Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine!

“Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine!”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.5.2020: .. GATES, ARPA and Department of War.. No wonder…. Core Problem … Pentagons Bioweapons Program, 20 years of Chemtrail dispersion and pathogenizing the environment…against the public unwitting civilian population..enforced Genocide by the Ruling Crime Cabal. DoD you will have to pay…for your massive crimes and subversion of God/dess Creation via USSOC Smart Dust… Without Military Back Up he couldn´t enforce his plan… She is the first one apart from me to mention artificial bioweaponized Chromosome 47..good job .. you have done your home work.
“Honestly Americans wtf is up with this man? Is he more powerful than your government? (Shihab Anam)”

347080cookie-checkBill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine!
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