Have courage. Do not obey the tyrants.

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Have courage. Do not obey the tyrants.
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“..but here’s the thing, if you have courage you will have a better life, because I think that these people who are
cowards, they know that they are cowards, we find ourselves in unprecedented times..”

“I believe it will be horrible for those people who just turned their back at what’s happening now…”

“I didn’t fully understand their sacrifice, until now, until we got locked down..”

“that most people out there, they are just doing as they’re told, they’re doing whatever the government tells them,
they are following the rules the dogma, the narrative and they don’t have the courage to refuse, to comply..that´s kind of sad..the people always have to fight for that freedom….we will have to fight for our freedom, to maintain that freedom.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.11.2021: Guess what, I am the only courageous non-conformist person in my family. 1% or 2% maximum.

“I’m talking to those corrupt politicians out there who think that they are our masters, have you forgotten, you corrupt politicians, you people have you forgotten you are servants?”

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