New details emerge about a fight between the Pentagon officer and suspect

“New details emerge about a fight between the Pentagon officer and suspect”
“46.335 Aufrufe – 04.08.2021
“Geraldine: vor 2 Stunden: So now people are going to TEST the Police when it comes to the Pentagon. This is the RESULT of what happened already.”
“Keith Reinbolt:vor 2 Stunden: The Pentagon is a military facility, why is it not being secured by military personnel?
Savage Gentleman: vor 2 Stunden: Money are in the dod contracting companies.
Hondo Wayne: vor 2 Stunden: It has been guarded by civilians for years.
Joseph Bridges: vor 2 Stunden: I am pretty sure that it is guarded by the military as you get into the interior.
Wilson’s Channel and more: vor 2 Stunden: The most heavily guarded building on the planet, yet this happens. Don’t give the suspect any airtime! You would think we would’ve learned that lesson by now, but we haven’t.”
Janette Case; vor 2 Stunden: they always kill what could help them.
Nathan Rogers:vor 2 Stunden: This is all propaganda!
Blo Xiden is Scum: vor 3 Stunden: KNIFE? Aloha Snackbar..?
EL BOHIKE: vor 3 Stunden: Why are all these government officers being killed or attacked?
KIRK: vor 3 Stunden: KARMA.
Tammy Anthony: vor 3 Stunden: Believe nothing the government has to say.
Donna Viestenz: vor 2 Stunden:So many weird people out there. Dangerous!!!
Lee Young: vor 3 Stunden: Cop started a fight and got one !
Mike Oxlong: vor 2 Stunden: pentagon police officers have affairs too, her husband just found out.
KIRK: vor 3 Stunden: KARMA PIGGIES.

“Pentagon On Lockdown For ‘Shooting Event’ At Transit Center, Multiple Victims Reported
1.359 Aufrufe – 03.08.2021”

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