#16 Michael Tsarion | Malignant Feminization and the Modern World

“#16 Michael Tsarion | Malignant Feminization and the Modern World” “Dauntless Dialogue”
“AR: We’re going to explore the benign and malign nature of this duality … who promulgate corrosive ideologies that tear apart the fabric of society, it sems to me to be the case that when a man like Freud or his ideas have
become too big to ignore the architects of control then changed tactics and attempt to commandeer the message
instead of ignoring it they attempt to misconstrue it Michael how infuriating is it to see the philosophical works of great men used to peddle destructive ideologies?”
MT: There’s a whole separate study of how a Freud or Wilhelm Reich or a Georg Hegel, and the list goes on, have been actually systematically misinterpreted, this is very much an area … you can get into, some are worse than others like Heidegger… almost top of the list, Hegel, top of the list, but you’re quite right to mention Freud as well, so how difficult they’ve made it for a novice, a well-meaning person.. like myself back in the eighties and nineties, trying to come to grips with some of these people and… you can’t even get to their work, because.. maybe it´s a little difficult, so you need … some interpreters …they’re sleight-of-hand and they are smoke and mirrors . sometimes to actually maneuver you away from the real essence of the truth of what some of these people are talking about and if you don’t know this then you come away thinking you’re an expert because you’ve read this and that and then you start pontificating and this could be at the front of a class in a top university or just on the internet and you’re talking absolute nonsense, because how do you really know that the person said this .. it’s a famous classic case of Hegel and his dialectic blah blah blah, the guy never used the word if he did it was about but once and in passing so what do you do with that … and the list goes on in the incredible misinterpretation, now Freud..and the rest of the crew ..I don´t think they liked Freud, I think they saw the direction he was
going and signed off … and wondered what to do, so immediately immediately they had to step in and cannibalize some of his ideas right and co-opt them and…that’s the premise of Dragan mother .. he’s just one example of
how they’ve misconstrued as to his teachings but the consequences of it are enormous because..he’s a
heavyweight … all the time it’s the most subversive nonsense and then … just like Madame Blavatsky, just like Aleister Crowley then comes Sigmund Freud they get the bad rap when in fact they didn’t even say half the stuff that .. people are accusing them off.
AR: Yeah and in these universities you have these pseudo-intellectual Professors who will teach this stuff and they’ll misconstrue it and as a novice student to this material the pupils in the classroom are not going to challenge this, especially when their grade depends on it, so their teachers have a platform where they have free range to completely steamroll over some of these philosophers great works.
MT: They do, they absolutely do, you know, even well-meaning guys get it wrong, this is what I’ve discovered. I mean it sounds so depressing to say this. Ayn Rand has been misinterpreted, I mean everyone has been misinterpreted, so
there is a problem, so a lot of the books I write, not just the ones on philosophy, but the other ones, they’re very much with this thought in mind of clarification.”
„MT: so it’s dragon mother you know I’m synthesizing a hundred scholars some of them from completely different walks of.. who would bring…existential psychology and neuroscience together?..See that´s the art, it can be done..we had so many befuddlement, so much obfuscation.“
“AR: You were arguably one of the first people in the conspiracy movement to integrate philosophy and the importance
of understanding psychology because without it you have no understanding of the causality of how some of these
conspiracies bubble out from within the human condition.”
“MT: Selfhood…We always must remember to awaken from the hex and from the entrainment. …
Isophobia or monophobia, the hatred of being alone. I mean what are we talking about here
and what I’m talking about is that very autophobia is the absolute true pillar of authoritarianism, of altruism, of
collectivism, you know, all of the isms that we’re finding today, socialism and top of their list of hatreds is
wisdom, so the media and the big brother has just worked out that we are in a condition, it’s actually conditioned, for goodness sake, hatred of wisdom, can you imagine even we’re team talking about such a thing. People can live their whole life and never you understand that this is an actual going concern, people live their whole life and don’t even know that the crowd is an institution, sure half the end that socialists are running around right this is again the paradox of everything, it’s so tragic …you have to laugh at what’s so sad.”
“MT: The pillar that stands on the real foundation is man’s hatred of wisdom and self sadism you have to address and you can’t leave people in that sleep.”
Venetian Genoesewarmachine: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Globalism has created the modern super ego which the more agreeable females follow.
John Cooper – Art of Social: vor 3 Monaten: This host is first class. Informed, clear and articulate, great curious listener, allows a lot of pauses for Tsarion to expand. Bravo.

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