Man-Made Viruses and GMO Humans with guest, Clint Richardson

“Man-Made Viruses and GMO Humans with guest, Clint Richardson
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“Hello out there i’ve got something different to share with you today I brought someone to talk about their rather in-depth research and some of you may recall i’ve mentioned my guess work on shows and in some of my videos I brought him
here to talk to you about his new documentary in the first installment that was recently released “wagging the dog part one the story behind the story of covet 19.”..and I’ve got notes and questions so let’s bring him in and get started.”
“I don’t watch a lot of um of stuff i just i just you know i’m always busy doing my own research and my own thing and i make an exception whenever you pass on a video because you’re doing some really good works you’re getting in depth into things that i don’t have time to get in depth and there’s not a lot of people out there doing really good work, so keep it
up – thank you – thank you – in fact I would say there’s a lot of crap out there.”
“Yes, well, one one quick note on that is you can buy viruses, you can buy infected mice you can you know they’re all over the place…”
when we look at things that are viral meaning things that
their purpose their their goal is to infect
other things whether that’s a protein a cell or you know whatever it is rna dna all of these things
can be and by nature are are infectious now there’s two types of infection right because you’re you’re born with a
pre or a postnatal um your postnatal virome is all the different viruses in nature which actually go
in and program your epigenomic structure, your
your genome by flipping on and off switches making you susceptible to certain things it’s why you have
allergies, it’s why you have cancer, it’s why you have all these different things because certain viruses
turn on and off the epigenome the epigenomic switches I should say sort of like the switches in your garage
door opener to make it so your garage door opener
can only communicate with your garage door receiver.
Well, in a way that’s very similar to what exosomes
do exosomes are something that’s created you know there’s there’s endosomes, inside of a cell and from the endosome
the exosomes uh meaning outside exosome um break away from the cell and they this happens all throughout your body they’re everywhere in your body okay so what they’re doing is they’re delivering to other parts of the body they’re they’re sort of communicating that’s that’s how the body works
is sort of this uh communication network of cells and rna and dna all these different things. Well, that’s what these exosomes are actually carrying from cell to cell if
your body is completely healthy without any
viral you know or or any other kind of disease, pathogens or anything that’s contagious and is actually virally infecting or delivering its cargo into the cell well then
your normal day-to-day basis from blood to cells to everything in your body basically is happening through endosomes and then the exosomes are excreted and from the cell and and go to other cells and communicate and that’s what these receptors and binding and all that stuff happens,
so when uh when something that is viral which we can therefore call a virus, loosely, the virus itself and this is a well-known thing I cannot figure out why people don’t do their own research and to you know if you look i i’ve pulled up 20 studies in front of me just to make sure i have have the correct understanding because i figured this out long time ago when i was doing prion research and in fact
prions are what causes uh you know it’s it’s the dementia diseases and mad cow disease and all that and prions are actually what uh prevents or stops or allows that communication process to happen so of course prions and exosomes are very much interrelated, okay, so basically let me just read this so we…extracellular vesicles which is
the definition of an exosome, an extracellular vesicle meaning a package basically that’s to be delivered, so it leaves the cell and and this is particularly the role of
exosomes or extracellular vesicles in COVID-19 virus infection. Extracellular vesicles that is exosomes
contribute to intercellular communication so if i’m a cell
and i’m way over here in the left side of the body
and i want to talk to you over here on the right side of the body I send an exosome to communicate with you, they fuse together or the bind together excuse me and they deliver their cargo whether that is a protein know,, anything and in a sense that’s you could compare that to getting
a update packet from Microsoft right your computer’s
uh got some kind of problem with it that they
they found Microsoft sends a friendly exo extracellular you know package that fixes your computer and then there’s the
other kind of thing that gets sent to your computer
which is viral right well they’re both technically in a way
i guess you could say they’re they’re very comparable, they can be confused right a viral exosome and a normal exosome can be confused as the same thing because hey guess what
let’s move on virus infected cells release extracellular vesicles in other words exosomes which contain viral components that promote infection, so in other words the
virus goes into a healthy cell and it changes or delivers
foreign or viral dna/rna protein or whatever it,, whatever the purpose of that virus is and a via and to be viral is its purpose right it wants to like a parasite it wants to it’s
programmed if you will to spread that information. when we say that a disease happens in the body what do we say we say it’s communicated well that’s all that’s happening is
you’re getting bad information if you will or bad biological
programming from something other than what you should be having and that uses the exosomes to send if you will like like a bad virus on your computer out into the rest of the body which is what COVID is, that’s how COVID is working in this particular way , so in other words the the virus uses the exosome or in this case it infects the cell, delivers
its information into the endosome and then the endosome
which is inside excretes the viral particles inside that carrier. You could say that the endosome is sort of like the post office and the exosomes are all the letters that are going out to all these different addresses inside the body to connect and deliver the virus, this is how viruses work this is why viruses are so scary in a lot of cases and why
specifically for covid what is happening is that they added onto the viral material, they added hiv spikes, so that it would be so that a bat virus could be studied in a lab,, so uh so that the bat virus could then infect human human um human cells and do this exact process we’re talking about here’s what it says these extracellular vesicles or exosomes
may contribute to the spread of covid-19 viruses, they transfer such receptors as cd9 and ace2, the ace2 receptor is what hiv uses that’s why they added it or they put a gain of function onto the sars1 virus, adding mers, hiv and other orthologs, so that they could communicate through this process through this cellular process so the in other words how does covet spread throughout the body, i should say how the sars2, because that’s the correct name, how does it spread throughout the body, it transfers its its rna or dna into the cell and the cell then spits it out through these exosomes and those exosomes then go and attach other places in the body that have the cd9 or the ac2e2 receptor and those have big long names of course and deliver their payload upon entry it says covid-19 virus may be directed into the exosomal pathway and its component is packaged into the exosomes for secretion.”
“Covid-19 is just a description of the symptoms.. I mean it’s it’s kind of like aids and hiv,aids is a description of symptoms whereas hiv is an actual viral particle
and again like a microsoft update or like a viral a virus as we call them a program, information that comes in and
and sort of messes up some part of your computer or changes something so it can’t communicate or it it becomes diseased, it stops working or ..becomes cancer starts infecting the rest of your computer, same same essential metaphoric process, extra cellular vesicles may serve as a treatment for covid.19 virus and that’s the important part because what we’re finding or what they are finding is that these
these exosomes are used in treatments for instance they have
cell they have they have stem cell exostomes that they’re using for for treatment because what an exosome does in a normal process is it fights inflammation, what does COVID do, it causes inflammation, it causes the cytokine storm and all that stuff inside the lungs because, hey guess what you have the ace2 receptor which it’s designed as a biological
weapon to attach to through the exosomal process etc.. because you’ve got to understand that exosomes serve a great purpose in the body they’re they’re always constantly repairing things and stem cell exosomes will actually repair basically any cell in the body which is why they’re being
looked at as this sort of miracle.. thing and also why
um they’re looking at exosomes as as a vaccine alright and that’s what’s scary about this this current vaccine that’s
coming up is it’s the first time that they’re not putting the virus necessarily into the vaccine or the the the actual SARS-2 particle that’s infectious or viral, they’re actually
.. they’re reprogramming exosomes and inserting artificial or synthetic dna or rna, in order to reprogram synthetically your dna, because rna of course infects dna and reprograms it so that your now i i don’t know if it’s immunity would be the correct word but you know the idea is to use those exosomes to actually uh stop the spread because that’s what an exosome
usually does so if the exosome that’s injected into you can be made to be resistant or reprogram your your endosomes to be non-infectious or resist the coronavirus you know
receptor process and transfer of information the theory then is that you’ll be uh sort of this new transhumanist model
of being immune to the virus, okay.”
“okay i’ve heard them say that their m-rna vaccines are to turn the human body into the bioreactor..”
“right and they’re you know if you go to the transhumanist forums and they’re really talking about this a lot because
they’re all so so excited they’re foaming at the mouth
because you know they’re finally getting their transhumanist technology their synthetic biology and all that stuff
into the mainstream, nobody in their right mind should be
getting something synthetically, you know that is basically like opening, up your computer taking down your firewall and saying hey infect my computer it’s the same it’s the same
metaphoric sort of process and really that’s how they
think about it.”
“yet again exosomes are kind of the good guys in the
in the body until they’re infected by something viral
that transfers that information that bad information
into the biological you know knowledge into the exosome and then the exosome carries it to some place delivers it then that cell does the same thing and suddenly you have a viral infection meaning that the infectious matter is virally reproducing itself through the exosomal process so most of
the exosomes involved in infectious biology can either spread
or limit an infection based on the type of pathogen and its target cells, well, the coronavirus, as we call it, the SARS2 SARS1, SARS2 has been specifically manufactured in a lab, so that it can be studied as they say as a biological weapon to
uh specifically infect through target cells that target
the ace2 and cd4 cd9 receptors specifically cd9 alright, so an exosome may be an appropriate candidate for a vaccine therapy is the conclusion, because of course they can reprogram the exosomes …back into the body which brings up the whole transhumanist can of worms, right… it’s kind of like crispr … you change one slice of dna that’s gonna
affect things a million slices down the road and cause cancer or cause this cause that so…anybody who would get this type of vaccine really has to be eally nuts or just completely
uninformed and it’s mind control well yeah and and see
that’s the problem is now people are suffering from
this type of ridiculousness… this is this is basically a religious belief that people are getting which which they’re looking through a lens of that religion and they’re saying well i don’t believe and therefore i’m not going to even look
at the evidence because i don’t believe…”
“so forgive me for calling the guy an idiot, but if you don’t know that poison is a virus is the very definition of virus
…again toxic what does that mean it means infectious, it means something that’s harming you it’s getting inside your body and and doing something to these cells.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2020: This is really basic human knowledge, anyone who don´t understand this is really a full blown moron. This guy is a disinfo psychiatry nazi, incredible how many brainwashed people believes this fake exosome virus theory. NASA is another deceptive Truman-Show NWO-NAZI-base, that needs to be stopped with their idiotification-agenda.
“So he is a Virus, his information is a virus that is infecting people and not allowing them to just
hear the truth, now whether he’s a useful idiot, a term used by Lenin to describe people who supported communism in other countries or you know whether he’s working
for whoever wants people to think this way.. but I´m very very very wary and very ..I am in a warning kind of mode…all these youtube videos and blogs
I’m like not people you’re you’re completely brainwashed
by your own alternative you know movement it’s worse than the mainstream..”
“Used as terrible tools…Pandemic. like I call the plandemic because it really seems like everything was lined up and ready for this thing and now
they’re bringing in this technocratic nightmare world that’s all riding on the back of this COVID SAR2”
“you’re gonna become transhuman i mean they’re going to they’re going to infect you with all this viral stuff
using this process..”
“So gain a function which is the keyword.. that means mutation.”
“Whatever they do to it in this case they made sars more contagious by putting hiv spikes which would then interact with ace2 uh and cd9 receptors in the human body.”
“where hiv actually attacks and you and if you
in my documentary i’m going to show you all these medications
that they’re putting out are hiv medications because what hiv medications or aids medications if you want to call
it that what what it what an hiv med does is it binds
the receptors so that the virus cannot then attach and deliver its payload, right.”
“simple of a concept.. it prevents the the the spike that they gain of functions that they put upon the coronavirus
as a biological weapon basically to make it infectious to humans, so that they could study it in the lab..”
“It was transferred to china and funded by the american race by the national institutes of health through anthony fauci and his cabal of evil men..”
“and they openly admit that all these viruses that are infecting us and causing pandemics are escaping from labs
and are man-made they you know h1n1 h5n1 h7h you know n3
or whatever whatever they admit that sars and mers
and and everything else back in 2012 are are released from ..lab…that’s why the thing is so long because i took
hundreds of hours of footage and knocked it down to 10 hours.”
“they know that when people are afraid their brains don’t work and they can’t think of anything else and like right
now we see in my city so many people running around
with the masks on their faces and i still see people with gloves on their hands and plastic bags to go through the bank
line and things like that.”

“I know a lot of people who have had this thing and they say they’ve never been sicker in their lives right they’ve never had breathing problems like that before now what that
actually means as far as did they have covid-19 did they have a naturally morphing or mutating because viruses mutate in nature that is nature’s way of again communicating to the population right, all these all these viruses that are killing people are man-made .”

“what they did was they took something that in nature is specifically designed to if you will infect bats okay
and they said well we wanted to infect humans even though in nature .. i mean i won’t say it’s it’s not a possibility that it could happen in nature, but the way things are designed.
There’s a reason that rabbits can’t have babies with lions and humans can’t have babies with horses right every
animal and humans and bugs they all have specifically designed receptors and so if i were to take back coronavirus and try to infect you with it it wouldn’t work because
i’m trying to put a a square spike into a triangular receptor it’s not going to work right, so what they do to to gain a function is they add some they add the triangle they they add so now all of a sudden that bat coronavirus has the ability to infect humans and it’s going to deliver something that’s
not meant for humans and then it’s a very well-known fact
that they can dig out the flu virus they can dig out these
these different types of viruses, ebola, ebola is a coronavirus by the waythere’s a lot of different coronaviruses out there the common cold is the coronavirus
ebola all these different diseases are considered corroded because corona is simply the shape of the virus it looks like a crown if you go and you get a corona beer it’s called corona and it has a crown, a little crown with little things and a ball, a circular ball on the end that’s the
crown okay that’s why it’s called corona.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2020: Like the Crown Corporation and the NWO Vatican Crime Cartel.
“they you gotta understand the whole debate in the first place was okay great you’ve just created highly pathogenic h5n1 which kills 60 of the humans it it infects
however you then cannot infect another human it has to go
the bird to some animal like a seven or a ferret
whatever something similar to a human that has
similar receptors and then into the human body but a human can’t pass it to a human, so what do they do they admit it openly we took all these viruses especially h5n1 and which already killed 60 and we made it contagious to humans it can’t happen in nature and yet we’re going to do it anyway to
study it just in case it happens but we know it’s not going to happen the only way it can happen is if we do it.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2020: That is the Root of Evil. The suggestion would be drop a Bomb on Fort Detrick and DARPA and Alphabet Inc. Maybe that could give humanity a little bit rest.
“Okay the patent protects the Corporation,, so that i can’t i can’t do anything to try to cure the disease unless i get permission from …because it’s their property so yeah you’re getting to the point where you won’t even be able to touch
your own body without permission from the corporation that owns it i guess get you know the worst part of this the worst part of this is that the main patent holders are government
and universities
that’s something i’m going to cover in the documentary coming up is that is the patent wars that go on in your universities they’re not there for
education they’re there to create to create new things whether that’s biological things synthetic things uh anything that’s patentable that’s what that’s what they’re there
for okay that’s their number one business sports number two business education is probably their number four or five
you know business right all the endowments and all the stuff because you would not believe where did eugenics start from
well of course american university system that’s that’s because all these scientism people scientistic people who aren’t practicing science but are practicing everything but science or you know the scientific method they’re the ones that infiltrated all these institutions that’s why it’s so
important to understandy you know that’s where all this big bang stuff comes from you know all the all the anti-god and
anti-nature and anti-this and transhumanism stuff comes from
inside those university inside the government
and this was warned about long ago by c.s lewis’s.. back in the 1920s
by professors and scientists who were saying look these people, the scientism this religion of science is infiltrating and taking over all these institutions in government and that’s why we’re in this place where is now there’s one other thing that i don’t think people have considered okay if the nih funded all of these
diseases that are affecting people have you considered that
government is therefore liable no one should be paying for any medical care no one should be paying for anything.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2020: Great that you contacted me via Mail, this is really extreme important Anti-Rockefeller, Anti-NWO-Crime Cartel, Anti-Cult-University, Anti-Medical-Mafia, Anti-Corporate-Criminal. Anti-Military-Genocide-Crime Cartel info…that must brought to everyone.
“it i mean talk about a con a conspiracy beyond measure i mean it’s just amazing it really is amazing that’s
next month you’re thinking right well i’m i’m putting out
lethal injection to now which which i i’ve been working on a
long time but i stopped it because of the covid things i felt
well that’s really important that we should you know what i heard the the terms gain of function and dual use and all that dual use research of concern basically um the one lady put it best she said that you know it’s it’s similar to the discovery of nuclear fission where yeah the you can
power a whole city or you can destroy a whole
the whole world uh so it’s a it’s a dual use right
and if you think about it what isn’t do you what is it that darpa and the military are not interested in as a dual use
thing oh yeah we’re going to support and fund all
these these so-called legitimate research projects but we’re really taking all of these biological weapons and
that’s the important part biological weapons research.”
“you’ve got basically an organized criminal syndicate led by anthony fauci who openly tells you in this documentary that he’s in charge of funding through the nih
uh all this research into biology creating biological weapons, but they’re calling it legitimate research they’re calling it something else and therefore it’s somehow not
biological weapons research even though if i was doing biological weapons research i’d be doing the same exact thing.”
“It must be stopped at all costs…Gates and his Mosquitos..”
“Yeah right that’s dual use that’s the military aspect that’s the darpa aspect defense advanced research project right,
the whole thing is insaneand then of course what do they do? They put how did how they do it they they put it out on the internet for anybody to see and copy.”
“It’s nuts i and again i’m i’m telling you right now
if you didn’t get the message from the documentary because i wasn’t clear we’re in a war we’re in a war against
this scientistic group of people who in my opinion are psychopathic or at least sociopathic do not care about the results of their of their research they do not care what happens to you or me or for that matter i don’t i don’t know
if they care that the whole human population is at risk i really am starting to think that they’re not suicidal they’re genocidal of the whole human race i i don’t because they’re they’re more interested in in the after-existence you know transferring consciousness to computers and all that you know the matrix think about the matrix all those artificial bugs
and artificial you know synthetic life basically is what they
want to see happen and i don’t think they care what happens to the rest of the of what we call existence of nature of reality of life itself i i don’t think they care um some of them do and those were the ones that were really like hey we’re we’re really this is really dangerous we’re we’re talking about things we can’t control…but I gotta tell you this is a war it is a war against nature it is a war against god it is a war against existence it is a war against the
natural order and it is in my opinion the duty of people like you and myself and anybody who’s listening to this who has any kind of understanding of what’s going on these people must be stopped at all costs there is no law that should possibly get in the way of the law of nature when it comes to literally destroying nature i mean you’re destroying any ability for the laws of nature to to regulate and control things and that ultimately means of course that we’re gonna need this transhumanism stuff to live because they’re gonna they’re gonna taint everything there’s not gonna be anything
left on and i’m not exaggerating here you know i’m not exaggerating in any way there’s not going to be anything left that is real including you and the more that we accept what is the mark basically and more the more technology or art
right technology is not science that was the last part of the documentary i wanted to make sure that people understood technology is not science technology is defined as art art is that which is opposed to science because science is the study of nature you cannot study art and call it science it’s not the same thing what they’re doing is they’re replacing the real with art with technology with synthetic biology with synthetic life whatever that means and i can’science is the study of nature you cannot study art and call it science
it’s not the same thing what they’re doing is they’re replacing the real with art with technology with synthetic biology with synthetic life whatever that means and i can´t
tell you and i can’t stress enough that that is a that is an assault on your well-being your children’s well-being that is an assault on life itself that is not something that the legal law should have any uh leeway upon good men if good men do nothing male and female, if we do nothing about this if we allow this to keep going because hey anthony fauci in the
nih says it’s okay and it’s legitimate research even though his biological weapons and the geneva convention should be enforced the biological weapons act uh created by francis boyle he’s calling for it to be enacted that these you know even i i don’t know how to say this except that this
this is no longer a peaceful act this is war
this is a war against you a war against your fabric of being i i just can’t i i can’t stand that nobody is doing anything i’m trying my best to get the information out of course and
that’s my lot in life because you have to have the science you have to have the facts the truths you have to understand
what it is you’re fighting before you can fight it you have to have the justification you have to have the moral uh compass to drive you to fight this i can’t stress enough
this has gone beyond anything rational reasonable
uh you know this is the genocide of the entire
uh uh uh biome of earth.”
“They put it under the heading of saving the earth.”
“that is i mean that is saying i am god oh yeah oh yeah yeah using technology you know the computers the computational design you know which they wanted to create the
god in the machine you know that’s dude i and and maybe i’m
not you know maybe i haven’t made myself clear, you’re either going to fight this with everything you have without regard to these legal measures that protect this kind of behavior or
you’re going to die yeah i mean or you’re going to live in
hell george church wants to turn you into a mirror of yourself and so that no no viruses or the cold can get to you
but then you’re not you’re not you’re not part of nature anymore because because remember what we talked about
those viruses those harmless measles and chicken
those are that is nature communicators god communicating with you i can’t stress that enough.”

“you ever see you know you’ve seen these different uh different science.fiction dystopia utopia type of films that have domed cities, well, why do you think they’re creating the domes? To keep out what they created in the first place to make it livable right and I gotta say man if there’s any if for some reason someone out there is a billionaire
i’m looking for someone that will fully fund a community of people and actually build uh those types of domes that’s how
concerned i am about this this is this is this is within the next 10 years that something bad is gonna happen i’m telling you um to actually be able to grow clean food you’re going to have to have freaking barrier between your plants and the biological constructs that are being created to kill those plants so that you have to buy Mmonsanto or Bayer seeds that’s that’s i mean i i you if you think i’m kidding if you think this is all about not just about recreation but about panting and owning that which you recreate alright i seriously have been talking about this for a long time and now i’m i’m in the urgent mode that i want to start essentially a monastery and have these uh domed places where you can grow food that won’t be infected by what these people are doing because i can tell you right now no matter how much i plea for people to act everybody’s going to sit on their
asses and say i don’t believe in viruses until there’s there’s nothing you know there’s nothing left to believe
in it’s all going to be destroyed and no one is acting i i just i’m i’m at a loss for what has happened to my fellow
humans that this is being this is happening it’s being allowed to happen by the and everybody’s talking about it
nobody’s doing anything about it i don’t understand
..if we do not act that’s all i can say your children
will have no future they will have no life to have a future because they’re either going to be forced to accept transhumanist things artificial you know technology in order to live in the environment they’re they’re recreating or they’re gonna die yeah and i you know maybe i sound nuts
right now but this is this is all coming true yeah yeah
it’s a nightmare why do you think i..”
“where essentially the purveyors of controlled chaos are coming from is you know who’s going to create the matrix who’s going to who’sdoing all it’s a a religious cult that calls themselves scientists or they have scientific thinking right but they’re not using science in any way it’s completely the opposite of science i just can’t stress that enough how important it is to understand scientism
and the true nature of the bible in christianity is that god is nature nature is you know existence, god is defined as existence there was never a there was never a debate or a belief and non-belief in quote-unquote jehovah or self-existence the universe everything that is is not man-made
is nature is god we’re supposed to be worshiping and cherishing that but instead these people
i believe have turned us into idolaters where we worship the idol or the image of god and meanwhile nature they’re they’re
destroying it uh or or at least that part of it which keeps us alive we’re supposed to be protecting nature that is our religion right anyone who’s who’s sane and psychopathic and not assigned into scientism which is opposed to nature opposed to god in other words opposed to the law and laws of nature right that is what scientism is and i can’t stress enough that you know this notion of god is nature nature is god the nature of the universe the nature of existence
that is what is behind life itself that is including you we’re all part of it right that’s what the definition of jehovah is in in the in the all the concordances all the
the ancient texts are all the same and we’ve been basically pulled away from that as as the bible is not christianity the
bible is about a natural religion of nature our natural religion not paganism paganism is polytheism we’re talking
about everything is part of nature or god that’s so important to understand and you can verify that i mean i’ll tell
you what you can do go to to webster’s 1828 dictionary
look up the word jehovah as it’s spelled right then look up the word existence and you’re going to find that there’s the same the same definition God is existence right it’s amazing to understand that and i’ve spent
years and years trying to explain that to people i wrote books about it i’ve i’ve been you know get stop idolizing
things stop worshiping images or concepts which are which which you know are man-made and come back down to reality because if you don’t start protecting that’s which
sustains you and gives you life you’re you’re not going to have it you’re not going to be you’re going to
have to worship the artificial right what is god god is everything not man-made, start treating it with the respect and the worship it deserves it’s all i can say that needs to become or re-become our religion our true natural religion that i i don’t know how to say it any other way but that’s where we’re at right now we’ve got billions of people who believe in freaking you know catholicism and all these different things that have been set up to take you away from god not to lead you to it and that’s why we’re all suffering
because we’re not part of nature we’re doing everything we can to separate ourselves through technology through art
from god from nature right this isn’t even a religious thing when you really you know the bible is a book of law it tells you how to live without artifice without art without technology without all these things it says deny all that stuff that is how you worship god by worshiping nature
worshiping reality worshiping its law right that is what this battle is it is a battle between those who have
lost the ability to exist in their own nature and and to
worship it as the life force that keeps them in
existence and those who seek to destroy it which you could say is satan right if you want to because all evil
comes from men all lies come from men right so that’s the battle we’re in you don’t have to become a religious freak
you don’t even have you don’t have to join a church you just have to understand that unless we start worshiping nature and it’s law then and and and we as part of it then we’re
all dead and that means fighting to the death if necessary to protect it because that’s the only thing that keeps us alive and i tell you this misunderstanding this purposeful
misunderstanding is a result of scientism it is the same people who have taken over these institutions including religions that lead you away from the actual definition
again look it up look up all the concordances all the
anything you can find that’s a bible dictionary like webster’s or easton’s and you’re gonna find the same thing look up the term self-existent god or god is self-existent self-existence meaning exists despite man it’s not a creation
of man and i tell you if you put away all the religious
magic and crap that you get from religions
that’s what the bible is it is a guide for people to live
in reality in nature without artifice without names without titles without government because you’re self-governing
you’re following the law of nature you don’t need any other law you’re charitable you don’t need money you don’t need any of this stuff that drives us and drives all this uh technology now again if you want to call me crazy for
saying that if you want to if you want to suggest
that uh you know whatever it is i sound nuts or whatever i i don’t i don’t care because i think there’s only a few
people that are gonna fight this anyway the rest the rest are just going to lay down and accept the mark except the
technology accept the implants accept everything
that’s happening because you don’t worship god you worship an
idol so you know that’s my that’s my uh lecture for the day.”
“I thank you for that,m that was good.”

“It’s an extinction situation for them the way that he explains it in this book, so at all costs to push this.”

“that is that there is really only one racist group or family in the world well i mean several and those are the
royal families right they they are actually claiming that because of their family their race their bloodline
that they are in power over every other bloodline
right whether it’s your african princes and kings or your
your english ones or your you know wherever
that is true racism all the stuff that we’re talking about
right i don’t like you because your skin is black that’s not
that’s not actual racism, actual racism is the royal lineages
that’s true racism because race means family yeah..
it’s crazy yeah absolutely nuts.”

“to divide and conquer, it’s working and that needs to stop as well because meanwhile they’re going to kill us all oh yeah this group has a common goal they’re working toward and they’re just pulling us all apart.”
“spiritually dead in other words… will not be guided by our
spirits.. will be guided by.. mechanical uh
transhumanist .. artificia synthetic things, it will no longer be a spiritual life, spiritual, again, refers to the real, to nature, not to something outside of the body
but being part of everything…”
“There is no spoilers because it’s us that are it’s nature that’s being spoiled i mean there’s no this isn’t entertainment right so yeah you’re not going to give away the
plot of the story you are the plot of the story it is you
who is being destroyed you and your children so yeah by all
means don’t hold back i mean that’s something that someone who’s trying to sell you something would say i’m not selling you anything i’m telling you hey it’s it’s it’s
act or die right so i’m not going to try to sell you something…”
“you get my drift for sale”
“the whole thing is about a structure of of surveillance basically…”

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