German Patriot Anti-Aircraft Missile System hacked.

“A German Patriot anti-aircraft missile system stationed on Turkish-Syrian border was reportedly hacked and taken over by an unknown ‘foreign source’ who successfully executed ‘unexplained commands.’
Two Attack Vectors
Attacks on the Patriot missiles system were detected when ‘unexplained’ orders were given to the weapons via two supposed weak spots.
German trade publication Behörden Spiegel reports that the American-made missile system was accessed either through a Computer Chip that directs weapons guidance or through a Real-Time information exchange that provides communication between arms and commands.
The publication speculates that the hackers may have stolen sensitive information and accessed missile control that could result in a missile firing at an unintended target.
US Backdoored Weapons to Steal Nation’s Secrets
Annie Machon, a former MI5 agent and whistleblower, told RT that the highly secure US weapons could contain backdoors. Also, Edward Snowden leaks confirmed that the US government conducts nation states cyber-espionage to steal sensitive nation’s secrets.”

Source: 2015/07/Patriot-anti-aircraft-missile-hacked.html

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