US Air Force veteran : Victim of Involuntary Technology Interface, or (VITI)

“Kenneth Peartree: PLEASE MAKE THIS GO VIRAL – I am a Decorated US Air Force veteran of 25+ years of service, a DoD Whistle Blower, as well as an unwilling and involuntary participant in our Government’s Remote Neural Monitoring Program. I prefer to be called a Victim of Involuntary Technology Interface, or (VITI). I have painstakingly compiled information that is PROOF of historical and active Mind Control processes called Remote Neural Monitoring. This video is long, but I assure you that you will learn something from it. I take you through the history or U.S. Federal Mind Control Programs from their inception in the 1950s, to modern day Mass Mind Control studies commissioned by DARPA just over 5-years ago. I provide 100 Percent Proof of Directed Energy use in places where I have stayed, I show you implants in my body, and use a range of instruments to provide indisputable evidence of directed energy as well as the use of complicated electronic controls to monitor my activity online. I explain Remote Neural Monitoring’s Five-Phases of control that we victims go though as they torture us, from pre-selection surveillance, to the final steps before they take actions that are far too often permeant for the victim. Finally, I explain why AMERICANS should be VERY concerned because these programs are meant for EVERY American, and perhaps any human on planet earth. PLEASE SHARE”
“Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) is the 21st Century Mind Control Program that connects hundreds, perhaps thousands of unwitting … to the US Federal Government’s Mind Control and Behavior Modification programs. This is the evolution of Mind Control, the ability to monitor the human mind as well as most bodily functions in real-time, 24/7, 365 day a year. Previously known as Targeted Individuals, Victims of Involuntary Technology Interface suffer in silence as the perpetrators peruse actions to make our fellow … believe that we are suffering from Mental Illness. This is Mind Control in its purest sense, with the ability to monitor ANY HUMAN on the planet, anyplace in the world.”

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