Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian (Part 1): Dhor Káal'el – Extraterrestrial Contact

“Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian (Part 1): Dhor Káal’el – Extraterrestrial Contact”
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“Borut Vrščaj: vor 2 Stunden: Our God in Heaven, who itroduce himself as “I Am That I Am” gave the theoretial knowledge to us, The People, that we are now thereticaly capable to make interstellar an inter galactic space flights.
Isn’t it time now to reconsider The Prime Directive ?”
“jnrmack: vor 20 Stunden: pleiadian crafts are created by the angelic they would not have turbines.”
“jnrmack: vor 10 Stunden: @Cosmic Agency the pleiadians and the zeta both get their crafts from the angelic as the crafts are living consciousness built into them then they outfit them.”
“Dale Harder: You get the sense that he’s a very powerful individual and a big fellow okay I would say I was going to say man but obviously he’s not man, he’s to get Pleiadian, but very similar …but you feel a strong powerful being and yet
he has compassion, he has excitement, he has fun and a good sense of humor… where our humors cross and they understand the .. jovial laugh and the whole thing this you get
the sense of a wonderful person that you would really like to sit and talk to and meet and the whole kind of thing and yet
very strong very powerful, very commanding so you know it it’s a very interesting mix.”
“what I got from him as well was his nobility like very pure and innocent not a good-hearted person, very protective
over the ones he loves and just like very well-meaning, there’s just like nothing contaminated within him and I feel that in a way with all of them very very very pure and innocent.”
“DKTaygeta: I have even less chronological control of my age than spyro. I appear to be around 21 to 25, but in reality I am several thousand years old, 10,000.”
“from 5-d perspective: only by some of what I have lived as
calculations via the time jumps, it ends up impossible to calculate my age.”
“DKTaygeta: My height is 198 centimeters barefoot or 2 Meters with the boots. I weigh 95 kilograms.”
“DKTaygeta: yes, here we combine studies and the personal advancement with entertainment. Personally I spend much time absorbing all the information that I can on every possible subject. I
read or work on the holographic computer to learn something, it depends on what draws my attention on a particular day. I
also spend a lot of time thinking of technological designs and how to better the already existing mechanisms with
regards to engineering, but for me what moves me the most is general knowledge of any subject really.”
“In 10,000 years you still feel like you are learning, aren’t you tired of absorbing information?”
“DKTaygeta: I only observe a progressive need to learn more.”
“DKTaygeta: Rather we feel like the women have lifted a weight off of us a responsibility since they are the ones
who for the most part are in charge of everything.
If I or any other man wish to have a commanding role we are accepted as equals. The feeling of absolute freedom and agility given by piloting a fighter ship, to feel that I help and achieve to positively affect many people. Nothing scares me. The key is to not have attachments to belief systems, seeing and understanding everything equally, whether or not
different theories or information contradict ours, knowing how to throw away an idea in favor of a better one, to
learn to not depend on any external validatio,n focus on the value of your own judgment, as it is true. I have learned to respect you and to understand your points of view. I do understand that not all can comprehend the more complex aspects of the consciousness ascension. I don’t understand your attitude of litigation and fighting between equals, these kinds of conflicts indicates a great internal
“As a military wouldn’t you have liked to take and liberate the earth in a military fashion without so much unnecessary diplomacy that only prolongs the inevitable?”
“DKTaygeta: A military outcome is not convenient, because it is precisely what the controllers or all the regressives want. The awakening must happen little by little being the same humans who personally and collectively dictate their ascension speed but even so much work still remains in the military field to control the regressives who in an invasive manner try to hinder the advance of the human race, this means that there really is no isolated peaceful option, it is a coordinated military action with a view to protect the population, it is a defensive military situation and every military person knows that defensive scenarios are among the most difficult.
“what do you like about humans?”
“DKTaygeta: I like that despite of all the bad that happens you move her forward you find reasons to laugh, even in the simplest of things you were able to bring about incredible
creations with what you may find lying on the ground, art made out of trash and music of any kind, that even in the worst moments you move forward with an inner feeling that what you see in life is not everything, you move forward, even in bad health or after having lost everything. I admire this inner strength.”
“Yes, you have captured it so well, it is precisely what I feel and what I admire about humans, we have a great determination and with a little we have, we go on creating wonderful art, smiling, moving forward, generalizing and
this is why I go on supporting the humans.”

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