"Global Gestapo – Dr. Eric Karlstrom & Ramola D on MK Ultra & Mind Control"

“Global Gestapo – Dr. Eric Karlstrom & Ramola D on MK Ultra & Mind Control”
“It was during the 70’s when the Frank church Senate committee was examining the CIA’s misconduct and found over 10 thousand
illegal operations. Well, some of the most top secret and most nefarious of all these had to do with …operation
Bluebird, operation artichoke, MK ULTRA, MK Search, MK often and MK Delta, all of this suite of mind-control operations and it
wasn’t just the CIA, it was being carried out by every branch of the military as well, but the CIA was coordinating it and giving
grants to professors at all these different Universities and John Marks got the … this FOIA request in and they stonewalled it for three years and …the usual bureaucratic … and CIA director Richard Helms supposedly…he had thought he had destroyed all the MKULTRA documents, but they found a box of sixteen thousand pages, thousand pages, ten boxes of Xerox copies of the MK ULTRA related
documents, heavily redacted, whited out, they found those and released those…
The CIA and mind-control, the secret history of the behavioral sciences. Well, CIA was actually funding so many sociology, psychology and anthropology projects in association with MK Ultra that they shaped these disciplines forever and forever and ever .. and of course weaponized them as well …
..he’s admitting that : hey we’re torturing oh yes and citizens that we have decided to make viable targets.”
Selwyn Greenfrith: ​I look the spit of 1651 drawing of Christlike monarch (artificial man) whom conquers Leviathan/Serpent (Time?). Hobbes book Leviathan.
“Yeah, you have to realize that the CIA comes out of the OSS: the Office of Strategic Services which is a world war two spy agency that was trained by mi6 and mi5 so .. in fact..it comes out of Britain .. itndefinitely comes out of Britain but then right after World War Two of course we have Operation Paperclip in which thousands of Nazis were imported through the ratlines which
went through the Vatican into North and South America and we took some of their top mind-control fiends ..and …the CIA
basically continued their varied projects, so while it was the British who really got these projects going, we were intimately connected with our recent enemies the Germans and so now American psychiatrists are joining the German psychiatrists and
mind-control scientists with MKULTRA…
The lines are very fuzzy, we think: okay Germany and England were enemies at the top levels: NO.
They’re working together and we think Oh Russia and the United States are enemies: NO.
At the top level they’re working together and this is a drama that’s played out for our benefit to keep us in
fear and of course World War two killed 60 to 70 million people so it’s it was a very real and destructive drama but it
was it was orchestrated for you know geopolitical reason.”
Sunshine Love: ​There are several factions, Fighting amongst themselves for control of this Living Library Planet Earth.
They will NOT succeed in their “plan”.
Martina Pearce​: The Nazi’s got sponsord by the Jew’s!
Scott Payne​: There is a CIA Mj-12 connection….
Selwyn Greenfrith​: Anyone clocked that K.H007rton never mentions Zionists nor Mossad never mind Jews. Evergoy else but Jews.
Enlil Kaliyuga: ​huhu, c’est de la manipulation mentale. C’est la torture psychologique emportée par la cia en Europe.
Enlil Kaliyuga​: huhu, c’est difficile à prouver en plus qu’on est manipulé par criminels qui se cachent comme des lâches.
Amy Maier: ​Divide & conquer agendas are massive right now.
Jeanne Taurus: ​if it´s not in print it doesnt excist.
Amy Maier​: It is all so incredibly sad & difficult to cope with.
“So MK ULTRA was looking at chemical and biological means to get people to do wha tthey want.. went through all the
drugs and all the pharmaceuticals as well as …chemical warfare type stuff.
They also were getting universities involved in sociology, psychology and anthropology and looking at ways to you know create
again the controllable personality through those mechanisms and then the electronic electrical stimulation of the brain and this is all very laid out in the documents.”
“It’s a many headed beast right..”
“Yeah. I have identified it and I call it judeo-masonic satanism, you know…The CIA has so many cut outs…all these foundations…These are private businesses that are run by the CIA.. and of course the CIA responds and takes orders from the Council on Foreign Relations and the British, MI6 and Tavistock and serves the 1%, the wall street bankers.”
“Eric Karlstrom: Great light on black shadows, one of the really intelligent TIs like Gloria Naylor who figured out what’s happening to her and others, she said by 1990 350 universities were involved, in this kind of neuro torture ..yes.. it´s 20 years later ..
ok, Marks identified the following institutions as participants in MKULTRA programs: University of California Berkeley.
I´m sure they are still highly involved, Sandoz Swiss pharmaceutical … which is Hoffman of Sandoz invented
LSD.. and also they produce Prozac, City College of New York, Boston psychopathic Hospital..
Mount Sinai Hospital New York at Dr. Harold Abramson is one of the CIA spy-psychiatrists Columbia University as we mentioned in New York University of Illinois Medical School where dr. Karl Pfeiffer was involved in this MKULTRA type stuff, MH sponsored
addiction Research Center in Lexington Kentucky, now this is the stuff between 1954 1963 okay there’s a lot more now…
Georgetown University, Missouri Institute for psychiatry, Harvard University Dr. Henry Beecher. Massachusetts General Hospital
University of Maryland, Medical School Baylor University, Dr. Neil Burch. New York State Psychiatric Institute Doctors.
Paul Hawke and James Cattell University of Washington Dr. James Dilley. University of Wisconsi. Frank Olson the guy who was pushed out the window. University of Delaware Veterans Administration, Hospital Palo Alto California. Rockefeller Foundation,
Rockefellers have been in all of us since the eugenics movement that they funded you know back in the late 1800s
and on Allen memorial Institute at McGill University under Dr. Ewen Cameron in Montreal National Institutes of Health, Washington DC which is still very big .. agency.”
“Ramola D: they(NIH GOV)’ve also worked for the CIA ..I found that very interesting too, in fact when you’re done I’d like to go
through a list of the government departments and some of the private foundations and research labs as well that were involved in the CIA MKULTRA projects because you know it’s important for us to understand the background and how for instance the Naval Research Lab was involved the Rand foundation was involved..”
“..so it’s like the CIA has these connections with the Mafia, they have these connections with these cults…”
“The Pentagon complex …well, guess what, they control things.. they are the great gorillas in America, they grant money, tells the ..ecologist and sociologists what projects, what they’re going to do .. we are a war economy, we are a death economy ..it’s not the Department of Defense, it’s the Department of Death and these are elaborate ways to create death…what happens to a society
committed to death, well, I guess the little Karma will kick in …”
“Let me just keep giving names now okay I’m quoting I think from one of these guys in order to keep MK Ultra
from being easily detected the CIA segmented its subprojects into specialized fields of research and development at universities, prisons, private laboratories and hospitals of course, they were rewarded generously with government grants and miscellaneous
funding, the names and locations of some of the major institution involved in monarch programming experimentation and
Monarch is really evil … our Cornell Duke Princeton UCLA University of Rochester, MIT Georgetown University Hospital,
Maimonides Medical Center, he’s a big important Rabbi for the Jewish from about 1100 AD, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC , .. insane sanatoriums.
Dell laboratory Stanford Researc Institute which is a major American affiliate of Tavistock one of the major ,
but there’s 50 others, Westinghouse, friendship laboratories, General Electric , Arco and Man King Research unlimited, the
final product was this is monarch slaves literally created on military installations and bases were maximum security
is required referred to as reprogramming centers or near-death trauma centers, the most heavily identified our China Lake naval weapons center as in California the Presidio California for Detrick Maryland Fort Campbell for Lewis Fort Hood Redstone
Arsenal Offutt Air Force Base Patrick …Air Force Base Patrick, Air Force Base McClellan Air Force Base, McGill Air Force Base a lot of Air Force planes, Kirkland Air Force Base, Nellis Air Force Base, homestead Air Force Base. Grissom Air Force Base.
mocks Maxwell Air Force Base and Tinker Air Force bases other places recognized as major programming sites to make these
monarch slaves who’ve been subject to satanic ritual abuse are Langley Research Center of course Virginia and CIA headquarter,s Los Alamos National Laboratories New Mexico, Tavistock Institute and areas enter by Mount Shasta California the lamp a Missouri in Las Vegas isn’t this a wonderful country when you think about what’s going…
this is one of the reasons that the entire medical profession is implicated in the story and you know doctors nowadays are listening
to FBI types who are saying well this person is under suspicion don’t give him proper care put him off or her, this is part of the stalking operation they talked to the dentist, they talked to the doctors and say okay we’re gonna have to figure out how to deprive this person , disrupt this person’s life okay so it’s ongoing..”

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