Protest against Military Intelligence E-Warfare against innocent Citizens


Protest at the White House, October 3rd 2015

Protest against Military Intelligence E-Warfare against innocent Citizens, worldwide Governmental and Institutional Sophisticated Neuro-Terror and non-consensual experimentation. Police, Military, Psychiatry, Cults, Politicians, Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Corporations, Big Pharma, Fire Departments, all involved in CoIntelPro2 activities and Human Rights destroying torture.

“Dr. Robert Duncan is the author of “Project: Soul Catcher. Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Reveled” and “How to Tame a Demon”. He has been on numerous radio shows such as Coast to Coast to expose the mind control research atrocities being done on the human race by the government in order to improve their techniques. Robert was on the Jesse Ventura’s show Conspiracy Theory on the Brain Invaders episode. His research interests include creating Manchurian Candidates and Super Spies using cybernetic hive minds. He is a researcher of bio-effect of electromagnetic weapons for well over a decade. His activism is focused on plausible denial torture, interrogations, the creation of programmed assassins, and other mind control techniques.
In 2005 he gave testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Judiciary Committee, and 23 Congressmen with the former head of the LA FBI, Ted Gunderson.
Duncan has multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, genetic algorithms, business, medicine, and robotics. He has worked on projects for the Department of Defense, DARPA, CIA, and Department of Justice.
His enthusiasm as a scientist has been in cutting edge innovation and artificial intelligence systems. Such projects have included writing the artificial intelligence code to track submarines around the world, acoustic sniper urban triangulation systems, integrating the databases between federal, state, and local law enforcement, tele-robotics surgery in medicine, EEG control of robots, wearable computing systems, and statistical arbitrage in finance just to mention of few.”

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