The Russians are coming! Run for your lives! John McAfee on NTV-Russia:

“The Russians are coming! Run for your lives! John McAfee on NTV-Russia:”
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John Mcafee
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In these segments recorded for an NTV broadcast, John McAfee talks about wikileaks, the allegations that Russia hacked the DNC, and the allegations that Team Trump colluded with Russia. You don’t want to miss this!
Original broadcast (in Russian) here:…
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TheOriginalFayari: vor 4 Jahren: Pretty sure the CIA is framing Russia.”

“The Russian hackers I think can be divided into two two groups, we have the
Russian state hackers and then we have Russian people who just happen to be
Russian citizens that happen to be good hackers as to why they’re so good, I’m
not sure, but the Russian hackers are among the best in the world, there’s no
question the type of hackers that we know are Russian are the the Russian
non-state hacking organizations.”

“This is the other thing people do not understand, we have no protection against
hacking, our antivirus software is completely useless against modern
day hacking talents, that hundreds of millions of people look at is a powerful
tool, it’s just like media, you know, CNN, Fox News, it’s powerful because when
people get onto Fox News of CNN and they can say what they have to say two
cans or hundreds of millions of people and the same thing on Facebook, but
it’s not the only tool and again we have to use our own judgment. I mean,
we, here in America we are discussing now, whether a comrades of Donald Trump had
visited Putin. Well, who cares, Putin is a world leader, Donald Trump
is a world leader, obviously, if we’re going to have a harmonious world on all
the leaders should be talking to each other all the time I mean it’s insane to
say that oh there’s a conspiracy, because someone’s been talking to Putin. I mean
you know Putin is becoming very powerful we all know that you know
possibly I’ve written numerous articles possibly the most powerful man in the
world, well, if he is, should we not all be talking to him, seriously.”

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