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Conspiracy Revelation: 28.11.2019: The developer of this text is spiritually very underdeveloped therefore I removed some false statements. Sounds like Mister Adams… He is pretty low level in his view on Humanity. Without review and reformation this text will produce no good effect.
Words from the Healing Web – CRA-Mod-Add-On- and Great Awakening Map plus-CRA-Info-Add-On:
“A majority of the 1st World is presently witnessing a catastrophic state of institutional failure in their primary state-sponsored Medical industries. Hospitals are being built at breakneck speeds to combat a global health crisis, but in reality, it’s not actually a crisis at all but in fact a masterfully orchestrated plan carried out by a sick Cabal of elite profiteers. Previously known as “Robber Barons”, their wealth goes all the way back to Pharaoh.
Over centuries, they’ve studied psychology, black magic and alchemy, and used their advanced occult knowledge against the common man. In a way the Healing Web is comparing the worst of Big Pharma to the best of Holistic medicine. That may seem biased at first, but as you come to understand the full history, and that Medicine is partially being employed as a tool for mass extermination, Holistic philosophy is clearly the better choice of first resort.
Diet modification alone could prevent or reverse a majority of diseases, but our institutions have misled us on some of the most fundamental aspects of health & nutrition. They have lied about what is unhealthy, while at the same time, they’ve taken naturally healthy foods and sapped the nutrition out of them through cooking & pasteurization. Other foods have been transformed into poison by adding preservatives, and sugar. Many personal physicians may mean well, but the core of the Medical industry is frightfully corrupt. The interaction between Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and Big Food constitutes a perpetual genocide we’ve come to accept as the norm.
Thankfully, we still have a choice. Every condition would benefit from a multifaceted approach to treatment such as a combination of detox, diet, exercise, immune support through supplementation, and energetic and spiritual healing. A holistic approach can even include a pharmacological treatment, with ancillary natural remedies to minimize side effects.
What is the optimal diet for human health and longevity? Many are struggling to find an answer to this question. The debate has been polluted with much propaganda and misinformation from every side. Clearly the standard American diet that most people grew up with was the wrong answer. Excess sugar and fried food have fueled one of the greatest unacknowledged epidemics man has ever known. Many are switching to a Vegan diet in retaliation to the obvious horrors of factory farming, but is Veganism really the best answer?
The progression of altruistic dieting from Vegan to Fruitarian, to Liquitarian, to Breatharian ends in severe malnutrition unless one miraculously develops supernatural Buddhist abilities. This is not a rational long term diet plan for ordinary people. Food anchors our souls to the 3D world. To achieve 5D consciousness through starvation is a form of self destruction, and defeats the purpose of this incarnation…may be part of the New World Order’s depopulation agenda.
We have been indoctrinated with a conception of beauty that idealizes anorexia and the malnourishment of women. Are we being soyed down, and fed frankenfood to make us docile and more easy to manage, as part of the same strategy that gave us water fluoridation and atmospheric aerosol injections? We are living through a war against our personal health being led by the establishment. To survive, we must go back to what we know is real, natural, and tested by time; organic food, sustainable farming, and raw nutrition.
We’ve developed a culinary culture that involves overcooking everything, destroying beneficial enzymes, bacterial cultures, and proteins. This causes poor digestion and malabsorption of nutrients, which can have a negative domino effect leading to greater systemic illnesses. It’s time lo unlearn everything we’ve been taught by the agencies we thought we could trust. Diet aside, the healing technologies being withheld from the public could extend life close to immortality. The prospect of eternal life may sound alluring, but it raises logistical capacity concerns. …
…All energy and life force is recycled from something that came before it….individual refractions of Source. The universe embodies the Eastern wisdom of Yin and Yang…Our mission, beyond survival, is to learn how to coexist in harmony with each other and all other sentient life in the universe, to create, and make progress without it devolving into endless consumption, our current societal model.”
Source: https://greatawakeningreport.com/the-healing-web/
Conspiracy Revelation: 28.11.2019: Also this Map is pretty incomplete and made by an Indian…Many Indians (and also New Age Sects) believe everything is an Illusion (apart from Kashmir Sects and a few other more objective oriented views), which is nonsense…Remove this phrase (strike it out) and say everything is real, before you use their nonsensical Maya-Theories, that produce inert, apathetic populations who don´t have the motivation to transform Earth into a beautiful experience and who total relativize all things that go wrong on the Planet (and then rob massive living quality and enslave/condemn/microchip all future (innocent) reincarnations) because they rely on Maya-Theories!!! Then take a look into their superficial concept….it barely scratches the surface of the matter….
The Antidote to Maya-Brainwashing is this: If everything were Unreal the U.S. Military (and EMIC/SSPMIC & Alphabet Inc.) (in the role of NWO-UN-Zion-Crown-Vatican Inc. Global Policing Shadow Force) would not try to dominate every aspect of the Planet for longterm strategic subjugation of all free people. Always repeat this to counter apathetic behavior motivated by false spiritual concepts. Remember if everything were only negative on Earth…no Boddhisattva would ever Return, no enlightened master would come back…so forget the gloom and doom escape theory. A whole bunch of Spirits also want to come down to Earth for a good experience. (without being forced into dark slavery mafia systems…therefore the fight for freedom and fair living conditions on Planet Earth is a serious mission and not a Maya Illusion…!!!!) I wouldn´t do 7 Years nonstop Karma Yoga here….if everything would just resemble a fata morgana!!! KEEP IT REAL FOREVER!!!
Goddess Sophia is very very real… and in the end we help her to free the planet from the poisonous parasites that make her sad.

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