Breaking news: Google to block Natural News in all Chrome browsers

Conspiracy Revelation: Not that it is a 100% clean – selfless- internet player, I mean natural news is a millionaire who wants to sell many products to expand its Patriotic U.S. Conservative Movement, working close together with Alex Jones – far right – fascistic propagandist (but still helped a lot to unveil the evil) and said to be controlled opposition, so he is not really part of a genuine grass roots human freedom movement of Holy Spirit/Sophia/Gaia/Kundalini, but playing the corporate crime syndicates game pretty thick and is now being grossly censored by it, nevertheless it is worth mentioning and all efforts to stop the NWO-Empire of End-Fascistic Control and Darkness-Google-Crime Inc.-Zionazi-Mafia should be supported and evaluated and published and all efforts to stop the complete take-over of the Human species via Pentagons biogenetic -up to terroristic- BCI-Neural-Dust-DoD-Arpa-Cia-Dia-Nsa-Torture-club-Invasion of Total Mass Human Control and Infiltration by the Human Brain Project, Alphabet Inc. and Skynet A.L.F. (1000 years advanced artificial life form stated by a CIA/DIA-Agent on Facebook while mocking well-known T.I. B. Tew…and proudly telling the world that they have total control over the Russian Empire via this Artificial MK Ultra/MK Naomi Life Form)
It is also good to know for all other freedom movements how they proceed with people who are close to the popular viral reach “sound barrier”.
Despite all justified criticism I value all efforts against the Empire of Destruction, no matter if poor or rich, or infamous to some degree, if still in the respectable zone.
“Breaking news: Google to block Natural News in all Chrome browsers
Mike Adams
By 2020, Google will begin blocking all natural health, anti-cancer websites at the browser level, prohibiting Chrome users from being able to visit Natural News and other sites.
It’s all part of Google’s collusion with Big Pharma to create an online info-monopoly that annihilates information sources promoting healthy living, nutrition, herbs, anti-cancer foods or organics.
Yes, the total tyranny of Google is on full display, and Google wants you to be inundated with poisons like chemotherapy, fluoride, 5G cell towers and glyphosate weed killer.
The terraforming of Earth – mind-blowing new interview with Adams
Our planet is being terraformed to alter the atmosphere, dim the sun, and collapse the global food supply.
This is all part of a plan to annihilate most of the existing human population. And it’s all being influenced by enemies of humanity that exist on a cosmic scale.
Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show interviewed me yesterday about the agenda to collapse human civilization, and this is one of the most mind-expanding interviews you’ve ever heard. It connects the dots of world events in a way that makes instant sense, even if it seems incredible at first glance.
Google declares organics to be a lie, and naturopathy a scam
Google has declared war on organics, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition and chiropractic.
The search engine has been caught red-handed altering search suggestions to defame and attack all natural health topics, all while banning natural health websites from its search results.
Google has gone all-in with Monsanto, Big Pharma, chemotherapy, pesticides, 5G, geoengineering, fluoride and every other poison you can imagine.
Google has become poison to humanity.
Every Google employee is part of a massive criminal conspiracy against humanity
The pure evil of Google isn’t merely found in some corporation; it’s an extension of the evil of its employees. The people who work for Google are fascists, tyrants and dishonest cheaters who seek total world domination over the minds of humankind.
This is why Google must be seized, dismantled and shut down. Its managers and executives must be criminally indicted and prosecuted. As long as Google is allowed to exist, humanity will be forever enslaved.
Vimeo bans Natural News as tech giants collude to silence real journalism
The latest insane censorship action by the tech giants happened yesterday, when Vimeo, the video platform, banned both Natural News and Project Veritas on the same day.
This makes Vimeo part of a massive, coordinated criminal conspiracy to silence all independent journalism which is exposing the censorship of the tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter.”
Source: / Natural News.

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