NASA Going Nowhere Since 1958

“NASA (Never A Straight Answer) fraud with a daily budget of $56 million. This is a simple film that explores NASA and its history with the Presidents of the United States.
“Also see How we Know we Didn’t Go to the Moon By James Fetzer
PENN magazine, edited by my colleague, Mike Palecek, published this issue in 2018, which includes a stunning article by Winston Wu, “The Apollo Moon Hoax: 35 Proofs We Didn’t Go”. Winston is a brilliant guy and this article is my favorite on the subject. I recommend beginning with “Conspiracy Theory: Did we Land on the Moon?”, which advances one scientific reason after another about why we could not have gone and abundant evidence that the moon landing footage was faked. For those who may harbor lingering hopes that we really did go, this is the place to start.
Video Conspiracy Theory: Did we Land on the Moon (2001)
This publication coincides with “The Next Generation of Researchers”, a high-school forum with teams from different schools, debating whether we went to the moon, where I served as the evaluator of the exchange and offered a summary of the evidence that demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that we did not go to the moon, especially because it was neither physically nor technically possible, which implies that the “official narrative” cannot possibly be true: Read more”
“All of it leads back to the government which fuels
the mainstream media with their hypocrisy and fake news stories every government agency is entirely corrupt and weaponized against the people the IRS, the NSA, the NSF, FTC, CDC, DoD, EPA etc.. and who owns and operates the fake media juggernauts, well, our very own CIA, who has been deeply involved with all the newspapers and magazines just see operation Mockingbird, pushing propaganda constantly with their incessant
mainstream narrative including press releases from government agencies, universities, corporations and companies getting rich off government contracts how about the false Flags and covert
government operations just see Northwoods gulf of tonkin Operation, Paperclip and thousands of others, the entire political scene with election fraud and dishonest polls, the whole left versus right two-party system, pitting citizens against each other or the entire CIA involvement in the
military-industrial complex, as more war more conflict equals more money and more growth or the so-called war on drugs our
own federal government has been engaged in a shady operation of alliances with the world’s largest drug cartels.”

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