Linda Moulton Howe 34 Million Year Old Structure Discovered 2 Miles Under Antarctica
“About what abductees call resurrection technology and these are illustrations by half a dozen people who were
abductees who say that there are cloning technologies that will sustain cloned bodies inside of light and that these
are used in technologies by nonhumans to access a camouflage of a human body but by doing these clones that they can
become conscious beings that move around on the earth and humans would never know that particular work in glimpses vol.2 was of great interest to the man who set this meeting up with me that took a month. I know because I saw his
credentials, I saw his ID card, he worked for the
Defense Intelligence Agency and when we had this meeting in December of 1999 that went on for seven hours and he said my
job working for the Defense Intelligence Agency for 23 years, so 1999 – 23, when he began, was to monitor and analyze the
conflicting competition of three extraterrestrial biological
civilisations in conflict with each other on and apparently over something about this planet, in that context in
talking to me he said these words: Linda our government has proof that competing, three competing extraterrestrial
civilizations have been using this planet as a laboratory for genetic manipulation for at least 270 million years. I asked him what the proof was. He said it would be too dangerous for me to tell you and I said well 270 million years is before the time of the dinosaurs and he looked me straight in
the eye and he said one of the three competing groups made the dinosaurs as an 80 million plus year-long experiment
and he said the part that bothers us: We think it was the EBENS, the ones with the heads that are shaped like this and
pair-shaped chin not not this but more of this, he said the evens have demonstrated for us, meaning humans, in DIA CIA NSA military and Intel that they can move matter in this universe into another dimension or another timeline and they do it all of the time. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“He said 66 million years ago something was headed for this planet that was six miles in diameter we call it an asteroid
was it an asteroid were they responsible for it he said because it is that six mile wide what we have called this a
scientific analysis that it must have been an asteroid piece, six miles in diameter, and it plunges into what we
call the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of the Yucatan and makes the chicken Luke crater, that’s our evidence, he said we just can’t understand, that took out 95% of surface life on Earth, including all of the Dinosaurs, if this was their
experiment, they could have moved that six mile diameter object into timeline or another dimension and then never ever
would have been any collision and he said so what bothers us what else can we conclude, but they did an 80 million plus
year experiment, Dinosaurs and then is this the way they ended it, by taking out 95% of all Earth surface life and when he said that he knows that he is talking to one of the few investigative reporters ever on the planet who
investigated animal mutilations, coming to another question where we meet in an intersection. Why would extraterrestrial entities, which is a government phrase, no matter what they look like, no matter what their source, whether there’s five here or a hundred and five, why for at least a century, would they take an Ear, Eye, Jaw Flesh, tongue, genitals and 99% of the rectal area, is cored out, all over this planet, since at least the early 1960s, no blood, no fluid at the excisions and the part that has baffled law enforcement in every Hemisphere and country how can it be done and there’s no tracks around the body? When I say that I mean there’s no
tracks of the animal that is found lying on its side with these excisions of tissue and that is why law enforcement
always said: Whatever we’re dealing with it is coming from above it is taking the animals from the pasture where they are found it is taking them someplace else doing the excisions then returning the animal not bleeding back somewhere near where it was picked up and that is why
well sheriff said to me in 1979 Linda the perpetrators of the worldwide animal mutilations are creatures from outer
space. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“There has to be a complete philosophical makeover of all government, military and political, will call them power brokers on this planet, they’ve got to do a 180
degree, that says lying perpetually as policies of denial about the presence of other life-forms on this planet,, based on this planet, underground, based on the moon, based on Mars and probably throughout the solar system and beyond
the two have had at least since 1947, official policies in the United States that were reflected by our World War two
allies: England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, that the public is to be lied to for the foreseeable future and that is the way they speak, the public and the media at all costs are to know nothing about the presence of extraterrestrials
on this planet and throughout the solar system. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“1947 to 1997 to 2007 to 2019. We’re still on a planet in which the so-called power brokers are treating the mass of
humanity as if we were 2 year olds that cannot be told the truth and that can be only one reason to me why this would be perpetuated today and that is because there is a 1/2 of 1% of the power brokers on this planet that are making all kinds of barter system profit, the seals tell me they know firsthand
we have interstellar trade, we are working with Ally Extraterrestrials and have been since the 1970s. Interstellar trades trade, your own UK Citizen Gary Mckinnon, back in 2001 when he made this announcement that he had stumbled into our computer networks which were not safe and apparently
protected, at that time, in the United States and he saw spreadsheet non-terrestrial pilots, lifts clearly he
stumbled into something that relates to exactly what the Navy SEALs and others are telling me in 2019, interstellar
trade routes. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“We are collaborating with nonhumans who know how to go to X Y & Z and bring us what we need and that they are interested in some of the technologies that humans make on Earth and it goes to them, suddenly the reason for why the power brokers of Earth would have any incentive, in 2019, to keep this from the Planet begins to emerge: Profit. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
I started getting into this whole issue of what kind of alien intelligence could be interacting with our planet that was in
1979 when I started working on the documentary a strange harvest about the animal mutilations I was with it was
clear to me within one month of going to sites of these animals and there’s no blood there’s no fluid there’s no tracks you cannot investigate real animal mutilations for a month and come away and say that there’s any possibility of
humans doing this the government would like everybody to buy into their mantra, that it’s predator, disease or satanic
cults I went to a Catholic priest he was doing exorcisms for a large Church in Denver Colorado, I asked him if he would
come to my office and I laid out maybe 50, 60 photographs of various mutilated animals and I asked him, I said Sir would
you look at these photographs and tell me if you have seen any of this in satanic cult rituals and the priest who
did exorcisms for that Catholic Diocese he looked at all the
photographs and he turned to me and he said no none of this I said why he said when you’re dealing with satanic cults
you’re dealing with blood and lots of blood you’re showing me photograph after photograph there’s no blood he said that’s not what I deal with, but the governments of this planet have
tried to reduce the animal mutilations to predators, disease or satanic cults, the one subject that even the DIA, the guy who met with me for seven hours told me all kinds of knowledge from his point of view about the relationship of
varying competing ETs who had manipulated DNA in already
evolving primates to create homo sapien, in all the varieties we know from homo erectus, standing up for the first time
in Africa two million years ago, all the way through
..Neanderthal and now to us. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“The track of all of that to that dia analyst to me in December of 1999 was the key to understanding this
planet the non-human intelligences that have ward with each other over this planet, it’s a laboratory, he said, it’s my
understanding so far there are not many planets like this.
We’re two-thirds water, deep, deep water with land that was congealed …and then over a period of time because
of dynamics with the geophysical interior of this planet that the lands began to break up and go into the separate lands that we know but if there are competing civilizations that move their way through the Milky Way Galaxy in the Universe by collecting whatever is: the genetic material of life-forms, so that they can make it in cloned containers that they then can use to put themselves into any Planet, anywhere, camouflaged by that life-form then one of
the biggest treasures, it’s hard for humans to think about this, but when you get to this bigger picture, the biggest
treasure would always be retrieving genetic material that could be preserved to make clones for whatever would be the
reason and that man that night December of 1999 said this planet is considered a laboratory it has perfect conditions and these conditions do not exist everywhere, three competing, these were his words, three competing extraterrestrial biological civilizations, conflicting in this Planet. All of them doing genetic experiments, would that explains why… (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“Thinking, we are on a planet and which humans war and kill each other over the color of their skin, whos God is
superior to anothers God and what that
man just revealed to me on December of 1999 is that all of these differences were set in motion by competing Extraterrestrial groups and we humans are left in the dark, not only by those genetically manipulating, we are left in
the dark by our own human power brokers and this is why in 2019 I have come to see all of my work, the last 40 years trying to get to the bottom of all this, it is a story of
abuse of humanity. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“The Pilot says when he asked this to Neil Armstrong and Neil
says: Remember the dust, he said, I had to turn, because there were three huge silver discs, right on the border of the crater that would have gone to the third world. When the pilot said that that night.. he talked in more detail but he said he realized that his old pilot friend just didn’t have it in him to go out like a quota he said like a monkey on a chain to interact with the world that was being kept completely in the dark about what clearly the astronauts had been exposed to, the United States government knew, UK, all the way going back to World War two, it’s very clear that Churchill and Eisenhower knew that there was something in the
skies, that they couldn’t understand and did maneuvers that they couldn’t duplicate and that Neil Armstrong was so
honest and that Neil Armstrong was so honest but the idea that he would go out and do a show, it would be a show, it would be theatrical and he was not an actor and so he chose to pull himself back from public displays, on purpose, because he couldn’t stomach it and that pilot explained to me everything that went right up to Neil Armstrong’s passing in just the most recent time when people were going back and saying: why did he disappear after, July of 1969 and the
ticker tape parade that was the last big public display and that pilot that night in Los Angeles when I was working on
sightings I think explained the truth and I share that because to me that is a metaphor for everything that is wrong now on Planet Earth. The disconnect between the power brokers, the politicians and the governments that have allied themselves or aligned themselves in policies of denial and lies since world war two at least from a population around this planet, in two hemispheres in which every year people are encountering lights, bea,m sometimes entities ,in their house or their farm, animal mutilations and we are living then on a planet that is totally concocted. Everything about this is now concocted, the past mythologies, even past religions are part of like a kind of theatrical explanation for what the Truth is: That this Planet, this solar system this Moon, Mars and Beyond after that man said to me that night December of 1999 our planet has had three competing extraterrestrial civilizations for at least 270 million
years. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“I personally will be very surprised if by January 1st 2020 we haven’t gotten something like that headline that we have all deserved as a species, for at least 35,000 years, if not a million years, we are not alone in this universe, we never have been and here’s the most important part: every military and Intel whistleblower I have ever communicated with, the remote viewers who viewed for the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA, we have allies, there are neutrals and there are hostiles and the hostiles for reasons that are not clear, that would like to annihilate surface life on earth, probably in the old battles that the DIA guy told me, have been raging for 270 million years over this laboratory, but hang on to the fact that we have allies one man working in a military unit who has dealt with ET said those allies have kept humanity alive and as we go into the future, if all the people, in every country of this planet were told the truth, the whole truth and it is put in the box that we have allies that have cared about us, maybe even felt sorry for us, as a manipulated genetically created species, they have been protecting us and the seals and everybody says as far as we know Linda, we have allies and they have protected us from more things than anybody would believe and as long as you look into the future..those allies are going to help us and we should all know the truth. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“There have been pilots going from world war ii on who saw all kinds of extraordinary things.. here’s what happened, this cannot be us, what is it? In that context a policy of denial from FDR to Truman began, when you look back at that
period of history, that led into this between World War one and World War two, the whole planet was more agitated.
World War two comes and all of these strange unidentified aerial vehicles are still being reported by pilots.
I can sort of understand how from FDR to Truman they would have said let’s not talk about this until we understand
what we are dealing with. I can sort of understand that, when General Eisenhower became president, he knew probably the
most of anybody on the planet, he made some kind of a policy decision to extend Trumans…and it says in the
policies that I’ve seen at all costs the public and the media are not to know, at all costs, in government and military’s
means terminal death for anybody who breaks this policy, so that’s how we came out of World War two, when you look back
at the center of world war two being caused by Adolf Hitler who made public speeches about how he was going to be
working with Extraterrestrials from Aldebaran and putting these Blondes in charge of the Earth, maybe that is what
was the context for all of the Eisenhower Truman nobody used to know until we understand and now it is decades later Lew Elizondo… and all of those people who want to understand as much as I do or you do, they have had the difficult razors edge of doing scientific investigations, military investigations, in which the financial support for the most part has come from the Department of Defense, the Department of Defense, by definition, in any country on the planet keeps
everything it’s doing as a secret, so that has fed the constant policy of denial. I think that when to the stars
Lewis Elizondo, who did work in the Pentagon, that somebody made a decision we have got to start laying ground in which we can start opening up some of the truth, so I see it as a positive step, there TV series on the History Channel
is focusing on, ironic to me, Project Blue Book, because I have interviewed at least three people who worked either in the CIA or in a military context, in the 1950s and they all three told me there was a project Bluebook that the CIA was controlling, there was a project Bluebook that was supposed to be an air force interface and there was a real project Bluebook coming out of Fort Belvoir in Virginia and that real CIA analysts were seeing real films of real UFOs of real non-human autopsies of which there were several done and that
the three Project Blue Books are quintessential counter-intel you name you get three projects two are real, this one goes to the public. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“It was because General Eisenhower who said to President to General Arthur Trudeau his respected ally in world war
ii: the CIA is an enemy. Now that may seem harsh today but the insight to the new president putting General Arthur Trudeau in charge of the first basically scientific research
agency that the army would have they trusted the army because that’s was their home that is where they fought in
World War two they didn’t trust outside… in those orders was to all of the retrievals of extraterrestrial technology were to be handcarried to the Pentagon to General Arthur Trudeaus office in the Pentagon..and that’s where
Philip J Corso said he met with the general is handed and and told his assignment will be to hand carry piece by piece extraterrestrial technology they were not beating around the bush that was the word that was used in the general Trudeau under President Eisenhower’s amid assignment would be to
have one person and one person only let’s say in Lockheed or corning glass the corning glass played a very important role and most people don’t know this and that that one person that
the general would have had a meeting with explain why it was vital that it be absolutely kept close to the vest and
that technology would be transported by Philip J corsa handed for that corporation and this was the goal this
is what explains everything the best hide would be to get all of these various technologies patented by American corporations and once that had occurred then the whole rest of the world could not have access and the American public could not have access because it would be patented inside of
American corporations. (Linda Moulton Howe)”
“boneman1960: or 3 Monaten: Linda, its called control over the people, if we learn how get free energy , its game over for the Cabal, Deep State, big banks and globalist.”
“Linda Moulton Howe 34 Million Year Old Structure Discovered 2 Miles Under Antarctica
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Linda Moulton Howe has been working for two years with an eyewitness who saw something incredible in Antarctica, namely huge structures deep under Antarctic ice.
Only part of the structure has been uncovered so far by archeological teams, with the rest buried under the ice and extending far below. Ground penetrating radar had shown the structure to be an Octagon in shape, and covering an area of 62 acres.”
“UMBRIFEROUS: vor 3 Monaten: Dude skip the area 51 raid, we bouta raid Antarctica.”
“CharChar: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): We aren’t being told anything, because we’re trading humans since the 1940’s.”
“Croatia chemtrails: vor 3 Monaten: Military is threat for peace on mother Earth and peace in space.
Linda is brave and smart women.🍀❤”
“Steve Heuser: vor 3 Monaten: Any group that hides the truth from an entire civilization of seven billion beings is a threat to said civilization and seven billion living souls.”
“HOH: vor 2 Monaten: @David Houghton That’s BS, private corporations have taken over and Oligarchs are controlling the military globally!! It is global…
The Oligarchs may be in bed with ET´s.”
“Emily Truman: vor 3 Monaten: The ancient builder race were in Antarctica, they had extremely advanced technology and I believe they were the ones that built all the pyramids and other buildings around the world.”
“0MissElizabeth0: vor 3 Wochen: When she mentions how one race of ETs can transport something into another dimension, I always wonder if that’s what happened to that flight that vanished a few years back.”
“merced121: vor 2 Wochen: IF WE HAVE AN OPEN MIND,
“jammergreg: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): She is amazing..77 spins around the sun & she looks energized and great! I’m guessing, she’s in here latter 70s.”
“Melissa Dee: vor 3 Monaten: Jammergreg, you are right. She is 77.”
“HOH: vor 2 Monaten: @jammergreg She is 77, a former beauty queen and an Emmy award winning journalist with a Master’s degree, educated at Stanford. She wants the truth.”
“KEITH KUHN: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): Excellent excellent
Excellent. I believe this lady is Rock solid.”
“Conspiracy of Truth!: vor 3 Monaten:
Thank you so very much, Linda, for the dedication in your career to get to the root of the ultimate truth. Whenever I see that you have a new video that I haven’t seen yet (which is rare since I follow you so closely) I make the time to be by myself because I don’t want to be interrupted so that I can focus on you and the extremely fascinating topics that you have contributed to the global education of our generation and the information that you have brought to light that will illuminate future generations and lead us to stay courageous on our paths to make the world a much better place now and for those who will become after us. You’re such an inspiration! Aloha, Kevin McCarthy.”
“iAm: vor 3 Monaten: I could listen to her for days. She’s the best!”
“Someone Else: vor 3 Monaten: “Hitler gave public speeches about ETs…”??!! References Linda, references! Please reference your material/sources/claims!”
“Ralph K: vor 3 Monaten: @supacortez seems to me “revealing sources is juuuuuust to dangearous.” is the FIRST issue we need to solve and expose.”
“marcus raidien: vor 3 Monaten: Go to the speeches he made in referencing the Aldebarians or the Vrill!”
“Swedish Marcus Viking: vor 3 Monaten: Five minutes and every redpilled person should see she is payed nwo zionist mumbojumbo shill.”
“Honkler Bear: vor 1 Monat: Thulians. Vril society.”
“Louise Zanghellini: vor 3 Monaten: ah..DECEMBER 1999 l remember it well, l wont forget linda mentioned it so many times.”
“Chris chris: vor 3 Monaten: She’s one of the bullshitters she makes a living selling books and doing talks it discredits the ones telling the truth about what’s happening people like her.”
“Spaceovary OUTER SPACE CAT LADY: vor 3 Monaten:
I say “Dont play with negative extra terrestials”.”

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