Conspiracy Revelation: 22.8.2019: You forget that they also attack people if they have nothing done, even if they have done many things right, they still can attack… short before or a while after people receive the 2nd Birth/Enlightenment/Kundalini Awakening they might attack even the strongest, as part of a catharsis or kundalini purification exorcism….you forget a lot of points…Trauma from the past..Trauma-Based MK Ultra…Interdimensional Spiritual Battles… Stargates…Even Big Corporations might be involved.. and especially the NWO Shadow Gov COnglomerate..Just invisible Power Battles over Earth Dominion…..Most Humans are the Proxies of an invisible battle between incomprehensible forces…Especially in This Age of the Demon…you have too many clichés…they have no specific hour…they also can visit you at evening or 12 / 16 p.m. … The whole potentialities are in all people asleep, the Gods and the Demons..
sometimes something can happen by accident, sometimes because of adversaries in high power positions… when all people became enlightened this would be strongly reduced…The more peaceful (real) Gurus, Avatars, Buddhas and Boddhisattvas, descended Masters (or ascended) the less Chaos…the more Peace…the more Sophianic and Devi correction…the less Gaia crying.
All who were maltreated by extremely cruel demons or humans or zio-nazi-bolsh-satanic-cult agents or archontic possessed malnarc-chaoswitches (disguised as fake goddesses or mk ultra tests) in a earth liberation mission will receive abundant mana and bliss as a compensation and/or other rewards, sooner or later.
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There has been a collective naivety where people believe these entities are fake, imaginary or are created through the subconscious mind -but I can tell you through many client’s experiences as well as my own they are VERY real. These things are sharp in knowledge with highly advanced psychic abilities that all people should be aware of for good cause. The other common misconception is Demons are only attracted to those that are a part of the occult or pagan beliefs but this again is another false idealistic view. Demons become attracted to anyone whether you’re a Bible thumper or a atheist with no faith in anything. These dark entities have an agenda and that agenda is the human race. Here you can learn how to spot their behaviors if -God forbid, you find yourself possibly being terrorized by them. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power and with this information you will acquire helpful tips and steps in how to keep these things at bay. Watching this won’t attract them so don’t worry on that as long as you don’t go hunting them down of course.
Love and Light to you always. If you feel you are having issues with something dark like these please contact me and I will do what I can to help.”
“When this happens and you start noticing things start to disappear reappear or maybe never reappear at all this could also be a sign the reason again is because of
their high striking abilities they’re very powerful so powerful people have also experienced being pulled out of their bed being pushed being shoved being whispered to to the point where they’re also being screamed at with no physical body anywhere to explain this
phenomena, these entities are cunning, they’re deceiving and they have no empathy for humankind, they target children, women and men, they don’t target
just one type of person, they don’t have a stereotype people even assume that nthese entities will only target certain people, like witches and Wiccans and
satanic rituals and mediums, that’s not true, the reason why they do target those people however very commonly is because they do dabble in things that maybe they’re not aware of and maybe do in fact contact something that they weren’t aware of was dangerous but most often
people of high faith whether buddhism, hinduism, Christians or Catholics, either way even an agnostic or an atheist can experience these things, it doesn’t matter on the belief system but it does happen they don’t have a close-minded idea they just focus on you, the individual and what scares the hell out of you, that’s their goal, most often people will experience that those that are closest to God, closest to heaven,
closest to love in an ascended way consciously are a higher target this is true especially their faith their faith is what rattles them is what they want to break people with a strong faith are a higher target in times statistically it has been known to do this but that doesn’t mean even those without faith
are not just as in the liking of an attack…the next step is possession..this is where the entity takes control over the person, there is no real limit to how they enter the body..”
Conspiracy Revelation: 22.8.2019: That has nothing to do with “free will”…don´t use this poor term, all philosophers know that this term can´t be used adequately in a discussion without being rationally and etymologically disproven or without provoquing permanent attacks/distractions instead of fruitful discussions. The Term goes against common sense (no child would like to be born in a land which is under terror..forget it!!! Nor would a child choose to be vaccinated by nazi-eugenicists of the pharma mafia and nwo) Every Birth and Death disproves “free wilL”.
Free Will would mean Immortality and Eternal Youth and Health for everyone (etc.. all the High Ideals that do not match current Reality in this World), if you think it consequently out and when you know the major dreams of Humanity.
“Entities all have psychic abilities…so advanced…”
“Some will even experienced memory loss..”
Chris T: vor 1 Jahr: The pope is far from holy.
Gavi H: vor 1 Jahr: Chris This female knows something’s but she is very much like a….dabbler…
Pixel gun MoDz: vor 3 Tagen: If the demons attacks me I’ll kick it’s nutt and knock it out and run outta hear man.
Conpspiracy Revelation: 22.8.2019: Typical childish thinking from someone who never had a spiritual battle or encountered a monster archon who might torture the hell out of you…
Darko: vor 1 Jahr: If demons are real then so is god 🙏.
Music N Stuff: vor 5 Monaten: Jesus was not an ascended master he is God in flesh form. Silly girl.
Jay Krishna Davern: vor 1 Monat: The Pope is not a Holy man, Jiddu Krishnamurti & William Blake were Holy men.
recovery starzz MCMULLEN: vor 8 Monaten: I feel a spirit about you I see your possessed with a spiritual unclean and dark you ARE POSSESSED YOUNG Lady I renounce this demon in you in the name and the blood of Christ lord over your soul and spirit repent of this spirit of darkness your presenting.
The Lion’s Cub: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): Those orbs coming from you towards us is not a good thing. You are a vessel for them. The signs that your giving are correct, but you are mingling partial truth with doctrines of devils. I became a witch at 9 years old and have dealt with entities since I was at least 7. Sage, idols, etc are nothing. You can’t cast out Satan with Satan. Once I began to seek God all the demons I idolized through worship and divination turned on me. I fight them even today with the name that is above all names.
Bijou fofana: vor 6 Monaten: This video literally could have been 15min by speaking a little faster… Thanks for the info…
Ban Yahu: vor 4 Monaten: The Trinity is paganism study deeply and it will be revealed to you I’m tired of explaining it to so many people do your own research.
Eddie A.: vor 4 Monaten: I witnessed an excorcism it´s unreal. Christ is King and Hail Mary the holy spirit.
Angelo Armetta: vor 1 Woche: The back round music is a form of trickery.
Anna finds ppl: vor 2 Jahren: Jesus name broke my sleep paralysis. these things are spiritual. also pharmaceutical drugs are sorcery. alter the mind. demons are real.
Nunya Biznis: vor 9 Monaten: Demons are easy to spot. They all live in and around Washington DC.
Rakesh Singh: vor 1 Jahr: Have a strong will. Face them head-on. Just ignore the paranormal things . They will leave you, because they are also testing the waters and looking for a weaker soul.They can’t face strong personalities.
Conpspiracy Revelation: 22.8.2019: Another Singh who doesn´t have all the facts…
Alejandra Parada: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): Honestly everyone should despise the Pope, the Roman Catholics hold the world in their hands. I think you should edit that.
Banana Lana: vor 4 Monaten: Sounds A lot like Alien abduction true my knowledge The grey race always seem to come in threes just thought I put it out there God bless.
Jack Heltzel: vor 5 Monaten: All the universe is opposing forces.
Angel r. vor 1 Jahr: Very informative but the background music is an interference. You should consider updating without music.
Lenny Beige: vor 4 Monaten: 8/10 for serious face.
Queen Pierce: vor 1 Monat: The devil took control of a Capricorn I was in a relationship with. Used him as a puppet to get to me. I got tired called that demon out 1 night when we were arguing. Then chose to lose contact with that Capricorn.
Justyn Freeman: vor 5 Monaten: As a Demonologist this video is very helpful in explaining the difference in each stage.
jack daniels: vor 4 Monaten: The government sees nd knows all.
santana jackson: vor 1 Jahr: I noticed demons come to attack me when im sleeping.. they like to get you when you at your most weak and vulnerable state , and that´s when you are sleeping.
Soul Survivor 77: vor 5 Monaten: Demons do not hate the pope LOL the pope is the devil.
Spazzing Falcon: vor 1 Monat: So most church folk are possessed and don’t know it.

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