Gang stalkers are mad they can’t figure you out #gangstalking

“Gang stalkers are mad they can’t figure you out #gangstalking”
“3.375 Aufrufe – 24.11.2021”

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.1.2022: Yes, they are super-cowards, but you don´t understand their methods…even when you are a UFC-Guy, they can kill you via remote strangulation or heart torture, like they tried with me or they use their Daemon-Nanochips from Nova that you inhale from chemtrails…or they use sleep deprivation torture that you lose concentration and eventually you land in a car accident or DEW Torture to burn your skin via Satellites, they tried all this, in my case.. you are pretty young, watch your back and follow my archive to understand how they attack through genetic advanced biowarfare, these E-MIC-Losers and Pharma-Monsters attack you through DNA-Trojans and BCI-Interfaces…the epitome of weakness. But the Psychopaths at Darpa and Nasa, NWO/U.N. Lucis Trust/Zionazi-Bolshevic degenerate Billionaires/Vatican Intel/Medical Cointelpro2/NIH-Biowarfare tactics/CIA/NSA/DOD, think they are strong, while they are the weakest loser gangs with their hideous DNA-Warfare and biogenetic subversion methods and these original Scalar Weapons from Russia (based on Tesla or better said on old Vedic Tech) and DEW-Radiation torture. The biggest losers in absolute disgrace are these subversive corporate military-pharma genocide gangs and deceptive politicians. Aggressive A.I. via Quantum Computers over long-term and multi-dimensional Warfare is also on the boat, what I call the left hook chest chainer. And unfortunately God does not protect you always…he watches your near-death experiences and most cruel torture without intervention, Goddess in your spine is always there, at least, but he doesn´t necessarily protect you…this is fallacy thinking. I really speak from experience and I had multiple direct connections with Krishna, Christ and Shiva in the aftermath, but most importantly here on Earth also Kundalini Devi Sophia Shakti aka Mother Earth. Some of the synthetic Main-Archons also might try to rip your soul out, either it is them or it is orion cube tech from deep black projects…prepare yourself for this. The 3rd Gate is a Death before Death. A ripping off of the KA-Body.

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