300 New Genetically Modified Vaccines by 2023

“They’re gonna be coming out in the next like four five years, they are really like flipping the whole vaccine industry on its head and using just the phrase vaccines in order to really inject you with DNA-based genetic medications, this is along lines that genetically modified injections..
Some of the new vaccines that are coming down the pipe we’re gonna start with diabetes vaccines then we are gonna branch of with depression, cholesterol vaccines, weight loss vaccines, all the drug addiction vaccines, starting with cigarettes cessation vaccines, anxiety vaccines and.. we are gonna coming out with some autism vaccines, so there´s a whole gamut but these new vaccines that are coming out that aren´t really the same as what they told us before, a vaccine being some kind of attenuated bacteria or virus that they injected in you and you build up some type of immunity doing antibody
response, these are genetically modified hybrids that are growing in your body and using viruses and bacteria as modems to get these components in your brain in your DNA, in your genetic makeup to change you from the inside out, so that’s where we’re at today as far as the difference between the old vaccine and the new vaccine. Today they are injectable DNA-based genetic medications, they’re no longer vaccinations.
And that makes you a perfect walking talking bioweapon, you know it and then what more than likely happens is vaccinated people end up coming into contact with unvaccinated people and infecting them and then the news picks up oh unvaccinated person is responsible for it and we can tell we know like you can take people samples you can take blood and find viral components, from vaccines inside of people, so they know the people that are infected if they got the vaccine or not.
in 1952 with the first to come out with the polio vaccine which now we all know contains the..that both cells contain SB 40 cancer virus..okay, now that kicked off the whole cancer epidemic, because SB 40 is a cancer virus and is and its sexually-transmitted, so when the polio vaccination program started, it started in 1952 and then went worldwide in 1955 and then by 1962 they switched it up just a little going to the old polio that the sugar
cube one, but prior to that, the sb 40 was an injectable one for over 10 years and the infected a hundred million Americans with it and now I don’t know anybody that doesn’t know somebody that has cancer.
The major warm-up cancer in children today is leukemia and the biggest cause leukemia is formaldehyde and over 22 of the vaccinations have them hiddin in them.. and it says in all the studies that the only way that formaldehyde could induce leukemia is a slow consistent amount over 10 or 15 years and just by the age of 2 months the children already have had 6 vaccination by the ages 6 months they’ve had 21 shots out here in the United States…promoter that works with the formaldehyde, this is the mercury based preservative that they put in…
(ExperimentalVaccines)(300 New Genetically Modified Vaccines by 2023: ExperimentalVaccines Interview on RealityBitesRadio)”

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