Chris Burton with Karen Stewart and Dr. Seth Farber

“Chris Burton with Karen Stewart and Dr. Seth Farber
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“That´s what the UN was founded for to share new physics principles with the world. This clearly didn´t happen.”

“Innovation is driven by the Military, it is not driven by Apple or so, they get it on a silver plate.”
“Silicon Valley…”
“Google was a DARPA-Project, Facebook was also a DARPA-Project and Apple as well..and all of these technologies come out of the Military…The Multitouch Screen was developed by the CIA, the NSF, the DOD, the DOJ ..and the Navy.”
“Academics or Military.”
“United Nations, Aerospace Corporation. Los Angeles County Medical Association.”
“Milstar 2002 – Telecom – Army – Navy – Air Force – Marine”
“Lockheed Martin Space Systems”
“Synthetic Dreams I remember having them as a Kid – they are so over the top.”
“Uri Geller is connected to MK Ultra.”
“J P: ​And we are betrayed.”
“LuAnn Marie: ​unconventional warfare.”
“Kat cankan: ​Disney is a CIA outfit, just like Facebook & Google.”
“Ti Network Australia: ​guys ZEN will prevail for our justice.
“Generation Generation: ​your local government perps the intelligence agencies will use other states embassis to participate because they are tied with agreements they have to play the role in the mind control program/milabs.”
“J P: ​Hypnotism is amazing.”
“Nitram Case: ​they can also make other people say things to you that they didn’t intend.”
“Don Lovell: ​hollywood productions.”
“Tanya Bauer: ​yes me too.”
“AnonAnarchy: ​shes a black magick woman.”
“Nitram Case: ​fake dreams are too vivid.”
“Charlie Brown: ​^ this.’
“J P: ​Dirty filthy cowards.. I can smell their fear from across the road.”
“Elai Buchanan: ​@strong minded….that’s the nanotech overload….horrid ehhh.”
“J P: ​Oh my GOD is it twisted.”
“Jennifer Burns: ​Most TIs get sent: to the mental hospital and are victimized in there as well.”
“Charlie Brown: ​They threaten my life, daily.”
“Generation Generation: ​soundenemy x psychiaters have a simulator for mental deseses and what about the next DSM do they have a simulator for that too psychiatry is murder.”
“Kat cankan: ​That’s what Governments do. They control our minds. TI are at the other end of this spectrum.”
Kat cankan: ​Jennifer- They mind control all of us to some extent. Government means Govern = Control Ment= mind, as in Mental health.”
“J P: ​They are targeted to betray you.”
“Rick M: ​yes Strong Minded… at 62 i was a jogger/lap swimmer…. last 8-10 months my physical status had degraded dramatically… now im constantly catching my breath…”
“J P: ​It’s so so bad.. heart breaking.”
“Elai Buchanan: ​I’m more nanotech health targeted but the Ai did access me recently at dinner with my son……putting in synthetic thoughts.”
“J P: ​Evil nurses and doctors.”
“J P: ​It is social control.”
“Elai Buchanan: ​that my be synthetic biology @ Jennifer….it´s been in the chemtrails lately and I’ve had a hard time breathing.”
“Jennifer Burns: ​They have been messing with my breathing lately. Makes me feel like I’m suffocating.”
“Don Lovell: Wwow, italian mob even gets some contracts.”

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