Targeted Individuals Cure

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“Michael Chapala
Published on Apr 12, 2018
Targeted Individuals solutions for symptoms caused by the reception of electronic signals from satellites and cell phone towers. Discussion about the use of high voltage electromagnetic pulse to overload Nano circuitry and using the Nano Killer. A device which creates a 30,000 volt electromagnetic pulse using Tesla-based coils to transfer energy.”
“Transcript: thirty thousand volts. I’m here to talk to you targeted individuals: the doctors are ignoring you,
everyone’s ignoring you, but if I can all lend a hand, I’m here to help, my name is Mike: I’ve been running a
website..for some time now , catering to Morgellons sufferers, in my experience they have formed nanotechnology in their bodies and so do you as a targeted individual and my experience in trying to treat these I’ve determined that the electronics used in
targeted individuals is much more durable than what you find in Morgellons sufferers and about a year ago a TI
called me..and he said well what can you do for us, we were working with these Morgellons people , what can you do for us?
I started thinking about it for a second and I gave an idea for a concept, he took it, Benny built one, they put a video on YouTube then a second TI , TI number two came to me and told me that he saw a video of a device that he created and it freed him of his
symptoms and he no longer is being gang stalked, he’s able to sleep for, you know, sleep uninterrupted for the first time
in a very long time…I know you TI’s .. think that you feel everyone’s against you,..I am not your enemy. I understand that I think everyone’s you know what you have constant harassment you’re under stress in for what I can tell you’re being you’re being arrested for the purpose of causing you to self-destruct, okay..they’re trying to motivate you to cause you enough stress, so that you will go to.. some type of mental health person and they’ll call you crazy and sticking molestation, that’s one way getting rid
.. that’s all about controlling, getting with the second is to cause you enough mental stress to want to commit suicide, that’s
another way of getting rid, the third is going out committing some type of violent act where you’ll be imprisoned,
that’s another way of getting rid, so it looks like this is a very well-planned, very well-thought-out program to get rid of dissidents, people that don’t agree and my thoughts are … this is evil .. and well it appears that you’re receiving signals signals from satellites and also cell phone towers, okay and your body is also giving off signals, the fact that your
body’s giving off signals gives them the ability to track you wherever you go, so you have a sort of a type of GPS on you, okay,
they’re sending signals from both satellites and from cell phone towers, the cell phone towers are acting like repeaters to receive the signals, amplify them and then resend them, crazy stuff. Most of you are experiencing feelings of dizziness, nausea, burning, those types of things, maybe hearing electrical sounds in your head and then a small, a small part of you are actually
hearing voice, voice 2 scull, so that’s just one more method of signals you’re receiving and then the most advanced I’ve run into is an individual that was actually seeing colors and words in his field of vision, yes,..somehow can interact with your central nervous system and create this signal that is applied to a carrier’s far too complex..they’re not gonna spend that kind of money, but you’ll have perpetrators that will follow these targeted individuals around trying to pick up signals with their
little cell phones right .. I believe they’re not trying to find your body’s carrier frequency they’re actually trying to
what the frequency is your body’s giving off so they can track you that your GPS signal okay for you people that aren’t TI’s
that sounds like sci-fi .unfortunately the evil that exists in the world is just incredible, it says in the Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it, so , you know, we live in treacherous times, anyway, so you receive these signals and the question is when did it start I’ll think back is there someone that you know , probably close to you that has some problem with you or was offended in some way, possibly someone that worked for the government or law enforcement that could be your suspect what do they do they got you to eat something or drink something and the nail technology was put in your
body and now you have this in your body okay or it could have been a medical procedure. I know a girl that went to the
doctors to have a hysterectomy when she came out she was implanted, it’s the truth.
Anyway, so there’s evil afoot in the world, there’s evil afoot and I believe this is all just an effort to get rid of
dissidents, people that would not agree with this new power structure that’s going to be, it’s going to exist in the world
okay we have a new form of government, that’s going to pretty much take over the world and they’re trying to get rid
of all those people that would not agree with would there take a word and so they’re causing them to do things to self-destruct right, so there’s a method of getting you to self-destruct so your best defense is not to grant they’re trying to put under stress where you would want to act out in a violent way where you want to strike out or you want to commit suicide or you would go to a
mental health professional and they would have you committed, see three methods of self-destructing, being committed, going to prison or ending your own life right and so there it looks like they’re trying to get rid of dissidents people that wouldn’t agree
with what they’re doing it appears like to me and this is going on worldwide, this is using satellite technology, together with these cell towers which are receiving these signals and then amplifying and retransmitting them, okay and it appears these groups
are being led by ex-military and ex law enforcement and the perpetrators are people that have taken tests ..
showing to have psychopathic tendencies, criminals living on the edge and foreigners , credible, right? Yeah
..and it could be government employees what kind of world that we live in, it says the heart is deceitful above all
things and desperately wicked who can know it we definitely, we live in perilous times and so anyway, they have all these
electronics there sending signals to you, you’re feeling sensations that are unnatural and even hearing voices, v2k,
and many people think that there’s no hope, but actually there is hope, we can overload the circuitry, ok,
remember North Korea, they were threatened to blow up the United States with an EMP, electromagnetic pulse bomb
what that would do is that with with one big blast they would destroy our electrical grid all, right, it’s sort of a
a type of munitions that puts a charge on a coil sentence a conductor down to the coil and expands it a specific way
and send up this really strong pulse by condensing the energy to one’s very small area of that coil, so they’re using
electronics to destroy the trunks, so we have to overload the electronics. Now how do we do that ? We have to hit the
products with a voltage that’s higher than it’s used to that has been made to handle ..the same way since you have this network
within your body you, this nanotechnology has entered your body…it has now formed an antenna on your body and the best
place to place an antenna would be on the upper surface of the object ..a TI came to me and he was tested and he showed, he had attract transmitters on the shoulder, shoulder blade , behind the ears right,.. right where the central nervous
system is meets the spinal cord centered on the skull on both sides and the very top, so it’s an imaginary line that runs between
one shoulder to the other shoulder so imagine Airy line right so if you’re a TI and that is your network. …
it was pre-programmed to go to those areas and self-assemble, it grew itself, it sort of grew .. it got
to that point then forms this transmitter receiver. I know it sounds completely credible right, but the state of
nanotechnology is quite awesome.. it’s integrated into our central nervous system when you pick up a signal you will feel these sensations etc…we overload the circuitry, we take a high voltage joist that sends an EMP, much like the North Korean device right and simply place it on those points, we place it on the back of the head , on the top of the head or the sides or the back,
right and we hit those areas, now I’m not a TI, so I’m not feeling anything, but you being a TI, by doing this placing these on those points, the energy is moving from one coil to the other, this uses Tesla technology, it’s putting up 30,000 volts,
it’s being transferred from one point to the other and anything in between there that circuitry is going to be overloaded , okay,
so that’s really the key, the key is to overload the circuitry want to overload the circuitry alright, that’s really
the key, with that we can destroy the connection, now a person came to me, he used something similar, he is now free of the
gang stalking and all of a sudden this device I call it the nano killer, you’re not gonna find this anywhere else, it is my invention, if you have any questions just give me a call..I’m here just south of Brownsville Texas
and right here at the border in Mexico, just give me a call, we’ll meet and within a matter of minutes, you’ll be free,
okay, no reason to experience this torture any longer, okay, its a technological nightmare, you’re not a robot, okay, if you have any questions, give me a call and may you live a long and happy life… free of this technological nightmare anger ..have a nice day, thirty
thousand volts, the power you need to eliminate the nanotechnology in your

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