Area 51 Worker Saw Alien Engine That Was Light Years Beyond Anything on Earth

“Area 51 Worker Saw Alien Engine That Was Light Years Beyond Anything on Earth”
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David T Adair will share his extraordinary story as a teenager who built an Electromagnetic Fusion Containment Rocket Engine. He test flew it from White Sands Missile Testing Grounds, NM only to have it diverted to Groom Lake, Nevada. Upon arrival at Area 51 he was taken underground to evaluate a similar engine but alien technology in construction and the size of a semi-tractor trailer. The alien engine was light years beyond anything on Earth, so sophisticated it responded to the thoughts and emotions of its pilots and crew.”
“A serious look and then I caught this group’s attention really tight when I said hey guys if you guys want to do
this you know you guys got more money and you’ll never live to spend, two of their grandsons glued a half a billion
dollars of diamonds on their Mercedes, yeah, they were a little bit embarrassed about that and I said there’s another way to spend money oh and we can get some bang for the buck here. I said we run these programs and one thing that you guys can’t get is you don’t have immortality, you’ll grow, time is the fire in which we all burn, so you’re gonna die
and how would you like to carry title bigger than Neil Armstrong and they went: oh how you do that? We send in these
probes, they start landing on these sites and about the third or fourth Pro lands some little critter walks out with an
arm fired weapon boom blow up the sky, we photograph it, next down a page one word: contact and whoever funded that
will go down in history for all eternity, so they sit there and they were quiet and I could sit here to get started they
went, this fool can actually deliver “immortality”, it said yeah about that so it got their interests and and I
thought you know this is really logical you know it’s just kind of flowing with a logic of a human being.”
“the thorium reactors…this is 1950s now this thorium thing
runs off of salt has about as much radiation of the microwave
and we don’t wanna fool with that cause they can’t making a nuclear weapon fuel with it so they chose fission and fusion in the 50s they shelfed the thorium reactors ow if they had went with the thorium reactors three things would not have
happened and those three things are Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, so with the thorium reactors
once they get started and running, they run off a salt how much fuel do we have…nuclear Amsterdam is building their
first prototype thorium reactor they’re all over the planet except for United States so what happened to Texas am I’m told by the Atomic Energy Commission you don’t match the regulatory regulations and we’re not going to give you security clearances and so I’m looking at and went oh you don’t want me to upset the fission and fusion applecart do you? I said fine I call these guys in the Middle East yeah come on over we got facilities we got buildings and we got a
lot of money so I gathered up key personnel and now we’re going to Middle East with thorium reactors.”
“Washington wasn’t happy, he said you can’t go, what do you mean I can’t go? You can’t take that knowledge with you. I’m sorry it´s in my skull it’s got to go with me and they said you can’t take that I said yeah you ever heard of
proprietary walls it’s international and I said well what are you gonna do buy so believe me when I start putting them all
over the planet it’ll put such pressure back on the United States you’ll get your Thorium reactors and then we’ll get
rid of the sixty fusion reactors you can’t put on they’re going to kill you, that’s the second project the third
project Washington DC you think they’re upset well let’s see we got NASA totally pissed off at me we’ve got a lot of
senators upset well hadn’t got the picture completely let’s get every congressman mad at me…and that the chairwoman in her brilliance Lisa Murkowski who is a pom scum second bitch yeah, one day, one day I’ll get over my shyness and tell you how I really feel..I’m trying to get a fight with her but she won’t fight me because she knows I’m waiting for that woman ever got in office? Her husband died who was a
senator and she took his off job yeah, yeah, it’s crazy.”
“Are you crazy? No, I’m trying to save the world, you know…”
“I never did this for fame or nothing, not even for money, but I will make all these projects…I´m 65 years old I
should be retiring, I’m starting the biggest careers I’ve ever had, now I’m doing it for y’all oh and your kids and
your grandkids you know this is all.”
“There are continous plans that no power on this earth can stop it and so it’ll just advance things a little faster, but see the one thing they don’t want happen to me is, they don’t
want me to die, because if I do, everything gets dumped, it’s a major insurance policy, the very thing they don’t want, if anything they make sure, nothing happens to me.. at least at
the rate I’m pacing it out they can live with it, but if it happens all at once, it’s a real nightmare for them and other
countries can take off with it and let ..competition begin
and so if the question is do you want to drink from a garden hose or you want one from a firehose, so that’s what I left
for… I’m going to tell you something about electromagnetic fusion technology applied to alien technology and I’ll
answer a question … how on earth can something come in at
five thousand miles an hour and do a 90-degree corner, if it’s organic that things don’t turn into soup, so how
did they do that I figured out matter of fact I proved it in my lab, so I’ll tell you how that works.”

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