China's Police BRUTALITY Exposed!

“China’s Police BRUTALITY Exposed!”
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I have had to censor many clips in order to meet YouTube’s violence guidelines but either way this is a very important message and warning to everyone…”
“being a motorcycle rider and riding through the majority of china on my motorcycle i know very well that many of the cities have banned motorcycles so what they did was in
order to clean up the cities, they have many reasons for this and some of them are valid reasons and some of them are
completely invalid, but in china motorcycles are seen as a poor man’s transport, it’s not like in the west ..,people usually ride motorcycles as a hobby, so it’s seen as somebody driving a harley he’s probably doing that in his spare
time he probably has money .. and that’s his little weekend toy or something no in china it’s the poor people who can’t
afford a car they use a motorbike right so in order
to clean up the image of the bigger cities, they banned motorcycles outright they also had other reasons like snatch and grab robberies uh environmental reasons because the the
bikes pollute a lot things like that of course there’s some
valid reasons but the main reason is to clean up the image of the cities, so this resulted in many cities and it’s kind of tough to know because as you’re riding through china you kind of have to go online and try and figure out on forums and stuff to figure out which cities you can’t ride into, but there’s been plenty of situations where i’ve ridden into a city which is now banned you actually can’t tell because quite often there’s still bikes riding around even in a city without banned motorcycles but you ride in and then all
of a sudden out of nowhere a plainclothes traffic policeman will come and grab your key out of your ignition force you off your bike and then take your bike away.”
“you can see that they are not afraid to physically manhandle and injure and hurt a female you know who’s there by herself
they really don’t give a crap and let’s move on to the more serious stuff okay police brutality in china is big, because life is cheap in china and there is no fighting back
against the government..”
Conspiracy Revelation: 5.11.2020: The woman in the center was brutally tasered and electrocuted that´s why she has made a huge jump backwards and fell down to the street like a sandbag or stone, not because the Police guy had any power…he just had a cruel Taser.
“Anyone who knows anything about history will know
that an all-powerful, unchallengeable and
opaque police force is a nightmare look to the stasi of east
Germany, mussolini’s secret police, the kgb, cuba secret police, the gestapo for christ’s sake,none of these brutal police forces had even a fraction of china’s control over
its populace, never mind the sophisticated surveillance system that they have over the people and the populous, but
also the ability to ensor the news absolutely around the
country and of course with the backing of this
all-powerful government they are an unstoppable force so please do not look to china for inspiration.”
“I truly believe that the chinese people and the majority of them are good people and that the chinese government and the
way it operates are bad people but i get a lot of comments saying but it’s chinese people’s fault because they don’t stand up to their government … that you get the leaders that you deserve and there is some truth to that but at
the same time you cannot say that without having experienced
just how much the chinese government and police have power over the people, there’s a reason why every single person
that i interview on my channel has to have their face blurred and their voice altered, even westerners, there are very few
people like me who are willing to put their face out there, because the repercussions are huge i have been dealing with
attacks against myself and my family non-stop for about four or five years now and i’m in a very unique position where although it affects me greatly i still can support myself through my videos obviously not this one it’s not
monetized but i have people out there like you who either support me on patreon or at least follow me and help spread the word of my videos and for that i’m eternal grateful
but put yourself in the shoes of an average chinese citizen
or even another westerner who has a view against the ccp they would be utterly destroyed their careers would be ended because these guys go after your employers their families livelihood and health would be put in jeopardy because if
you’re a chinese person and you’re outspoken against the ccp
the first thing they do is lean on your family in china and they will put them under house arrest they will arrest them they will pressure them in order to try and make you stop
to silence you you have to understand how devastating that can be, there is no way to push back against this in china you can’t say hey the police are harassing me and go cry
to your local congressman or your government or whatever it is the police are harassing me and they’re blackmailing me and they’re coercing me into not speaking out can’t go and do that it doesn’t work that way it’s not like the west and of course there’s a whole lot more traditionally and
societally that a chinese person would have to suffer for going against the ccp, it would absolutely destroy them and
their entire family, for a westerner like myself i mean you just need to take a look at what’s happened to me i’ve got
hate websites put up against me calling me racist i’ve got random people on the internet all around trying to call me this monstrous racist person i’ve got people contacting who they think are my employers to try and get me fired
i’ve got people trying to attack my family in south africa who’ve got nothing to do with anything that i do random cousins and other people that they find on facebook with my name my surname they attack them too you know my wife
my you know everything to do with me is under attack all the time and you know it’s it’s something that well i understand why very few people like me actually speak out against the ccp…they’re basically just a group of mafia thugs and this is not a path that we should ever consider going down.”

“Why I left China for Good!
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“Of course the CCP with it’s nothing to see here
methodology has managed to convince the world and especially the Chinese population through sleight of hand and
cunning tricks that everything is just fine and when it’s not well it’s not their fault it’s the outside world keeping China down, they aggressively silenced dissidents or anyone who exposes the truth as to what is happening in China, they prevent Chinese society from coming apart at the seams
by stitching up and squashing anything that reveals the truth, so anything but positive coverage of China and Chinese
society will not be tolerated aka me who makes videos about things that don’t please me in my life and things that do please me in my life, the fact that I to even cover some of the things that are just wrong with Chinese society blatantly wrong puts me on that hit list, you know you are allowed to
have a little gripe here or there but you may not criticize the government or anything that is a result of what the
government has done, power and control is what the CCP cares about above all else and they maintain this through social
harmony which is another term for stagnation and mediocrity go about your day you stupid sheep, eat, breed, study,
work, listen to the government and don’t you dare make waves you step out of line and you give anyone else the idea that
there’s more to life …then you’ll be dealt with remember that to be rich is glorious, so put your head down be a monotonous robots and your only ambitions can be to
make more money and to make China richer, that’s it, things started to get very serious when the police visited me more
and more often I remember one time I arrived at my apartment and waiting for me outside was a local plainclothes
police person just checking up on me and that’s because I had been out of town for a couple of days this is a little concerning this means that the building management must have radioed or called the local little police station when
they saw me coming in to the compound because I first went to the shop to go buy a bunch of stuff and so by the time
I made it up to my apartment the policeman was already there waiting to check my passport.”

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