Why are Kung Fu masters getting BEATEN UP in China?

“Why are Kung Fu masters getting BEATEN UP in China?”
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You’ve heard about MMA guys beating up kung fu masters,…”
“you know most people who’ve been watching my videos for the last couple of years I’d say last two three years have noticed that I’m finding it very hard to say anything positive about China… and that’s simply because
of how how it’s changed so drastically over the last couple of years and how did the direction that’s going in is is
completely opposite to when I first got there and the reason I fell in love with the country and one thing that I keep
coming back to that I can say that is positive about China are the more traditional things like martial arts and like tea ceremony and … those kind of things and I think it is still a very beautiful thing..it’s not tarnished by what’s going on right now.”

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