Jared Rand Time For Change Call w/Q&A (J3)

“Jared Rand Time For Change Call w/Q&A (J3)”
“11.847 Aufrufe•14.07.2018”
“People ask about this quantum system if you remember Kim came out a while ago with a detailed description of that
system that financial system and my answer to this is that it is prime source creator-god system, it’s created by source, created by our creator, prime source greater God and that it is heaven and prime source creator gods system, basically..bottom line, so without going into technical detail on it and everything and I’m not an expert on the
system, I have very little knowledge of it, so basically you know that’s my answer for that .. to get the information out there, so that people understand.”

“I just think everybody has a right to their thoughts and ideas and that’s it, period, you know, people in our civilization have a real hard time. I mean I’ve seen people people that get in lock fights and horn fights and and cutting each other and slamming each other, it accomplishes nothing. I just don’t bother to engage in that.”

“My direction is to assist humanity and this planet into a loving good direction, period and anything I can do to assist that and help and support it I will do and that’s why I’m here.”

“And humanity not knowing their roots or who they really are
where they come from why are they here, how long have they been here..what’s their true history, what’s their true background? If you ask people that there’s that I don’t think
there’s anybody that really knows, you can ask all the Gurus, the Jagagdgurus and many others that are on terra firma
and they don’t know there’s you know they have ideas, but we don’t have a history book of authenticity and truth that can really tell where we came from and you know when you you think about that and you want to look forward and you look at the planet Earth, Gaia and you look at where we’re at today as a civilization and what we can do to shift things and a peaceful, loving and good direction and it’s collective there are so many confused people in humanity that are just very
twisted and misdirected and misguided and a lot of them have been subjected to a lot of intensities a lot of applications that have made them that way and you know it’s difficult and
that’s why I think the majority of humanity is a you know good loving energy I think for the long run I think humanity for the for the best is good yeah there is there’s elements that aren’t so good that we witnessed and the others that hide under the surface that are even worse than that but in our current status as a civilization we have a direction that we can take and we’re moving in that can transform the planet
and transform the direction we were headed and that’s what we’ve done you know there’s there’s two schools of thought there’s one that doom and gloom where you know no one cares about humanity and all the Galactic’s don’t care and all this stuff is a bunch of hogwash… and then there’s the other direction that you can choose that says we’re headed in a very good direction there’s a lot of activity that’s being squeezed out and up to the surface so that it can be revealed to humanity so the humanity can see the problems and the situations that have basically grown for many many many many
years within our social structure, the different leadership the different governments on the planet and how they
have treated humanity how they’ve treated their fellow humans some of them are not all human so they can’t you can’t say they’re you know that there are some that aren’t all human there are some that aren’t human, so we have a mixture but ..there’s a lot of deep seeded history that’s been suppressed from humanity on who we are…and what we can do… and we stay at a higher vibrational frequency..”

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