’t want to project more fear but maybe you should check and make sure it’s not Morgellons(fibers coming out of the sores,sores don’t heal,lower body temp ect.) It’s a side effect of the body rejecting the nano tech.
Jennie Malloy
They are being mind controlled. I’ve seen this happening over the last few years. Not to excuse their behavior but they are not themselves. You are an amazing human. Take a break and change your frequency. Do it for yourself.♡
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This is indeed a Genocide…I know some TI’S & MK ULTRA Victims. These are Crimes Against Humanity.
Karen Patton
don’t give up I am being raped in the same way all the men in Ohio try .they release the code to your chips and communicate to the m threw the phone how to torture you.
Sitting here crying with you. You asked for suggestions regarding donations. . .Many of your fellow T.I.’s have already had their bank accounts frozen/closed/stolen, credit cards are long gone. . .perhaps if there was a P.O. Box in the U.S. or Canada…On a very personal note: Have you ever thought of visiting Russia? In this crazy and sometimes demonic world, Russia just might be safer for T.I.’s than western countries. . .may peace come to you soon.
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Syed Asif
police can stop the brain chips from working. you must tell them to do that. it’s their job.
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“How to make a perp map, ok, and
with the perp map I mean an actual diagram , an actual map of your area for court use and that’s just because the
vast majority of victims get attacked by their direct neighbors, okay, so the neighbors are recruited, this is part of
the the assaults, it’s not just satellites. I promise you it’s not just satellites, in fact I can even prove to
you that it’s not satellites with the following video ..called machine-gunning evidence for court.”
“Young Pharaoh
1 day ago (edited)
Okay ..Katherine.. I’m a targeted individual and I well know that it all done by remote.. you jump from country to another and those who target you are the same people, this technology doesn’t know borders… Here in Egypt when it first started with me Israeli Mossad used directed voices to make me think it’s my neighbors. I kept moving from Cairo to Alex and from Alexandria to Cairo from home to hotel and from hotel to another, they targeted me everywhere. I’ve been even on streets. And if I leave Egypt to Europe they will still be with me and it all happens as I said by remote… The whole world is under the CIA / Mossad dirty satellites. May God always protect you and always remember that it’s a war between Good and evil… Life is a short trip, in real life you will have paradise and they will get hell. Those israelis who torture me are devils in human shape.
Chibi Kai
1 day ago
Young Pharaoh- Remote Neural Monitoring.
Lost Years
1 day ago
Young Pharaoh , mine do that too. They pretended to be my coworkers, bosses, and family members by using those peoples voices and watching me through various technologies. They would try to make me think someone was thinking bad things about me, insulting me, disliked me, that I was getting fired, or..I was making a bunch of mistakes others were noticing. But I could tell it was bullshit. Most of the time when I looked up at the person who was supposedly hating on me, he or she was talking to someone else, totally engaged, and not even aware of my activities. Very sloppy. They eventually gave up and started being themselves…”
The Soulful House Sessions (DJ Sarena Tyler)
1 day ago (edited)
If your not targeted by neighbors good for you. However, other’s are being targeted by neighbors. I have had two neighbors served with Cease and Desist and even caught them in the act. I actually have a video where I ‘m giving them information on this crime telling MY neighbor if they did not stop, I would file criminal charges. If something isn’t happening to you, doesn’t mean it’s not happening to others. ..There’s also tons of information from ex FBI agents that also states neighbors are involved.”
Stephen O Neill
22 hours ago
Your neighbours are involved in the way of slander and they may be providing their homes to Police to watch you…My perps (Irish police) are in my neighbours homes as they were told this, t..they think that I am a dangerous criminal, so they let these devils harass me from their homes…
Milton Paul Stillmank
1 day ago
Remember you are the “load’ as in electrical target – you must detox both internally and externally to bring down your NANO poisoning ! Learn how to remove the electrical load you and all of us carry around by searching out YouTube that say much about the subject – just a suggestion – always up to you !!
Fisher Queen
1 day ago
The perps are mind controlled alters. They may act and look like the nicest people in the world to your face. A keyword from V2K activates the alter. The alter is nothing like the person you know. MK Ultra/Monarch training….
Len Rom
1 day ago (edited)
I think you may be on to something. Because that would explain why they have no conscience. my mail man came to the door and he smiled demonically. It was so rehearsed and so un-natural. I don’t bother me cause I do it back to them…
Jack Alpha
20 hours ago
They don’t have to be nearby neighbors. And not everyone is attacked the same way.”

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