The Vernichtung – Soviet Holocaust Of Germans

Conspiracy Revelation: 31.7.2019: The Old Evil Conspiracy Trio: UK+USA+UDSSR (longterm conspiracy-revelatory-politically spoken, not meant in any racial way, normal people are normal around the globe, no matter which ethnicity). God must be a German or why else they need to conspire with such a monstrous cruelty and longterm zionazi-bolshevistic-hooton-plan against good old Germany.
“The Vernichtung – Soviet Holocaust Of Germans”
“The Holocaust of Germans is unique in modern European history in that it neither started, nor ended during a war. The Vernichtung was a 30-yr process of ethnic-cleansing and expulsion of German communities, starting immediately after the Russian Revolution when Bolsheviks targeted “Kulaks”, many who were German farmers. Other German communities erased from the history books include Volga Germans (many peaceful Mennonites), Baltic Germans (Prussian), Bessarabia Germans, Crimea Germans, Dobrujan Germans, Danube Swabians, Transylvanian Saxons, Carpathian Germans, Sudeten Germans, etc.”

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