Chemtrail Cowboy

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“Weirdbloke1: Am 03.06.2014 veröffentlicht: A more humorous take on a deadly serious topic. Animated music video. Now with subtitles/ translation.”
“Chemtrail Cowboy:
Well I am a Chemtrail Cowboy, love spraying all day long.Emptying my tanks on you while I sing this song.There’s too many of you down there, that’s what I’ve been told. You’re off to meet your maker before you get too old.
Yes I’m the Chemtrail Cowboy, proud of what I do.Well I couldn’t care less for my family and I don’t give a f**k about you. Chemtrail Cowboy! Chemtrail Cowboy!
We take off every morning, all my sprayer buddies and me, turning all your blue skies gray and the Sun you’ll never see, and if you have a problem with the mess we made, I tell you now, I don’t give a s**t as long as I get paid.
Yes I am the Chemtrail Cowboy, proud of what I do. Well I don’t care about the environment and I don’t give a f**k about you. Chemtrail Cowboy! Chemtrail Cowboy!
When I get home each evening, there’s nothing I like more than to sit by the pool with an ice cold beer, staring at the floor, ’cause if I look up I’m reminded of the terrible things I’ve done, but once you’re in there is no way out, I never meant to hurt no one.
Chorus: Yes I am a Chemtrail Cowboy, proud of what I do, well I couldn’t care less for my family and I don’t give a f**k about you. Yeah I’m the Chemtrail Cowboy, spraying over you,well I don’t care about the environment and I don’t give a f**k about you.Chemtrail Cowboy! Chemtrail Cowboy!”

“Von Weirdbloke1 angepinnt: fluoridefreewexford: vor 4 Jahren: F..kin brilliant, by far the best and catchiest chemtrail song out there, this deserves millions of views, video and song just genius, shared it on facebook just now, thank you my friend :)”
“The HAARP Report: vor 4 Jahren: This is the best of youtube. This should be playing on the radio. Pure genius, Thank you!”
“dovetail90: vor 5 Jahren: Great! Brilliant satire!”
“Rebel with a cause: vor 3 Jahren: Too Funny…Tooo Sad…and Soooo true…excellent.”
“Luise Xaver: vor 3 Jahren: Heyyy Cowboy – more Songs pls! You rock!”
“aufzurwahrheit: vor 4 Jahren: hi very good… can I upload this for german public ??? PLZ ?”
“Mixter Merlin: vor 4 Jahren: Lol.”
“Weirdbloke1: vor 4 Jahren: Yes, of course.”
“Cassandra Scott: vor 5 Jahren: Excellent. Love it. We need humour to lighten this dour and sinister subject. Should be part of ‘The Chemtrails Jukebox’ site.”
“Claus Petersen: vor 5 Jahren: In der Hölle sollen die Chemtrail-Piloten schmoren…verdammte Saubande…..”
“ба- байка: vor 3 Wochen: Barium stroncium aluminium in your head.”
“Buff Hotchkiss: vor 3 Monaten: Chemtrail flu equals vertigo.”
“SuperLuminal Man: vor 4 Jahren: HORRIFYINGLY HILARIOUS.”
“Phantom Menace: vor 2 Jahren: this by far the greatest video ever. the coughs make me laugh. amazing.”
“The Flip: vor 1 Jahr: This is so creepy, it makes me realize how scary and screwed up our government is!!!”
“Jacqueline Grace: vor 4 Jahren: Chemtrails have got to be the most dangerous things facing humanity. I am totally frustrated by them almost everyday. I wish I could shoot them out of the sky. This song makes me feel better somehow…..why that is, I don’t know. So thank you.”

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