David Icke (Next 2019) – We Are Being Invaded

David Icke (Next 2019) – We Are Being Invaded
“Reet Pateet: vor 1 Woche:: I’m 65 and finally realising there is a master plan for us all. No point in trying to fight it as you will disappear without trace.
The whole world is corrupt and the basis revolves around money (the root of all evil ) – it is more evident now than ever. To the members at the very echelon of the elite world wealth society, we are like little ants rushing around to make their lives even more obscene and obnoxious than it already is.
I worry for my grand children’s future……that is indeed if they have one!
David speaks a lot of truth!”
Herbert Moon: vor 5 Tagen: So why hasn’t David disappeared? Considering he’s worked it all out?
Dale Val: vor 4 Tagen: I’m 60 and I’m fighting buddy so you go hide that fine. God is watching.
Herbert Moon: vor 4 Tagen: @Dale Val Yeah. God’s watching. Not doing much else is he.
Sujittra L.: vor 2 Tagen: You are absolutely right. They the CABAL do have a long term plan. If we do not wake up they will control the whole human population.
Thank you David Ike, what you do is to undo what the Cabal is doing. I do know that it is dangerous to you yourself. Your courage is to get our respect and to listen to you.
LtheYAK: vor 1 Woche: my right ear feels cheated.
Spongecake Squareshoes: vor 4 Tagen: Angela Merkel has recently said that ALL NATIONS STATES NEED TO GIVE UP SOVEREIGNTY to the EU …… or in other words the N.W.O.
GraffitiPhysical: vor 1 Woche: Just look at what the G5 digital network is doing to other animals. Birds are dying where it has been used. Digital towers have clusters of cancer. Warnings are being given by doctors.
Barry Campion: vor 1 Woche: Destroy the family unit and take away cash..
Pegasusy: vor 1 Woche: I really hope humanity will wake up in time, and end this, before it ends us.
Carey Wolfe: vor 1 Woche: We don’t need microchips to be controlled. We are being controlled by the media in all forms and monetising YouTube is one of the ways it’s happened. People like David Icke have realised they can say anything they want, use clickbait titles and make money…
Hyper Hektor: vor 1 Woche: true, but there is still free will. They want reduce the chances,possibilities and cases where someone becomes a free thinker. To improve efficiency of the mindcontrol even further…
Chris James: vor 6 Tagen: All of the evidence of elite control of society and planned direction of the world is already documented. I wrote about it in my book, and there are countless other books about it, not to mention thousands of hours of video and audio.
Eu sunt Dac: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): 2PAc, Jackson, Marley were singing about them…all dead..Kennedy knew about them, oposed them…dead…David Icke still alive.
Musicarl Turntablist: vor 3 Stunden: Credibility. He’s been painted as a nutter for so long that not many in the mainstream believe what he’s saying. Kennedy was a president. When he spoke many listend. They couldn’t discredit him so they killed him instead. Same with pac and marley. Their credibility could not be killed so they had to be killed instead.
Captain Fishgill: vor 1 Woche: For those who listen to Mr Icke this is old news, The people reading this or watching this now who seem to think it is new news are the one’s calling him a nutter 25 years ago,.
The Vail Tribe Family: vor 1 Tag: its ironic as he is talking and all the people walking by …. not listening…
Insidious Insight: vor 1 Tag: Ickeys Insight this guys on point & HAS BEEN FOR YEARS…..
Geoff Halsey: vor 1 Monat: My wife and I were getting headaches all the time. Someone suggested we turn off the the wifi and it worked. We now use the internet only through ethernet cables and have gone back to landline phones.

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