Aleister Crowley Decoded 211-112 again…

Conspiracy Revelation: 2. April 2018 um 17:48: I imagine Fraudulent Time Cops checking the future Timelines and then attacking me in 11 2011 and in 2 11 11 2 2015 in an attempt to stop the True Will of the Absolute. The Root of All Evil has a faible for 211 11 11. The Root of All Good is now guarding and redirecting Number 11 into its original purpose.
Aleister Crowley Decoded 211-112 again…
Earth shattering terror code… 47..11..11..56..23..36..

Not only him despised it…many despise this deity…especially also the Jehova Witnesses…which are linked with cultish cruelty, conspiracy and hideous crazyness.
“The more I decode this there is predestination in it.”
“It is predestination.”
“36th. Element is Krypton and who was from Krypton? Superman. Why did they choose the Name Krypton to where Superman was from and I guarantee you it´s because of this NUmber 36.”
“Area 51”
„Again ladies and gentlemen what are the odds of these
things linking up either this is purposely done on a very detailed level or there has to be some kind of intervention from a higher realm of existence that’s the way I see it.“
“51 and you add up these atomic weights of boron and hydrogen and you get the number 11.8 and we’re gonna get into this as well, this has massive significance and all this as well this is really tied to Crowley and his work
the 11 8 or the 8 11, very, very important again. 11 is the number of magic, it’s the alternating current, the energy is going up, the energy coming down, it’s the glue that binds… the lower form is the 2, the higher form is the 11 and then the 8 and we live in.. this is what controls our reality: infinity sign, never-ending energy,
this is like a battery: plus and minus and it just keeps going and going and going.”
“Now again, I’m not saying that Lucifer is a good or bad guy character, I’m not saying that at all, it’s up to you to decide what you think.”
“Then you have the word “Electromagnet” which is the number 51. I think this is really really important, because again, we’re talking about magnetism, we’re talking about electricity and that’s what the 51 is all about. I thought this was a big standout right there, now what did Aleister Crowley made famous for besides Thelema, he was part of the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. now look at this one absolutely blew me away Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn in numerology has been a result of 121 and that the the element antimony the 51st element, again we’re talking 51, because we were talking about Aleister Crowley 51, this is verily, really, really, really, really, really big, when it comes to Ancient Egypt. I’m gonna get into that in a second here, but antimony the 51st Element matching up that up with Alastair Crowley and of course Antimony has an atomic weight of 121 matching that of the numerology final result of the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, again ladies and gentlemen you have to ask yourself what are the freaking odds of these things linking up like that what are the odds I mean it is is this a divine origin is this of a higher state of consciousness, beyond the realm of human beings, because I mean, did they sit down and really kind of draft up these words, according to Chaldean to match the 1:21 to get it to match to the antimony in the fifty-first element, you got to ask yourself these questions now antimony is very very special, because
this is the Royal Society of Chemistry, this is the website that I believe you know it knows all about the occult andand they run the show, they’re all about alchemy and …again here’s antimony 121 as an atomic weight but
look at the actual icon or logo they used for this element, you’ll notice that when you go to the periodic table and
you look at these elements you’ll see that when you click on this visual element every single one has a specific
picture tied.”

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