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Veröffentlicht am 14.03.2017
The current President of the United States Donald Trump is completely compromised and directed by Jewish gangsters particularly Judeo-Russian Mobsters. The legislative and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government have been infiltrated by this same criminal network through the clandestine operations of AIPAC. Israeli dual citizens dominate the Federal Reserve System which utilizes usury and debt slavery to impoverish the American people. This network exerts similar control over all world Governments and dominates global finance through the Bank For International Settlements…. lay out the the constitutional method to abolish the sinister Shadow Government. There is a criminal jewish mafia that controls all the governments in the world. We oppose it, the constitution opposes it…Our Government is Criminal, it´s a specific criminal mob that uses specirfic tactics to control the government and all governments of the world.
The Russian-Ukrainian-Bulgarian-Jewish organized crime network…like They call Donald Trump…because he is a fraud man for Washington money of this organized crime network and they control all the governments, they utilize the same old tactics: extortion, espionage, blackmail, murder, propaganda and they also utilize the old tactics of the burocratic state: taxation and inflation. … The Government of the US and the Government of China and the Government of Russia and the Government of Israel especially, they all march to the same tune…They are all on the same page and they all work together… Both the U.S. Military along with the Chinese and the Russian Military are carrying out joint operations and in addition they are doing top secret operations inside of the Unites States, so we know all these things.
The Russian Government is the good guys and the American Government is the bad guys, that´s not true. They are both bad guys and they are both the same bad guys…they have both the same monetary ressources. They gonna start maybe in 2018…all these Banks.. they all work together. They all transfer money between the U.S. and Russia , New York, Moskau…The Switch System.
They all work together…The absurd jewish controlled opposition…WW2…they had daily meetings with representatives of the German Government, the U.S. Gov, the British Gov, the Italian Gov…Control of the Money, Control of the Enforcement.”
“People War has always been about Money…Even back to Revolution…War has needed money, war has needed a certain source of income to fund both sides, because Soldiers got to have ammunition, Soldiers got to be fed, Soldiers need to have medicine and so on and so forth…Every war has pretty much been funded since Napoleon. Every Bank in the World sets its money value by people operating in Switzerland. …A market is a creation of man, it´s controlled by man, unless you people have some real twisted fantasy, that the market is spinned by some high-tech computer, even from the start with some kind of AI System, you are completely mistaken. Man has always, whether it was the agent computers, has always controlled and manipulated the market, the
same with the Government. What is the Government? It´s a body of the people.
Always remember: Government is a creation of man, just like money. It cannot exist without being created from something else…Man should never be subject to his own creation..Government is the servant of the People and anytime the Government becomes tyrannical or act outside of the interest of the People then it is the duty and the right of the people to abolish the Government and reform it in the way they see it best. It´s really bizarre how this criminal network has gotten in control of all the Governments..They are not the legitimate rulers, they are.. a criminal Gang.. and they use these very basic and simple tactics, sometimes folks get lost in all the information of the Shadow Government. It´s true that there are Undergound Military Bases..don´t get caught up…are utilized for the control of man…Trump Casinos. Everywhere you turn you find this organized jewish Crime Network.
Look back at how these criminal networks were formed, they were the ones that were creating this debt and that´s what these Governments are based on, Debt, continual Debt, nonstop Debt, the Debt will never end. This System is based on us borrowing money from ourserlves and charging ourselves interests, because we are the Government, under the law, but what they had us convinved: Oh, no, you guys aren´t the Government anymore. Millionaires, Billionaires and Trillionaires, they are all guilty of Treason. They are all conflicted in the Shadow Government, because you don´t become a Millionaire, unless you are okay by the Shadow Government. They don´t even let you keep any amount…and be opposed to the Shadow Government…It´s just a Big Criminal Mob: Mafia.”
“These organized crime networks…and most of them are tied to organized crime and the ones that own the Bank, they are the top organized Criminals. They are the ones that fund all sides of all military conflicts, all sides of all conflicts in general, which is what they based their world on, not cooperation, but conflict and that´s what we aim to end.”
“He just started to learn nonsense, that doesn´t really matter or apply in Reality of life. Most of history is very misleading or a lie…and how our slavery never really changed and how Agenda 21 is the equivalent to the Elite, these elitists Jewish Bankers, Zionist Jews, Out of The Vatican as well, they imagine all of us on a global plantation, everyone of us. Slavery never ended…”

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