Archon Soul Processor Tech, Remote Viewers See Grid Overlapping Earth Trapping Millions of Souls

“Archon Soul Processor Tech, Remote Viewers See Grid Overlapping Earth Trapping Millions of Souls
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“willis arnald: vor 4 Monaten: Just a thought here,I keep hearing archons feed off of hate, fear,anger and such,this is a stretch but is it possibly one reason why marijuana has been illegal for some time,to prevent happiness so to speak.thanks Rex keep rocking.”
“No Name: vor 4 Monaten: “Janeway vs Archon – Star Trek Voyager” [“You are [kNot] my Father”]”
“Brenda Eiler: vor 4 Monaten: The evil cannot do anything on their own so they use us to gain that power, our energy.”
“justislugga: vor 4 Monaten: The Skekses love feeding off the essense of all who dwell in Thra.”
“Kevin Russell: vor 4 Monaten: I definitely believe our souls reincarnate and we have been enslaved for thousands of years. I recently was lucky enough to “wake up”. When I did, information just started flowing in. I essentially removed all Negative people and things from my life and gave in to only following my gut. One day I woke up and just felt a need to promote love and harmony….which is really weird, but its been amazing. As for the grid, I think the movie monsters inc is the perfect way to tell people this is real without them/us knowing.”
“Diamond Black: vor 4 Monaten: making a whole page about archons on fakebook.”
“A NEW AMERICA ALL NEW AGAIN!: vor 4 Monaten: I’ve seen the machine and the grid around the planet.”
“JC 40324: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet):
This grid must be starving or its controllers are just very greedy lately. All this technology is bringing us too close to these entities. They can taste us.”
“Suzane Greenberg: vor 4 Monaten:
Gurdjeiff teachings were the first to describe the whole feeding and energetics of this in massive detail.I discovered also The Three Books called Gnosis which also go into detail of our escape and yes this is the point of both these ancient teachings.”
“Goddess Creative: vor 4 Monaten:
Yes totally there is a matrix grid and that is what fools most, nearly all of humanity. It does trap souls into believing in the reincarnation trap of repeating reincarnation of limited lifetimes. Most people do not claim their sovereignty and do the work to be completely free, hence on the hamster wheel of this 3D timeline of manipulation. (I’m writing a book about this.) ……. Some posing as fake enlightened beings would even have you hook into this grid as part of your so-called soul’s enlightenment. This is misinformation and lies. I see this matrix grid in meditation and have to break myself free of it to do any to my higher realm work. To also get true wisdom from Source without manipulation……………. It’s very real folks, time for people to wake up and not be so blind as the give their power away unconsciously to those that manipulate……. We are currently in a divine ethereal war. Well we always have been but everything has heightened now as masses are waking up but most only to be misled again to fake enlightenment. 🙏”
“Kim SanJulian: vor 4 Monaten: This is bone chilling.”
lost in space: vor 4 Monaten: So when we die is our Soul gettin eating up by some force and our spirit is returned to Earth to grow another Soul to be eatin again and again.”
“Hypnotic Specter: vor 4 Monaten:
I always found the concept of these archon’s, soul eaters, explained quite abit. Perhaps part of this soul trap is the implementation of our ego mind and as was said earlier, our forgetting who we we get to wherever it is, accept new contracts because “Well, you did wonderful…except for this part here, where you didn’t save the kitten…you should go try again…NEXT!!”. My first intro to the archon concept was Cameron Day a few years back. If you haven’t listened to any of his interviews I’d say they’re worth the time. Here’s one from IN5D from a few years back.”
“Andy Nolch’s Channel: vor 2 Tagen: this is such epically deep data, I bet you this is the truth, makes lots of sense, theres evidence for this.”
“Ian Jacklin: vor 4 Monaten: I’ll be your 12th guest. 🙂 . We can do an Alkalize your life show. No more acidosis! Just love and light which is alkaline. Nanoo nanoo!”
“atraxotoxin 38: vor 4 Monaten: Sounds like things from the emerald tablet and the Roswell alien interview.”
“Long Fellow: vor 4 Monaten: Welcome to Hotel California.”
“Flightrisk: vor 4 Monaten: The moon we see goes with this GMO construct. I believe the process to which you are speaking is possible, because maybe we are veiled by Jew~Peter. He was hung upside down upon the cross. We are in waterworld, Jupiter’s playground, so it seems.
The eventuality will be a war of OMG~vs~GMO.”
Jon Jones: vor 4 Monaten: Turn that reverb down brother.
Marit Evans: vor 4 Monaten: I was told the moon is and has been, since the beginning, the portal through which all must pass to enter or leave earth. It’s an observation post, controlling entrance and exit from earth. From the galactics, present day time * for linear thinkers)”
“Carmelita Santiago
vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)
You should also listen to simon parks who discussed about a certain technology used by archons? where your soul can be reprocessed and sent back without your knowledge and consent. This was further clarified by Cosmic Awareness, and then also by Alex Collier in response to questions. There is a way to circumvent it, Simon discussed it in one of his blogs.”
“AlienGirl: vor 4 Monaten: I spend most of my sleep time helping souls who do not know they are sudden war-time or disaster-like deaths…or i go back to where I came from before I volunteered to come here, for further instruction…”
“Carmelita Santiago: vor 4 Monaten: We could help lead souls to go straight to where they want, our True Home, back to the Source, or our original planet and soul group . . THROUGH PRAYERS AND POSITIVE MINDFULNESS…”
“Elian.p: vor 4 Monaten: Reminds me of The movie Jupiter ascending.”
“Nat Alie: vor 4 Monaten: According to my numerology I´m basically on the last step to breaking free of the cycle. That may mean I come back 100 times until I get it right. I think I’ve figured out which direction I have to go and its now my life mission to creating a way out along with my partner and also going forth and healing people. Eventually I want to create a small community of like-minded intelligent people and I’m happy to say it´s all within the realm of possibility. Thank you for your work.”
“Feher Cristian: vor 4 Monaten: Now we know why the plasma drones (orbs) always inspect, search & control (even shut down) the nuclear military facility (that’s the archons weak point).”
“zoroastor40: vor 4 Monaten: I think it’s a Machine left by the civilization that dates to the Yucatan. Magicians and Sorcerer’s have used over time and it’s not been used in centuries.”
“Marcelo Mc: vor 4 Monaten: We should do a group consciousness experiment to try to open holes in this net grid and destroy this machine.”
“Vanezs Wilmer: vor 4 Monaten: The soul is pure energy. In my experience when you die you still stay around your family loved ones for 3 days then you go on. Where on is up to what you want to believe. But that soul does return here. Think about children that can sing or play instruments or are so damn smart at 4,5,6 yrs old. Do you think its genetic?? We all have been here many times the soul energy reaches certain levels. But learning never ends. Perhaps maybe going through each astrological sign to learn the lessons of each sign. There was things I knew at 3 yrs old that there is no way I was exposed to nor taught same with my daughter she knew things that she shouldnt have known or have any idea of unless she was here before.”
“Tim Yates: vor 4 Monaten: Rex Rex in the emerald tablets ,Thoth talks about moving through space time on angles !! OMG Man Thoth tells us how to get past the grid dude ! The Moon is a Giant computer ? You maybe the “fall” of man ..BACK to this reality, instead of progressing. .I think it´s slowed this whole area of the galaxy down, because if we dont progress man ! Have you covered the Agenda 21 or sustainable development 2030 ? ..”
“SpiritGirlSF: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet): Is there no way out, no protection from this trap? Crystals? Maybe do a group intention to find out? Anyone know about Shaman Stones found only in the Grand Canyon?”
“Daniel Mount: vor 4 Monaten: Rex, our souls when it leaves our meat suit our guardian Angel takes it Either to Heaven or hell depending on weather we were good or bad in our lives. The guardian angel is with us all of our lives and it is the eyes that are linked directly to God. Heaven is in a spiritual realm that is in a different dimension in time and space. I promise you that there is a heaven and a hell.”
“Ritalie: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Such a wonderful well-worded comment, thank you for sharing that. My understanding is that our souls are Connected To Source and we are organic beings being controlled by an inorganic pathogenic artificial intelligence which needs our link to source which is why we are harnessed for energy. We are providing a feedback loop directly to Source, thus we have limitless energy available as Looshe. The reason the inorganic beings need us is because they’ve lost their Source connection. Also the amnesia people experience as Souls on this planet can only be explained through malicious intent of the reincarnation process. Because if you think about it, all of Humanity’s problems are directly caused by our Amnesia. If we recalled and retained all of our memory from all the things we have learned over the last several thousand years we would be thousands of years more advanced as a Human Collective. The way they circumvent the laws of karma is by getting people to think that they need to come back in order to learn a lesson. So basically humans are choosing to be erased. And something interesting, if you ask people if they want to come back here, most want to come back. Because people have been erased so many times that they are so disconnected they cannot conceive of other realities any longer. The reason people do not aspire to higher Dimensions or higher worlds is because they have been erased too many times and are now damaged. Which leads to the solution which is the Starseed Program which has only been allowed because of the soul trap. The starseeds have been permitted to come here to reverse the damage that has been done by the amnesia caused by the Soul Trap. The starseeds not having went through the forced reincarnation process numerous times have more of their cosmic memories and instincts and they are able to create new templates of reality which regular sleeping souls could not conceive of. Also Starseeds have guides that oversee their Incarnation so that they can control how long they’re stuck here on Earth. In addition Earth is a dumping ground for bad souls and renegade souls that are unwanted The prison planet system that is running here is a perfect way to imprison souls that are unwanted on other worlds, according to Stewart Swerdlow.
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.3.2020: The striked out part is nonsense, forget Swerdlows Theory. So many holy/divine and highly developed Souls already walked on this Planet and tried to solve the moronic Truman-Show-Retardation-Loop…so he has no real clue concerning Boddhisattvas and Avatars.

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