Remember: The Bad guys are those who want to sniff into your Systems.

Remember: The Bad guys are those who want to sniff into your Systems.
The best way to determine the bad guys is to have intrusion detection systems and then you can track the baddies always.
What they call NWO is New World America – a system of total military corporate dominion and corporate military infiltration, synthetification (or how I call it archontification) and subjugation/relocation/control essays of every natural phenomenon.
The Oil Imperium, The Chemical-Pharmacological-Military-Complex, MIT, NSA Halliburton, Du Pont, Amazon, GCHQ NSA, CLOUD14, Akamaitech Deploy all sorts of nasty Exploits and Crossplatform Trojans to infect every device of the Planet. Need I say more?
I will post from time to time what the Intrusion Protection Wall tells us about those who either annoy, harass, spy, sabotage, destroy, stun, relocate, redirect, exploit, experiment, limit or mutate or infiltrate all peaceful living things on Planet Earth. (without their knowledge and consent – against the law of free determination)
The Main Infiltrators/Saboteurs/Harassers of the Planet are surely USA Zion Shadow Gov Alphabet Gangsters Silicon Valley Inc.
They shape your world and stole and censored and sabotaged the freedom of independent creators and innovators, they created large databases to subvert your dna, to track/locate/irradiate everything, to undermine your biological freedom, your intellectual freedom, your natural capacity to reach a wide audience and to express yourself freely without being CoIntelPro´d.
…and naturally those who created Facebook, Ebay, Youtube, Google, Paypal, Microsoft, Amazon, even Mozilla, the Corporate Criminal-in-Control Internetocracy.  (Dep. of War/Pentagon Inc.)
..or let´s say the 2nd Layer Virtual Technofascistic Delayed Implant Matrix and Corporatocratic Preemptive Truman Show.
Sure, People are happy to have all these internetocratic corporate facilitators….but you pay a high price for these 3rd Party Dominators and Future Blockers or Timeline Relocators of the Planet..whether you know it or not.
The more Intrusion and Infiltration Reports you see, the more you get used to and know where the core problems in this world stem from.

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