Coronavirus crisis: Passengers dying after contracting virus on cruise ships | 60 Minutes Australia

“Coronavirus crisis: Passengers dying after contracting virus on cruise ships | 60 Minutes Australia”

“In the good old days just a few weeks ago cruise ships full of happy passengers steaming in and out of Australian ports were a common and welcome sight, now in quite unbelievable scenes maritime and police authorities around the country are forcing the vessels back to their home bases overseas, of course it’s because of the corona virus and its ability to spread death and miseries so rapidly, especially in confined spaces, many cruise liners have had confirmed cases of covid- 19 onboard but one stands out as a ship of shame the Ruby Princess…and why there have now been 11 deaths.”
“specialist dr. clay College is not surprised that coronavirus has thrived on cruise ships he deems these tourists megaships as the perfect breeding ground for all
viruses so you’ve got a steel and aluminium structure full of hundreds thousands of people in relatively confined conditions a lot of those passengers are elderly a lot of them have heart disease lung disease diabetes peripheral vascular disease smoking etc you’ve then got the crew the crew quarters can be pretty awful four or five people in a room no windows shared bathrooms so everything’s kind of ripe
for cross infection what’s you’re describing to me is the sort of perfect floating laboratory to breed these
correct it’s an incubator so it’s a bacterial and viral incubator for coronavirus and you couldn’t have scripted it worse and the longer you keep people on these ships the more
cases you’re going to get what is also shocking to dr. Golic is the lack of care cruise ships have shown selfishly
choosing to continue to sail when the world was counting down fast to a pandemic he’s adamant governments were too slow
to act at the beginning and didn’t focus on turning away the most infected monolithic structures of all and that should have been probably mid-february that the cruise industry needs to shut down go back to your ports discharge your passengers repatriate your crew shut it all down.”

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