Ramola D Report #95 Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization & Report #39 Australian Illuminati Blacklist A Brilliant Doctor

Report #95: Melanie Vritschan, ICATOR Update and Fundraiser
CB Rennard vor 1 Woche: Excellent update. Melanie’s efforts to orchestrate litigation represents a gigantic quantum leap for all of us plagued by electronic harassment and covert implantation. This is great news!!! Much applause for both of you!
Jean Marie Bizeau vor 1 Woche: “They” hit us because we all speak out. Ramola interview Deborah Tavares she would be a good one on the California USA front line.
We need to ban these weapons used on women, men & Children… I saw the perps kids out there playing fake camera’s in the Nazi neighborhood acting like the little terrorists they’re being trained for. Pretend videoing me. Perp town corrupt cops.
Report #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis – Australian Illuminati Blacklist A Brilliant Doctor
TorturedSoulster: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet): So very, very impressive. Dr. Tsigounis is spot-on regarding the inner workings of the medical industrial complex. She is not only extremely brave, but also highly intelligent (and so talented and also very beautiful — you both are). My targeting experience relates to the medical realm as well, and my MD was targeted, too, and lost her career. They’ve done so much to ruin so many stellar, exceptional people.
barbara guillette: vor 10 Monaten: Emergency rooms in US were mandated by feds to incarcerate anyone complaining about DEW appearing in emergency rooms.
PEARLY Gardiner: vor 10 Monaten: ..we need more Australian Ti’s to come forward, raise awareness about this EVIL PROGRAM COINTELPRO.
Thomas hewlett: vor 10 Monaten:
It’s great to be getting more perspectives from across the ponds, need more people from different countries I think Ramola. All credit to the Doc we need more doctors coming forward. Australia was used in my programming and targeting. Illuminati symbolism is everywhere and the colonialist “past” and treatment of the aboriginals/natives of Australia is horrible. Clear social engineering and destruction of native cultures, replaced with corporate policy and globalist group think.
Didn’t a prime minister disappear at some point also? Alot of dark stuff going on in “Oz”….. Oz. Another reason why Australia is used in programming it reinforces and triggers the Wizard Of Oz programming. Horrible. Traumatized and tortured as always….. Still Breathing, despite all my alters and handlers. Thank you Doc.
scotty: vor 10 Monaten: excellent one of the best. thank you-
Egni Darido: vor 10 Monaten: Such a brilliant ladies, thank you both for spreading the truth!
Penny Olcott: vor 10 Monaten: nice painting! Art is important!!!
Saneman: vor 10 Monaten: I have a list of `Doctors` who participate in gaslighting / ambient abuse.
Jean Marie Bizeau: vor 10 Monaten: They will destroy anyone.
aussie thatcares: vor 9 Monaten: Scary…. even scarier when you ve been a patient.
slhtmb: vor 10 Monaten: I commend you on your strength and intelligence, I to am a T.I. and have had many of the same type things happen to me. You are absolutely correct it is the Illuminati Freemason behind all of it, they run all world governments and have been doing it since ancient times. I would not recommend wasting any more time or money trying to fight them in court because they own all of them. That oath they take do no harm does not include anyone but the Illuminati Freemasons. Keep doing research and writing books, doing interviews, that may be your greatest strength, keep telling your story its very powerful. Some day maybe not in our lifetime these evil bastards will be overthrown and the next generations will look back and remember you as a hero.
Wednesday Kennedy: vor 10 Monaten: the poor darling. what a story. she is so articulate about this subject. hugs…it is murder.
aussie thatcares: vor 9 Monaten: This is really hard to watch… heartbreaking.
Ica Radakovic: vor 10 Monaten: It is the issue and always the case. Jews are behind all evil on this world as well as behind the torture this woman was exposed to.
Isaac Q: vor 10 Monaten: the oto isn’t satanic, somehow the nwo has learned how to false flag entities that should have free will.
Tom Toth: vor 9 Monaten: This is happening in america on a much more intense level. The government here in america will use law enforcement and x military to break into your home at gun point of good people and drug them and reprogram them to act like the degenerates. The satanics have all sworn to kill and poison and rape and enjoy causing horror in the lives of all those who do not join satanics. WE ARE IN HELL. ITS SAYS IN THE BIBLE IF GIVE THE DEVIL AN INCH HE WILL TAKE A MILE. DO NO WRONG EVER.
Zheela Resa: vor 2 Monaten: Thank you Dr. TSigounis for trusting your instincts and persevering through difficulty after difficulty and seeing this process through… and then thanks for doing a book about your experiences to strengthen others who maybe going through similar ordeals. As always, Ramola, yet another wonderful expose about THE SYSTEM. Lady heros of mine… best of the best to both of you.
isyntax: vor 9 Monaten: this is something exactly like the lie i live aswell. The architecture school of university of technology set up a rape in reality and then stalked over the years and linked up, networking with my neighbours…to continue to stalk after rejecting the stalker as a depraved predator. Nothing has been done. I am now set up for a suicide [effect] to end my life so no-one will have record of the murder for the information of conspiracy to defraud I have undergone over 30 years.
God help the survivors.
jezzyby47: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): I keep commenting on this, but the ONLY way we will win is if we ALL learn how to become lawyers, the ‘real ones’ just can’t be trusted, they are involved with the masons, and they won’t sh!t in their own nest. Same with most judges, but if they have the evidence in front of them, the correct evidence that your lawyer won’t give them, then if the judge doesn’t give a fair decision based on the correct evidence, they will eventually be ousted from their professions.
Lynne Holdaway: vor 3 Monaten: These are not human beings, they are or have been infested with mental parasites.
angela tate: vor 10 Monaten: Wow, what does surprise me is that this good woman is still alive, people have been ‘suicided’ for far less. She has a fantastic spirit to be able to stand up against these demons, we need more people like her in my opinion, I wish her well.
Ramola D Reports: Am 09.01.2018 veröffentlicht: Note: Conversation ended when PC was cyberhacked, we were close to ending but that’s the reason for the abrupt close.
In an intimate and explosive conversation revealing the hand of the powerful but maliciously petty network of Satanic pedophilic Illuminati elite infiltrating Australian Medicine, Law, Media, Intelligence, and Government, Dr. Helen Tsigounis, author of the memoir The Red Back Web describes a twenty-year ordeal of targeting which pursued her from medical school in Victoria to her work as a doctor in Queensland and beyond to Greece, the country of her heritage, forced wrongful psychiatric conditions on to her registration, fabricated charges to bar her from the medical profession, and engaged in collusive fraud and conspiracy in the court system—among lawyers and judges–to prevent her from gaining justice.
Singled out possibly for her ethnic background, her natural intelligence, empathy, Christian values, and integrity, Dr. Tsigounis narrates a shocking story of targeting, harassment, bullying and negative attention during her medical studies as a high-level Freemason sub-Dean and his protege worked to sabotage her future. Despite high commendations from her professors and high marks in exams, she was failed on one occasion and had to repeat a year; later she was forced to sign a document imposing fabricated psychiatric conditions on her registration to the effect that she suffered from a “lack of insight.”
Later work as a doctor saw a renewal in harassment and a sustained effort by the Medical Board—almost a year after she had completed a stint at a hospital in Townsville, Queensland, with a doctor being sent to go back and ask questions–to derail her career with grave but trumped-up charges of medical malfeasance brought against her, charges found to be completely fabricated as her evidence proved in court, yet curiously upheld, through avid legal sabotage by her own lawyers and a corrupt Masonic judge.
An extraordinary aspect of her targeting inheres in her being compelled to argue her own case in court, as her solicitor dropped her just before the hearing, and stand-ins were dismissed by the judge. Working full-day shifts as a doctor, she stayed up at night to study the law and gather her evidence and prepare to cross-examine witnesses—who kept getting switched around on her without warning, almost everyday. Indeed, every effort was made, it appeared, to sabotage her court case. Regardless, her brilliant handling of the case and determined self-advocacy impressed even the misogynistic judge; the transcripts, included partially in her book, make for engrossing reading.
Especially intriguing about Dr. Tsigounis’s experience is the insider look she offers of an unfortunately usurped medical profession, which appears to be run like a minor fiefdom, with its vassals and serfs propped up by a bevy of Luciferian cardinals and clowns in Board clothing who enact plays of power and prejudice against those they seek to destroy.
Dr. Tsigounis is seeking the help of a competent and ethical barrister to help gain justice and regain her professional and human rights in society.
Dr. Tsigounis’s book can be downloaded in pdf from here:
“But I think before I start I just want to tell people what I have discovered through a very long process of being targeted since 1994 and what I have discovered about the system whilst I’ve fought it all this time and still fighting it for justice what I have discovered is that the medical school was actually controlled by a New World Order Agents, now, some of them are
high-degree freemasons others were part of the Illuminati satanic cults also known as the OTO which is registered in Australia as a satanic cult, it appears that these groups have actually infiltrated all areas of society of the system in Australia: Medicine, the law, the media, the government, the intelligence agencies, it appears that this network actually is the deep state when I say that..they are obviously other elements to the deep state exist as well, but these people actually control they’re on the highest echelons of power, controlling the deep state so we’ve got
a network that is actually controlling all aspects of society in Australia. .. This particular person was actually the New World Order watchdog at the University at Monash University in Victoria Melbourne Medical School, so it appears that his role was to sift out … certain people from the system that were not going to be loyal robots of the New World Order.
..and one of the reasons where I have been blocked from obtaining my human rights to the law in justice as well is because this powerful network is as powerful as it is and another reason is that the mainstream media instead of a reporting truth about my case actually reported lies and aided in the process of persecuting me further and humiliating me and and just reporting lies on the court case. .. to actually persecute and destroy, humiliate destroy my identity, my human rights to earn a living, my human rights to law and injustice and my human rights to actually live a normal life
..they wanted to actually annihilate me, so it all started in medical school. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“I came across this particular sub Dean he had a long history of actually blacklisting a lot of doctors, so we all feared him in a way, because we knew that getting on the right one side
this person met destruction of your career, so who was this person, why did he have so much power in the system? Well… he was part of these networks and a very loyal New World Order type of
watchdog at the medical school, now what sort of students did he blacklist? Well, he blacklisted at the time we thought it was a racial discrimination issue and I had a lawyer working on the case as well and he thought it was a racial discrimination issue where he was targeting minorities… people of Greek origin , people of Italian origin, people that were Indian,
…people that were not anglo-saxon or Jewish, now of course….he had a particular type of person who was actually targeting as well so it wasn’t just a racial thing it was a character thing as
well, he tended to target people that were free thinkers, that could not be controlled, that were more ethical and empathic in their ways, people that had a very good ethical framework that
could not be destroyed, people that were resistant to a Luciferian type of mentality, that was perpetrated through the medical school, so that comes to mind … the…conclusion was
that there actually is sifting out people from the system that do not fit into their satanic new world order, so that became clear with time that that was the motive behind it, there were a
number of other students involved most of them that were blacklisted actually have lists had left Australia and at this point in time some of them were in the United States some of the were in
Europe, so you know they are absolutely destroyed in America. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“My marks were totally downgraded and .. I proved that this man was fiddling with the exam of people, promoting the ones that were he wanted and just..destroying the ones that he didn’t so ..I think this network got very very scared of the fact that I had evidence to actually prove that and once I graduated from medical school they became even more vicious towards destroying me and they
were decided to actually destroy me through their control of the hospitals for teaching hospitals so I did my internship in 1998 I got very good marks but from all you know I did ten months I
was in my 10th months working 18-hour days up to 18 days straight, they actually had me working on wards where I had something like 100 patients, where others students had like five patients,
so they put me into the worst part of the internship ..program .. to try and get some sort of try and push me into it some sort of mistake and so they can use against me … I talk about the male Freemasons, but there are also female Freemasons, that a part of these cults. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“Just to pause for a minute Helen. It sounds like right from the beginning There has been such a Train of Injustices and such a overpointed effort to literally witch hunt you ..your work and literally persectue you. (Ramola D)”
“Well, it has to do with a new world order black list, if you are if your name because.. part of this list you will be… haunted by these people, now I’m not the only one, as
I said, there has been so many.. there have been other people, but usually they shrivel in the background, some commit suicide by having their lives destroyed, being attacked and persecuted, it’s a very difficult situation to go through, to keep up your life, your identity, your human rights, as a person, it is very difficult. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“The legal side of it where you also faced a injustice of horrendous proportions. (Ramola D)”
“Now the New World Order Blacklist and basically being blacklisted as a threat to the New World Order, okay, so any Freemason in the system can actually place you on the Blacklist, the New
World Order has to do with the Zionists.. Zionists, these Illuminati families that are trying to create a new world order and they’re mainly Jewish people, Zionist Jewish people, but not only, there’s other people involved as well, and The Freemasonry, they’re robots, so they use the Freemasonry to actually carry out the crimes that want to create and also cover up their crimes, so I
what I wanted to say is that the Freemasons are very involved in my case. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“It comes back to the point wherer what they’re doing in this New World Order is they’re destroying intelligent people and punishing them and promoting people with very low IQs and giving them power, so this is having using the system around ..and another cousin of mine who who I haven’t seen for thirty years but of course she was approached and she aided in a defamation process
against me as well and this particular cousin didn’t gets through here in school not even you nine so once again very low educated low IQs and then she was offered a government job
“They are turning people in families against each other doing this kind of thing, imagine, I mean the absolute cheek, the arrogance about approaching somebody in your family and
turning them against. (Ramola D)”
“I think a lot of people are actually manipulable manipulatable .. if you have the intelligence agents coming up with stating your sister is paranoid, your sister is bipolar, your
sister’s got lack of insight, your sister is schizophrenic, your sistser has got a personality defect, that’s another thing that a district court judge made in his
judgment: he said that she is highly intelligent and complex, she is up herself, she has a personality defect, now a judge to coming out with a psychiatric diagnosis, for God’s sake is that going above his.. powers, I would say yes… they have aided in defamation process I do have the Jewish community against me here in Australia because of my Papers, they’re trying to cover up the interesting cases in case something you know gets to the surface and is revealed, so I have a lot of people against me, .. the Illuminati have bribed judges, have bribed solicitors,..and also have bribed members of the of the public as well.. also members that are involved in decision making in relation to my case have been bribed and I wouldn’t be surprised if they provide for senators as well to cover this up. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“So I went to Greece and somehow there I was able to put a pen to paper and you know write this stuff… and um you know what I didn’t want to go back to Australia. Don´t forget my situation is very much a part of being psychologically imprisoned, you’re imprisoned, you’re not allowed to live your life, you’re not allowed to be have an identity, you’re not allowed to have finances, you’re not allowed to have a social network, all my doctor friends don’t meet me on the day of the hearing and they were approached, friends that I had over a 30-year period, one particular female doctor that we grew up together from 12 years of age, went to a choral Anglican girl school together, I had supported her in so many different ways over the years, she had to make a decision and she made the decision that she’s going to be on the side of the system, not me, because she’s the doctor and she needs the practice and she has children that need to operate in the system, so on some level, but then they used her against me as. Well, she wrote a character reference and that was presented before the court ..she is honors, she is capable, she’s high intelligence, she’s blah blah, she wrote a very good character reference and it was presented before the court, in evidence and after that she must have been approached, because she um, she basically turned on me, after 30 years friendship and we were like sisters, it wasn’t just a friendship, that’s beyond that…and this is what they do, they break all your supports and… she was an emotional support..so they try and just get into your life and break all the bonds ..so you can be left with no support at all, an emotional support, human support, human friendship and this is a way that they used to actually
weaken me as a person so you cannot fight back. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“They are doing this to multiple people and as you said earlier Helen, these are the people who are the smartest, the brightest, the bravest, the most outspoken, the most courageous ,the most excelling in their various fields and professions, people who stand out for one reason or the other and who crossed paths with somebody who is possibly a freemason or a Satanist or one of these secret society occultists who you know bring the little network of thugs to bear on the issue and start ostracizing and marginalizing and literally excommunicating people from society in
this fashion. (Ramola D)”
Yeah, well that’s what they’ve done to me and I’m living a terrible life at the moment, um you know I’ve had to go back to my parents and I’m 50 years old you know I’ve been
fighting this since 19, I think I am blacklisted for over 25 years .. and these people are nasty, I’d come face to face with evil and you know that I came from a
very beautiful , traditional, loving Christian-based family, where this sort of behavior was never even been thought of that people can be so degenerate and behave in such disgusting ways…I had no idea that this network existed..Targeted by a satanic network. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“Well, I think what they did, they put a number of these Masonic doctors who are loyal to the New World Order to actually participate in this conspiracy to commit fraud against me and we’re told that they will be absolutely protected, because we run the system and so far they have been protected,..it was basically their function to actually refer criminal methods to the
federal police .. unfortunately this sort of thing has been going on for a very long time ..illuminati crimes in Australia are covered up by the system. And I think another point I want to make
is by then sifting out people that are not part of this satanic Masonic Illuminati New World Order they are maintaining control of the system. (Helen Tsigounis)”
“That is one of reasons they get rid of people like me, because ..there are many reasons, but..one of the things what they want to do is maintain the power in the system, but the system is theirs, they control the system and that is the reasons that actually promotes certain degenerative criminal behaviors in students, well, they’re willing to act criminally..based on orders, so they’re going to be promoted and so there is a reversal of things, good behaviors are actually punished, good people are punished and bad people, criminal minded people, degenerate people..
I’ve seen cases where a homosexual in my year had actually had an affair with one of the pet homosexuals in the department and his three agents that they open doors to his career, so uh yeah and I
think it goes back to the Illuminati Agendas ..in the Zionism and what they’re trying to do to society and how they’re trying to mold it in accordance to their satanic new world order which
is not going to happen, no which is not gonna happen. (Helen Tsigounis)”

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