"The Fraud of "Dr." Bill Deagle

“The Fraud of “Dr.” Bill Deagle
By Brian Karjala
My parents were friends with Bill Deagle when he and his family lived in Colorado Springs in the mid-1990s. My parents met Bill and Michelle Deagle at Ted Haggard’s New Life Church in a small home group setting. Bill Deagle dominated my parents’ small group with talks of his strange visions. My research on the man led me to discover that one of Deagle’s many outrageous claims is that he is one of the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a bigger ego. Deagle is also a quack medical doctor who misdiagnosed my appendix pain symptoms (in August 1995). He told me then that the pain from my stomach was not from my appendix and bragged that he had never misdiagnosed an appendicitis attack. In his pride and arrogance he tried to confuse me with medical terminology where, if I’m not mistaken, I think he was making up words (this charge is also made by other critics of him). I did not seek out an additional medical opinion. Well, my appendix eventually ruptured and almost ended my life.
Deagle used my near-death experience as a manipulative tool against my parents. While I was away at college in Florida one night at Deagle’s house in Colorado the man videotaped my dad’s dinner conversation without my dad’s consent. When my dad realized what happened he convinced my youngest brother Todd to secretly confiscate the tape with the intent to erase the content. (Todd confiscated the tape but my parents later returned it. The tape was never erased.) When Bill and Michelle found out about what my dad had done they were angry. My parents apologized. But Bill let them know that if they had not apologized their first born son (that’s me) would have been taken away… when my appendix ruptured. That’s Bill Deagle’s style. That’s how he operates.
I don’t know what story my dad told that night but there’s no story of my own that I would need to hide from the public. The Deagles were treated far better by my parents than my parents had ever treated me. ..In the situation described above Bill was initially the one in the wrong for a secretive recording… But that wasn’t good enough for Bill. He felt compelled to follow up with a warning of death which he thought was a justifiable response for the temporary theft of his video tape.
[A recent 2018 online article by an organization called Right Wing Watch reported on Bill Deagle’s murderous desire to bring death to his political opponents.]
I only saw Bill Deagle a handful of times before that incident and never got the chance to confront the short stout man about his spiritual threat against me (hey, I had nothing to do with the video tape incident for which he said I had to die over!). [As a repentant believer in Jesus Christ I do not bear the iniquity of my father’s sins, a truth revealed from the Old Testament (see Deuteronomy 24:16; Ezekiel 18:19-20).] My parents didn’t even realize they were being manipulated by Bill. Eventually my parents and the Deagle family were involved in a conflict over a real estate deal. As real estate agents my parents (in early 1996) found the Deagles a house in Denver which they bought. But the Deagles did not want to pay them commission so they filed a complaint in court against my dad that a judge later rejected and dismissed. That was the end of the friendship between the Deagle family and the Karjala family.
Bill Deagle creates conflict and chaos wherever he goes. Ted Haggard’s church asked him to not return there. Years later Deagle was kicked out of the heretical The Prophecy Club (founded by a Stan Johnson) who for a time had promoted him (you know you’re an extreme nut when you’re too nutty for The Prophecy Club which prior to the year 2000 profited financially by creating fear over the Y2K “threat”!).
So now you have “Dr.” Bill Deagle manipulating and even dominating sections of the so-called patriot movement on radio and the internet (but not all have been fooled) while also running a vitamin scam with his wife before and after having his medical license revoked (search the site for William Deagle).
Bill and Michelle Deagle have three sons and one handicapped daughter. Their daughter Kelsea is the youngest of their children. My parents also have three sons and one deceased handicapped daughter. My late sister Kristy was the oldest of my siblings.
Kristy Karjala and Kelsea Deagle (circa 1995)”
Source: https://www.christianissues.com/deagle.html

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