Doctor’s Against the NZ Governments Covid Response Directory

“Doctor’s Against the NZ Governments Covid Response Directory

📢 Updated on 30th July 2021

💬 Select to see and hear the quote in their own words. Some quotes have been paraphrased.

Many of the medical professionals mentioned below are a part of New Zealand Doctor’s Speaking Out with Science

( Matt Shelton
💬 “We feel we have no other option but to speak out”
(💬 “Our personal risk of getting, let alone dying of Covid-19 is incredibly small”
(💬 “There are very effective treatments for Coivd-19 that are being suppressed”
(💬 “Children are the current target of a public health campaign, blame the un vaccinated to get all the children vaccinated”
(🗞 Open Letter Signed by 40+ NZ Medical Practitioners Sharing Concerns About Pfizer’s Vaccine

( Sam Bailey
💬 “A MoH source document states asymptomatic infections do not appear to be a major driver of transmission”
(💬 “All three epidemiological social distancing studies were highly biased and therefore the results are not useable”
(💬 “I’ve been investigated by the Medical Council. They asked that I don’t make covid videos or I can’t practice medicine”

( Simon Thornley
💬 “We think the lockdown is an overreaction, it doesn’t match the threat posed by the virus”
(💬 “Lockdowns went from protecting ICU’s & hospitals, to flattening the curve, to go hard go early, to elimination, to vaccination”
(💬 Danish Mask study “It’s not statistically significant”

( Alison Goodwin
💬 “You’ve got to do a cost benefit analysis, what’s the benefit in what we are achieving?”
(💬 “There’s a much bigger pandemic of diabetes and obesity than there is of Covid. Why aren’t we directing the resources to that pandemic?”
(💬 “Look beyond the it’s safe and effective mantra and ask some questions”
(💬 “It is never appropriate to force a population to have an experimental medical procedure”

( Damian Wojcik
💬 “We now have before us an experimental Covid-19 gene therapy”
(💬 “There have been 4,434 deaths reported. Some in NZ would say this harm is the price we must pay… not on my watch”
(💬 “There is good evidence for simple cheap supplements like Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D to reduce to risks and severity of Covid-19 infection”

( Emanuel Garcia
💬 “The expectation of masks, that’s a terrible phycological blow that deprives you of your expressions, your smile & your identity”
(💬 “Why was it a head long rush towards… a delusional belief in the savior of multiple vaccines?”
(💬 “I would not take this experimental biological agent under any circumstances whatsoever

( Elena Bishop
💬 “By Pfizer’s own admission, it does not stop you catching or transmitting the virus”

( Cindy de Villiers
💬 “Our immune systems have developed along side viruses and bacteria for eons, by staying healthy and respecting our bodies”

( Anna Goodwin
💬 “As of march the UK no longer acknowledges this as a high impact infectious disease because it’s highly survivable”

( Rene de Monarchy
💬 “That narrative of Covid-19 and the absolute necessity for vaccination will deny the development for the human immune system”

( Byram Bridle
💬 “The people who are taking part in the current rollout are in essence participating in an extension of the phase 3 clinical trial””

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