ET Awareness & REAL interview with an actual Gray Alien…

“REAL interview with an actual Gray Alien…”

Old News… but it needs to find its way into the collective mind…


“Reptilians are from another star system who’s agenda to harm and desrtoy the humankind…the real star seeds like sirius paladins orians arctuarians and thousands of more harmless civilizations who’s agendas are sprituality protection and humanity..but the reptilians are dominating our conciousness and harm and they ruining mother earth and each other badly”
“Christopher Chase: Let’s get real. They had a word for reptilian shape shifters back in the day. JEWS. Ya can’t spell Jew with out Ew. Excuse the bold statement but when you find out some truth that instantly awakens DNA and you know exactly what you are and everything you’ve been told about what you are was a LIE. Being a little bold isn’t that bad.”
“Christopher Chase: I don’t want to hate. Hate makes me sick, drains me, and just empowers the vamps. At some point even Jesus is going to snap. I can’t even say or post his name with out someone ignorant saturian zombsheep griffing me telling me what’s a lie and what’s truth. Not when I know the origin of the word Truth and what’s been happening to the people it was derived from and how twisted in to abomination there culture’s been turned into.”

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