Former NASA worker: “I’ve seen humans on Mars”

Why is there no uprising in the population here … why is the population so stupid and interested only in banality … It would have to be enforced FULL DISCLOSURE by all governments!
The guy from Lucasfilm knows everything … he released the game Zak McKracken 31 years ago, where the crystals had to be installed in the Mars pyramids.
“Former NASA worker: “I’ve seen humans on Mars””
“That the future missions to the Red Planet are a facade for what they have been doing for decades, since the American space agency has in its power the alien technology that allows them to carry out these clandestine missions for many years. In that interview, the former worker said the following:
“That old Viking rover was moving … then I saw what looked like two people in a kind of space suit … they were not the heavy suits that are normally worn, but they looked like a kind of protector. They came for the horizon walking towards the Viking rover “.
“When we realized the strange anomaly, my colleagues and I ran up the stairs, but they closed the door with insurance and posted a notice on the door where they said we could not pass so we could not see anything.”
On the other hand, John Lear, says that NASA was on Mars in the 60’s. He also states that “space suits are not necessary, since humans can adapt to breathe in the low oxygen atmosphere of the red planet . “”

Augie Snyder: “tell them the truth and they’ll never believe you”
Ma Merc: Who knows, they wI’ll still deny it. Get right with Jesus of Nazareth that’s all that matters for eternal life with the Maker.
Magdy Attia Awadalla: not surprised …. not the slightest.


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