Is India still a colony of the UK?

“Is India still a colony of the UK?”
“If you are asking on technical basis, then No, India is not a British colony. But if you mean on logical basis, then, you can find different aspects of British colony still prevailing in India. When British were in India, their first target was Self confidence of Indians. They saw that Indians were very confident about their History, culture, education, army and everything. They step by step broke Indians connection with their past, breaking their confidence with it. In Indians past, before Britishers took over, India was the superpower, The Golden Bird. India had a great architecture, culture, education system and army. It was the country where Alexander faced the resistance and nearly died in the war against Puru. When Britishers took over India by using their policy of divide and conquer, they could not manage the whole country on their own.
So, they brought their education system to train Indians according to their need, so that Indians could work under them and manage minute task of ruling the huge country. The same system, which was used to train Indians for being slave is still in use, the same education system still prevails in India. The Indian strength was in its core values. Indians focused on social life while western stressed on Privacy. Western culture believes only humans are superior, Indians believed in coexistence with nature. Indians had faith in humanity and kindness while western culture an eye on materialistic lifestyle. The songs from Indian culture prayed for rain to pour while western songs wanted to chase it away. And today, after independence, we are trying like crazy to live like western people, we are working hard to adopt the western lifestyle. When Britishers were in here, they used India as a raw material provider.
They used to take raw material from India at low rates and used to manufacture final goods in their home country and then bring them back in India to sell those finish goods at high price. And if we talk about today, nothing much has changed. They bring expensive material in India to sell their stuff. While they were in the country, they did not just rule the country, they totally reformed it. They converted Indians into consumers. Today, we are crazy about technology and want to have every new thing that comes into market. And most of the stuff that we crave to have to establish modern lifestyle are from British country. Hence, we are still their consumer market, who would consume anything they produce and lure us to have it.
The law that we follow in India are mostly old and from British era. Indian Police Act, Indian Penal code and so on. These were formed by Britishers to control Indians and today we have same law, still breathing in India. Only, it is our police who use these laws now. When there is any case which does not have rule for in our book of law, we cite British laws for corresponding rule in their book. We are still following their rules and steps. Logically, we are still their slave. But technically, we are not and can choose to go on different direction whenever we want and they cannot stop us.
Written By: Nida Saqib”

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